Monday, November 30, 2009

#47 Judy gets Staged..

Today Dezi sent out the notice about her new skinline, Judy. There are 12 makeups and each of them comes with 8 skin options^^ The eyes are also a group gift that are super yummy and just have a look at these bods! Without too many words, here is Judy! Go here for demos.

  • Lingerie:{Meghindo's} Flowerama
  • Earrings:.::FabulouS::. OldSchool Earring-WG
  • Shoes:Kalnins Shoes - Sonata
  • Hair:*SHOP SEU* --Pompadour hair [black]--
  • Skin:*Staged* Judy Tanned (NEW)
  • Couch:[S.LOVES] Calia Italia Contemporary Sofa (NEW)
Holli Thespian

Sunday, November 29, 2009

#46 You should see this...

Not only are there new releases at Phoenix Rising, there is also 3 gifts set out :)

  • Dress: Phoenix Rising-Gift by the subscriber
  • Necklace:Starlust Hunt-coffee cup - *Ticky Tacky*
  • Hair:Exile Rosalie cheyanne
  • Skin:[the oBscene] BRAELYN ~ Seraphina (past gift)
Now for the new releases...

  • Outfit: -Phoenix Rising- Stolen Outfit [Blue]/Brittany Outfit [Plum]
  • Hair:[Karma.] Ellie - :Light Pack:
  • Skin:[ATOMIC] Skin Baily_Honey - (past gift)
I picked up this cute lime like mini today at Sassy Kitty during weekend fever..

  • Dress:[Sassy Kitty Designs] Sassy Tied Up Dress Green
  • Leggings:*Fishy Strawberry* Swan Lake Leggins White
  • Shoes:Kalnins Shoes - Sonata
  • Hair:* ETD Felicity (Blondes 2 Pack)
Next up I decided to do the Trash Hunt going on over at Starlust. I by no means am done there..just a peek of my fav finds so far ^^ Ohmai gave out soo meany cute tankys, I am only showing a handful.

  • Top:!Ohmai Starlust Hunt: Basics Thrash Tank
  • Skirt:*UB* Mini Skirt *white*
  • Necklace:Beetlebones**starlust trash hunt dots
  • Hair:Maitreya Bo - Blonds Pack
How cute are these trash dresses?? I like this kinda of trash^^

  • Dress:bb**TrashHunt tank dress in green
  • Necklace:Beetlebones**starlust trash hunt -milk carton
  • Shoes:Maitreya
  • Hair:Maitreya

Holli Thespian

Saturday, November 28, 2009

#45 Fiasco shopping...

New dresses at Plastik to check out..The dress literally comes in strips and you can wear them with or without pasties (lots of pastie colors included)!

  • Dress:[Plastik]-StripsDress (NEW)
  • Necklace:+HcT+Laci-necklace black
  • Lace gloves:**Amrita**Roses Wristlet & Lace Glove
  • Leggings:!Ohmai : Basics Sheer Leggings BLANK
  • Nails:Mstyle Perfect Long Nails - Classic (French)
  • Boots:HOC Apparel - Neo Boots Female
  • Hair:Truth
  • Skin:CD-Marcely urme Bronze
Tyranny is having 50% on the majority of her clothes/accessories!

  • Top:.::Tyranny Designs::. Sweet cakes TOps/Almost Lady
  • Tights:{paper.doll} Tights-Pink
  • Necklace:.::TD::. Frumpy Necklace
  • Earrings:~TL~ Cupcake Luv Earrings
  • Shoes:Fussy-Lust Pumps v2 - Plum (MAIN)
  • Hair:Exile Monica (NEW)
  • Skin:CD-Marcely Plans Bronze
  • Top:::Tyranny Designs::. Almost Lady / Ribbon Love
  • Pants:[paper.doll] LowRiseDenim-IndigoWash
  • Shoes:TOSL *Sweater Wellies* v1.6 Snow
  • Skin-CD-Becca Candy Tan
Take a look at this super cute new overalls over at Cynful^^

  • Outfit:[ Cynful ] Corset Overall - Bisque Black Stripes/Light Blue
  • Necklace*SiSSi* Loose Pearls ~long~
  • Shoes:.:Periquita ChickyChic Pumps Blue:.
  • Hair:Exile Tyra (NEW)
Holli Thespian

#44 Bit of this N that

  • Dress:-AZUL- GroupGift0911#2 (instore grp gift)
  • Hair:(vive9) Vanessa *Blk* (freebie bag @ entrance)
  • Shoes:*Kookie* Athena/ Black (shoe fair)
  • Skin:Lionskins- Yang(2 random skins marked to 0L on vendors)
  • Pole:[S.LOVES] Model's Pole (12 poses)

  • Outfit::HH:: Hucci Thanksgiving (Group Gift)
  • Scarf:(vive9) Moody Autumn Shawl (Freebie bag)
  • Boots:TOSL *Sweater Wellies* v1.6 Snow (shoe fair)
  • Hair:DK- [Black Friday Pack] Friday
  • Skin:Shape It Up! Snow Fall (MM) & other skin 1-10L here
  • Jacket:Apple May Designs - Elle Jackets - Grey (NEW)
  • Jeans:Apple May Designs - Glowing Jeans - Metallic
  • Boots:HOC Apparel - Neo Boots Female (shoe fair)
  • Hair:[Nouveau Miranda] Amazonia- Freebie
  • Skin:[PXL] July TAN SE Pale MEB
  • Deer:~Scribble~ Reindeer Lounger (Black Friday Exclusive Version)

  • Top:Pig - Georgia in Black for 50L Friday/Black Friday
  • Jeans:* *Fishy Strawberry* Distressed Denim - Dark (unisex)
  • Belt:Kunstkammer Cosmic Belt and Buckle Set - Crystal (50l friday,my new fav)
  • Necklace:Magika - Sweet Ribbon Necklacee
  • Boots:Boots:HOC Apparel - Neo Boots Female (shoe fair)
  • Hair:Magika - 50L Friday Sinner Edition
  • Skin:LAQ
Holli Thespian

#43 PXL in July

I feel a bit behind on my bloggy here, just too many other things to do and see! Where to start, what to show first..I'm going to start with PXL's new skin July in tan. Each skin comes with several options including cleavage and freckles. I'm a sucker for the darker/tan skins as always and really like this tone and makeup palette. Go to PXL and demo them for yourselves!

  • Hoodie:rbcg.shirt hoodie (black) (Black Friday sale item)
  • Leggings::: M * A * ii * K * I :: Legging Gold
  • Skirt::::LiNe::: Summer Jean Skirt (part of subscriber gift)
  • Bracelets:DM Gold Paint Splashed Bangless (lucky chair)
  • Shoes:[SC] Surf Couture - Elsa Boots - Stjordal (50l friday)
  • Hair:Truth
  • Skin:[ PXL ] July TAN
Holli Thespian

Friday, November 27, 2009

It's nearly 50L Fever Weekend!

Ontop of all the great sales going on today and this weekend, don't forget 50L Fever Weekend! The color of the week is green and Holli Pocket is participating this weekend. I set out two green items at my shop..(I already set them out since I may not be able to get on later and they are set right outside the shop) Don't forget to check the other stores too! :) ( I don't have the surls yet for the other shops to post on here, but I do have a NC of them in my group)

Holli Thespian

#41 Give me your Speerit!

Desidelia has been busy adding to the Fiona skinline with the new Gold Glow! I will be showing a few of the Fionas as we know it, as well as the new addition :) I have always been fond of Fiona, and lovvve the new Gold glow ton! Go check them out!

  • Dress:[Plastik]-Bordello-Reverb (99L sale)
  • Belt:*Linc* Wide Leather Belt Solid Colors(NEW)
  • Earrings:[ glow ] studio - earrings - gold peacock
  • Gloves:**Amrita** Roses Wristlet & Black Lace Glove
  • Shoes:Digit Darkes Spring 09 Collection-Lotus Heel-
  • Hair:* EXILE Voodoo Browns
  • Skin:FS Skin - Fiona
  • Dress:[Plastik]-PrototypeDenim-Polo Paint Vibrant (99L sale)
  • Gloves:**Amrita** Black Roses Glove-white
  • Belt:*Linc* Wide Leather Belt Patterns (I'm soo lovin these playful belts!)
  • Earrings:~flirt~ A'Dior Verano Earrings - SEABREEZE
  • Shoes:SOREAL Superstars PINK/White (SSP005)
  • Hair:[Nouveau Miranda] Gia - Browns
  • Skin:FS Skin - Fiona Gold Glow
Holli Thespian

#40 IrEn brings us skins!

Now that belly is full with good turkey dinner and cranberry sauce (yum!) I back to my good ole SL ways, and sharing with you some new skins..

I have always been a fan of IrEn's hairdos and was excited to try out her new skinline called Shane. Shane comes in pale or sunburned tones and makeups for every occasion. Not to mention each makeup comes with several options, including hairbases/upper arm tats/face tats/freckles and even a mask! So, you should just go demo them for yourselves^^

Up first is Shane in Pale:

Items worn:

  • Top::OW: Tank Top Brown [Jacket](NEW)
  • Jeans::OW: Denim Jeans Plain Gray (NEW)
  • Heels:[ shooZ! STING BLACK Heelz ]
  • Hair: IrEn-::::Sylvie_2:::: browns
  • Skin:Hair: IrEn-Pales
Shane in Sunburned:

Items worn:
  • Dress;[Plastik]-Boudoir-Heartache White (part of 99l sale)
  • Bracelet IrEn-:::::Pearl Arm Brace::::
  • Belt:*Linc* Wide Leather Belt Patterns (NEW)
  • Hair: IrEn-::::Sylvie_2:::: browns
  • Skin: IrEn-Sunburned
Holli Thespian

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Hump Day @ Holli Pocket

This weeks Hump Day, Holli Pocket is part of it and the above Blue on Black mini, is only 69L until midnight tonight! Here is your ride to Holli Pocket (it is set up right outside the shop)

Make sure to check out the other stores seen at Freebie Telegraph here^^

Happy Thanksgiving :))

Holli Thespian

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

#38 Little bit of this & that...

  • Dress:*salire turtle knit dress/Cream (30L)
  • Jacket:-SG- Tokyo Coat F Violet White (Lucky Chair)
  • Earrings:{Violet Voltaire} Harajuku Girls: Pink Earrings
  • Leggings:oyakin*summer- leggingsSET
  • Boots:*AuMa*SHORT LEATHER BOOT with heart (Lucky Chair)
  • Hair:!lamb. Unbirthday Redux - Ink
  • Top:::HH:: Hucci (Dress,part of Glitterati opening hunt)
  • Pants:Ingenue :: Jane Jean :: Black (NEW)
  • Jewerly: *LC*- Piper NomNom Necklace Pink/Silver (Glitterati opening hunt)
  • Shoes:Fussy-Lust Pumps v2 - Plum (MAIN)
  • Hair:::69:: IN2U /Hair Selection - Pearl -
**All poses in above picture brought to you by Glitterati, go check out them out! Lots of new ones**

  • Dress::SK Designs: Nymond Dresses (NEW)
  • Jewelry:Eolande's Paris Set- silver (NEW)
  • Nails:[ Love Soul ] Prim nails*Christmas 2009-A*Red (50% off @ xmas shop)
  • Leggings:*GC* BLack Slit Tights
  • Shoes:[AMG BOUDOIR] CURVOUS Shoes *Red*
  • Hair:.+*Doll*+.Black&Silver [MS]
  • Skin:IrEN::::Shane:::: Nude (Group Gift)
  • Chair:GLITTERATI - Model Chair (NEW)

This chair from Glitterati comes with 10 fun poses for your piccys, and a piece for housey!

**All poses in above picture brought to you by Glitterati, go check out them out! Lots of new ones**

Holli Thespian

Monday, November 23, 2009

#37 My Snowy Plum

*Please click on the picture to make them bigger, uploading from the comp are so darn small..Will be back to bigger pics as soon as December rolls around.*

SD Wears has released this new Captive outfit, its very sexy and detailed..check it out^^

  • Outfit:SD Wears Captive Outfit-Green
  • Leggings::SK Designs: Legunkos Pack
  • Shoes:Kalnins Shoes - Sonata
  • Earrings:Digit Darkes-Noir Earring (past gift)
  • Hair:*Beauty Avatar* A&A Hair - Magda Dark Blonde
Another winter look I put together..I think the Xmas music on the radio is putting me in this sort of mood :)

  • Shrug:[Stellar] Luscious Leather (part of an outfit)
  • Top:{RW} Harlequin Burnt Camisk in Purple
  • Leggings:*Linc* Wool Panty Eggplant
  • Hat:Sway's Aviator Winter Hat - white
  • Hair:[Pacadi Jasha] Naoko - Coffee
  • Boots:::::LiNe::: Melis Boot /Black

  • Top:{RW} Barely There Camisk White
  • Undershirt:*DD*Embroidered Bustier Burnt
  • Pants:(*FS*) Kickass Jeans - Grape (dark)
  • Scarf:MIEL WPGIV BLACK LACE SCARF - M(May past gift)
  • Hair:* 0 Style *Pompadour*Biscuit
  • Boots:[Decoy] Jully Boots - Plum
Holli Thespian

#36 Xmas Spirit

Another winter like posty..too many great things to show!

  • Outfit: ::Foxy Fashions:: Sleek (Store Grp gift)
  • Leggings::OW: Sequin Pants Red
  • Earrings:Twisted & Spoiled-SuperStar Earring
  • Bangle:+plus *Studded Square Bangle* White
  • Shoes:Sole Sisters Pumps - Instinct - White

  • Outfit:~~SisterHood~~ THE PERFECT PRESENT
  • Earrings:Flexible Earing Silver -RYCA-
Everyone needs a good place to relax sometimes, the new bed by Sway is perfect for a winter bedroom or any room for that matter!

  • Outfit:*Linc* Sweaterdress Xmas Gift(NEW)
  • Tights:FAB.PONY Black Fishnets
  • Boots:[Stellar] Kenai Boots - Charcoal(NEW)
  • Hat:Sway's Aviator Winter Hat - black (NEW)
  • Hair:!lamb. Say - Twix/Highlighty
  • Bed:Sway's Bed 'Maggie' (NEW)-Comes with 7 poses and you can change the color of the pillows
How fun and girly is this makeup desk, comes with a ton of accessories as well!. The dressing stool comes with 5 poses/animations you sit there and fancy up for the evening. The Coco Chanel Tribute dress is perfect for what I was going for..being a bit emo too since my date never came to pick me up, damn boys.

  • Dress:-Phoenix Rising-Coco Chanel Tribute- (NEW)
  • Jewerly:**DM** Isabeau II
  • Hair:p.c; Climbing Ilkar Long - Blonde
  • Shoes:Fussy-Lust Pumps v2 - B&W Snake (MAIN)
  • Makeup set:Sway''s Dressing Table 'Maggie'
Holli Thespian

PS-I will be just uploading my pics until next month from my computer since Flickr is maxed out :(

#35 New Releases Incoming!...

Tonight I am doing more showing and next to nothing text..I'm tired but had to post ^^

  • Fur Coat:(Madsy) Fur Gilet - silver (NEW)
  • Dress:*Linc* Sweaterdress Eton Blue(NEW)
  • Leggings:oyakin*knitsox-ivory (0L)
  • Earrings:::.Flugeln Brise.::Mah_jade (0l)
  • Boots:KAO : Suede Fringe Boots / pink
  • Hair:fri. - Tatum.2 - Moody Brown
  • Jacket:*Crazy* Zang Jacket(NEW)
  • Dress:*Linc* Sweaterdress Eggplant(NEW)
  • Leggings:oyakin*knitsox gray (0l)
  • Jewerly:Dark Mouse Wild Leaves Necklace (NEW)
  • Boots:*Kookie* Special Muggy Love's
  • Hair:.:.Foam!.:. - The Kimora - Browns (closed)
  • Dress::SK Designs: Sdelya Dresses (NEW)
  • Jeans:::HH:: Hucci Gold Diamond Denim
  • Earrings::+*R*+: Queen Pierced Earrings
  • Bracelets:Dark Mouse Twisted Bangle - Gold (NEW)
  • Shoes:Stiletto Moody Bare Lana (Anniversary) v1.14 (lrg)
  • Dress::SK Designs: Sdelya Dresses
  • Leggings:barbee. SWITCH Leggings (Opening gift)
  • Earrings:[glow] studio ~~DeLyn~~ Letter Earrings 2 colors
  • Bracelets:Dark Mouse Twisted Bangle (NEW)
  • Shoes:Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine (Python ColorSet)
  • Hair:SLink Hair Pack Sienna Three
  • Dress:::HH:: Hucci Warm Key Dress - Brick (NEW)
  • Undershirt:::HH:: Hucci Wrap Sweater - Creme 3 (NEW)
  • Leggings:{SMS} Lace Leggins Red
  • Earrings:BB**Harem Earrings in Jasmine Steel
  • Shoes:Kalnins Shoes - Boudoir
  • Hair:Tiny Bird - Girl Anachronism - Haver Pack
  • Top:::HH:: Hucci Wrap Sweater - Iron 1 (NEW)
  • Skirt:::HH:: Hucci Tweed Skirts(NEW)
  • Leggings:.Shampooo Stripe tights(freebie)
  • Earrings:Dark Mouse Stacie's Earring - Silver
  • Boots:Maitreya SoHo Boots 'Black Suede'
  • Hair:[MS]+*Rika*+.Black&Silver
Holli Thespian

PS- I reached my flickr max uploads for the month..shoot me! -_-