Tuesday, December 22, 2009

#81 Tie me up pretty

With what it seems a long and anticipated release of Daphne at Beauty Avatar, she is finally available! Along with the new 3 skintones there is 6 new lingerie sets to collect as well. All of them are transfer so you guys out there can surprise your girly with one of these anytime :) Each set comes with chains to cover your extremities and neck, definitely a bit "kinky/ tie me up please" style^^ Of course you can always remove the chains if they a bit too much for your fantasy side, but really they are just awesome props!

Time to go make sugar cookies with my niece..merry xmas everyone! :)

Holli Thespian

#80 Xmas Edition Humpness

I'm putting my Hump day outfits out a bit early only cause I *might* not be able to get on later. Both minis are 69L each for the rest of today and all day Wednesday. They are set up right outside the shop, you can't miss them! Also everything in my shop is marked half off until the 27th! Here is your taxi to Holli Pocket..Happy Holidays! :)

Holli Thespian

Monday, December 21, 2009

#79 I'm such a Hucci Bambi bebe

This posty will be a combo of the new Imani skin at Atomicbambi and Hucci's fab new outfits. Imani comes in 3 skins tones, with 10 subtle make ups, freckles and lipgloss options, and 3 brow shades - and 12 skins in each pack! I personally am a fan of Atomic's glossy version of her lips, they are totally my wear style and so juicy looking. Go demo them here!

I'm going to show 3 makeups for each eyebrow color:




Hair:fri. - Quinn - 24.7 Pack

Hucci is constantly creating new goodies for our closets, and this gown below is a perfectt winter ball like gown. Too bad I missed the Blacklace party the other night, I could have worn one of these;/

  • Dress:::HH:: Hucci Diamond Princess Gown - Smoke/Red (NEW)
  • Bracelet::U&R +*R*+: Myrten Bracelet
  • Hair:-DernierCri- Emma
  • Skin:AtomicBambi - IMANI SK!N - TAN (NEW)
Hucci also just released these cozy cute sweat suits to lounge around in..we all have those days right?! :)

  • Outfit:::HH:: Hucci Plush Lounge - Pink/Red (NEW)
  • Jewelery:::HH:: Hucci Plush Jewelry Set (NEW)
  • Hair:.+*Iseb*+.Beige&Beigebrown [MS]
  • Skin:AtomicBambi - IMANI SK!N - TAN (NEW)
Holli Thespian

#78 Overdue!

Who has time for daily entries with so much going on?! I wish I had more playtime but I don't with the extended family visiting for a few weeks. I figured I would at least get in a post, I have soo much stuff to bloggy it is going to take me awhile to show everything ^^ Paper.doll's hunt has been going on for what over a week at least by now..I'm behind and out of the loop with things right now..but, thought I would show you the goodies to get from Paper.doll & Noir. There's a total of 12 gifts to find between the two stores at 12L each for 12 Days till Xmas! Also, the sweater dress is a new release.

You have a few more days to do the hunt, I believe she said right after Xmas she will be pulling the hunt items so head over there!

New dresses:

  • Clothes:Paper.Doll hunt & New release-Sweaterdress (NEW)
  • Jewelry: Noir Lily hunt
  • Hair: Truth-Avery (NEW)
  • Skin: Lara (NEW)
Holli Thespian

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hunt & Sales @ Holli Pocket

We are having a hunt at our shops (Frop!,Hc& Co,Dollface, and Holli Pocket) and you are looking for red light bulbs. They are out in the open, not hidden inside anything or in obscure places..I have 4 light bulbs for you to find (check IN and right outside the shop)..

Also everything in all our shops are HALF off until the 27th of Dec! Plenty of time to make you way^^Need a gift? I will gladly send a gift to your special someone..Just please send me a NC with their name and yours, exact name of the item(s) and followed by the linden and if you want a specific date, include that too otherwise I will send right away :)

Here's your right to the good times..

Happy Holidays!!

Holli Thespian

Thursday, December 17, 2009

#76 Dress Galore!

First up is Hucci, she just released these hot wrap dresses. They are simple which is great for accessorizing to dress up or to play down those casual like days. A little birdy also told me one color is 50L so go check out the store to find which one :)

  • Dress:::HH:: Hucci Wrap Dress - Black/Rose (NEW)
  • Leggings::: M * A * ii * K * I :: Legging Gold/[Plastik]-Leggings-PinstripeSnowflake
  • Necklace:PR!TTY : Red Rose Necklace - Gold (10L)
  • Bracelets:AMD Picks Gift - December/Dark Mouse Twisted Bangle - Copper
  • Shoes:Kalnins Shoes - Boudoir
  • Hair: Truth-Stella
  • Skin:Lara
Plastik has just released a new mini as well, and it has a matrix like twist to it. Each set comes with two colors and many layers as always. Great dancing outfit I'd say :)

  • Dress:[Plastik]-Galizie-Black/Viera & Stark/Clouds (NEW)
  • Shoes:*Kookie* Athena/ Black
  • Hair:fri. - Rashelle - 24.7 Pack
  • Skin:IrEn-::::Shane::::pale_circus/stars
Although this is not a mini, I loved this bikini that you can pick up at SWIM for only 1l! Also the skybox I'm in is a group gift from Amerie! Check notices to get this cute box, creator is Amerie Spitteler and you can join through their profile ^^

  • Bikini:SWIM!-DECEMBER LADIES bikini from (1L) (NEW)
  • Jeans:*Linc* Low Rise Jeans White
  • Earrings:::GB::Snow Fur Piace (group gift at store)
  • Gloves:part of [Plastik]-Galizie-Stark/Clouds
  • Heels:Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine (Python ColorSet) v2.26 (lrg)
  • Hair:Fri.day
  • Skin:Laq Jewel
  • Sad small tree:Botanical Holiday - Sad Little Tree (subscriber gift)
  • Skybox:AMERIE - Christmas Skybox (group notices)
Ok, I should go wrap some prezzie now..
Holli Thespian

#75 YS & YS has spirit

Ys & YS has all kind of goodies in store for us, everything from daily group gifts up until Xmas to holiday makeup sets! These boots are Gift 1 and I heard will remain out until 1PM SL time. The holiday skins are also love, fatpacks come with 4 makeups or you can buy them single. I will be showing Kelly's Xmas makeups.

  • Dress:MNK*SHOP group gift 200912!
  • Boots:*YS&YS* Xmas GroupGift 1
  • Handbag: KAO : Rabbit fur hand bag (Tutu grp gift outside on cart)
  • Jewelry:U&R DOGS-(hunt gift)
  • Hair: Truth-Avery (NEW)
  • Skin:*YS&YS* Kelly X-Mas
  • Lingerie: KAO : X'mas lingerie-(Tutu grp gift outside on cart)
  • Leggings:+ .+*AA*+. : X'mas leg warmer-(Tutu grp gift outside on cart)
  • Hair:Truth-Stella (NEW)
  • Skin:*YS&YS* Kelly X-Mas
  • Xmas pose present:*EverGlow* - Christmas Gift Box (1L)

Holli Thespian

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#74 Ooh lala

I just had to make another posty today about Maitreya's LE Look group gifty..love it!

  • Jacket::sey RJK=white=
  • Belt:::HH:: Hucci Diva Belt Silver (50L So2010 event)
  • Leggings:::HH:: Hucci Snakeskin Leggings - Palace Blue (50L So2010 event)
  • Ring:KaWaii Jelly - Butterfly Ring [Pink]
  • Earrings:.:Periquita Group Gift (subscriber gift)
  • Shoes:*Kookie * Kat Platforms-Blue
  • Hair:Maitreya : LE.LOOK! la femme - Hair/ Hat (wear grp tag @ HQ)
  • Skin: Lara
Holli Thespian

#73 Less is more

Lingerie seems to be popular for the holidays, lots of free sets to pick up! I suppose less is more on the cold wintry nights? ^^

  • Heels:NX-Nardcotix Kurvy Ruby Slippers (Gift)
  • Hair:::::IrEn::::_Fiona_Santa (sit on santas lap for random gift)
  • Skin: A L I T E :: Alite skin/Natural-(subscriber gift)
  • Lingerie:Oceane Body Boutique-Lingerie Green/Red Lace from (1l)
  • Jewelry:Eolande's Christmas Lights- (NEW)
  • Hair:::::IrEn::::_Fiona_Santa (sit on santas lap for random gift)
  • Xmas Decor:[KUE!] Low Prim Dollarbie Decorations Fatpack (5L)

  • Lingerie:*Fishy Strawberry* Marshmallow Xmas (subscriber gift)
  • Jewelry:Eolande's Snowflake Dangle set- silver (NEW)
  • Hair:Truth-Lizzie
  • Skin:LeLutka : LE.LOOK! la femme - Skin - Estelle (wear grp tag at HQ)
  • Dress:-Ema's Secret- Christmas Gift (subscriber gift)
  • Jewelry:Eolande's Snowflake Fantasy- aurora borealis (NEW)
Last but not least is a new store to me Mustache, and they are part of the So 2010 Special. You can pick up this skin & hair for only 50L! I'm not too fond of lighter skins but I actually really like this tone and the soft shimmer pink lips..yum!

  • Undie set: Part of LE.LOOK le femme skin pack
  • Jewelry:Eolande's Snowflake Fantasy Necklace - aurora borealis
  • Hair:So 2010 Mustache Special
  • Skin:So 2010 Mustache Special
Holli Thespian

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#72 Hail to the Angelic Diamonds

I picked up these awesome wings tonight, that is a group gift at Curious Kitties. They kind of inspired this late night posty which isn't the typical angelic faerie look I would usually associate wings with, but I liked what became of this look ^^ I also had to use my Diamond Box set again, it is just to darn awesome not too.

  • Top:fri. - Longsleeve Layering Tee (White)
  • Skirt:Berries Inc. legshow! skirt blue (50L-secret sale)
  • Belt:::HH:: Hucci Double Link Pearl Belt - Silver
  • Necklace:*UB* You Broke Me! *white*
  • Heels:HOC Apparel - Nudey Stilettos
  • Hair:Maitreya Nimue - Browns Pack (NEW)
  • Skin:IrEn:::::Shane:::: sunburned_glossy
  • Diamond Box:GLITTERATI - The Diamond Room (NEW)
  • Wings:*C:K* Snow Angel Wings (In store group gift)
Holli Thespian

#71 Preview of Alite Skins

If you enjoy discovering new skins like myself, then you will want to check Alite skins. Each skin comes with several options including hairbase and cleavage (most important ones to me). I decided to use Glitterati's new diamond room set and this is just pure love! Diamonds are always a girls best friend and this set comes with 15 poses to strut all over the sparklies and a few props! This set was a duo between Hucci and Glitterati and I just think it turned out fab.

  • Dress:SYSY's Lolla dresses - Black (NEW)
  • Jewerly:MIEL MIA SET (50L friday)
  • Boots:HOC Apparel - Neo Boots Female
  • Skins::: A L I T E :: Alite skins AURORA II -(NEW)
  • Diamond Room:GLITTERATI - The Diamond Room (NEW)
Holli Thespian

#70 Holiday Cheer

When I heard about the group skins to pick up at Curio, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to try them and actually own a Curio skin ^^ OW also send out these cute candy candy leggings in the subscriber!

  • Top:Twosome - Frilly Summer Thing
  • Leggings::OW: Boxed Gift - Candy Cane Leggings
  • Heels:NX-Nardcotix Kurvy Ruby Slippers (Exclusive Gift)
  • Jewerly:**DM** Isabeau II
  • Skin::Curio: Happy Holidays from Gala (group gift)
  • Hair:Fri.day
Holli Thespian

#69 Are you ready for a new generation?

Milla at CLINIC, has been hard working on her new line of skins and I encourage everyone to go demo these beauties! There are 3 skintones with 8 makeups and a base, as well as built in cleavage.I like to let the pictures do the talking and with that said,Generation 1 is up!.

Generation 1 Pale/Sunkissed/Tanned:

What I'm wearing:
  • Mini:*HP*Petite Marble Mini-Blue
  • Ring:::GB::Aphrodita_Ring_Pearl (grp lucky board)
  • Boots:TOSL *Sweater Wellies* v1.6 Snow
  • Hair:Truth

This is the creators note to anyone that is curious ^^

-All CLINIC skins are partly hand-drawn, made using one of the Second Life skin templates, parts of the merchant resource kit and a personal digital image collection.
-Having used many resources for my skins, they have still been modified and made unique and original work of mine.
-CLINIC skins have several hidden watermarks built in every texture so any illegal copy will be identified with the case even led to court.

Holli Thespian

Monday, December 14, 2009

#68 Dress me up in paper pls

Paper.Doll recently came out with these super fun minis with just the right amount of sparkle for the season. The Mistletoe & Cranberry minis can be found on xstreet for 75L for the pair. Go here and pick them up for this exclusive price! The other colors can be found at the shop.

  • Mini:{paper.doll} ShimmerMini-Mistletoe/Cranberry/Ice (NEW)
  • Necklace:[P/a] XmasGift -Noel- (0l)
  • Ring:!SyDS! Butterfly Duo Ring
  • Heels:HOC Apparel - Nudey Stilettos (NEW)
  • Hair:Mustache { Ashley } Licorice 4
  • Skin:*Glance Skins - Adriana - Gold (50L)
  • Xmas tree:::GB::Cristmas Tree (grp lucky board) Gorge tree w/ poses & emitter
  • Mini:{paper.doll} ShimmerMini-Magenta/Plum/Black (NEW)
  • Earrings:::GB:::Snow Fur Piace (grp gift)
  • Hair: Exile
  • Skin:Glance-Devon-Crease (50L)
  • Top:::GB:::shirt with tai_Snow (grp gift)
  • Jeans::SK Designs: Moloko Jeans (NEW)
  • Earrings:**DM** Iced Snowflake [NT] (NEW)
  • Boots:HOC Apparel - Neo Boots Female
  • Hair:Exile
  • Skin: Lara
  • Jacket:[Miseria] Ash Cardigan - Umber
  • Top:[Miseria] Sugar Dress - Cocoa 4
  • Jeans:[Miseria] Bitter Jeans - Ocean
  • Heels:HOC Apparel - Nudey Stilettos (NEW)
  • Jewelry:**DM*** Iced Snowflake [NT]
  • Belt:Dahlinks Gate Belt - ChampagneDiamond
  • Hair: Lamb
Holli Thespian

Saturday, December 12, 2009

#67 The Day After...

I have been busy doing the RL Xmas shopping, and glad to be able to sit down and avoid the swarms of people. One thing about good about SL shopping, your feet never give out and you just can keep going ^^

  • Outfit:*BOOM* Call Me Baby -icicle (NEW)
  • Jacket:.:StoRin:. - Patricia *blue* (NEW)
  • Boots:*ordinary* X'mas Present (0L)
  • Leggings:(Elate!) Signature Stockings (Neutrals)
  • Earring:**DM** Glam Diamond Fringe Earrings Silver [NT] (NEW)
  • Hair:!lamb. Witch - Powder (50L friday)
  • Skin:[CN] Uma Skin Gift - Chocolate (0L)
  • Outfit:*BOOM* Call Me Baby -sugarplum (NEW)
  • Earrings:**DM** CiCi Earrings Style 001 - Silver [NT] (NEW)
  • Scarf:TRUTH Lygon Scarf [purple stripe] (grp gift)
  • Skin:*Beauty Avatar Couture* ZETA - Natural Skin 10

  • Outfit/Top:[ Cynful ] Ever's Sweater Set ~ Brown/Amethyst (NEW)
  • Pants:
  • Boots:*COCO*_Gift_FlatAnkleBoots_Black
  • Belt:[ skream! ] links of love (black)
  • Hair:!lamb. Ghost - Chocolate Bars Pack
  • Skin:L.Fauna
Holli Thespian

Thursday, December 10, 2009

#66 Become your own star

I recently posted about CStar's lucky present skin and today I'm going to show you two more skins to drool over. Crave is the newest skin at the shop, and is totally delicious..just look at that face! Obsidian is also really awesome skin, I really love all 3 skintones that comes bundled up for a mere 700L. Remember that there is a limited quantity available to buy and Obsidian 65 left! There is also a package deal that includes a shape for 900L if you like to switch it up^^

  • Bodysuit:*Linc* Bodysuit with Snake Suspenders Red & Black Suspenders White (NEW)
  • Boots:*GF* Long Fur Cuff Boots -white-
  • Nails:Mstyle Perfect Long Nails - Ribbon (NEW-1L)
  • Hair: Mirai
  • Skin:.::CStar::. Crave Skin Dark (NEW)
  • Top:[ Cynful ] Jeans Corset Weaved - Black & Cynful ] Jeans Corset Weaved - Light Blue (NEW)
  • Jeans:[ Cynful ] Jeans Corset Weaved - Black & Orange Bottom V2 Stripes - Light Blue (NEW)
  • Belt:*YS&YS* Belt WhiteSnake Silv
  • Earrings:Flexible Earing Silver -RYCA-
  • Hair:::69:: Model Hair 02 - offblack -
  • Skin:.::CStar::. Obsidian Skin Only
Holli Thespian

#65 Surfs Up!

As many of you know, Surf Co and Artilleri are having a half off and more sale on everything. You can't go wrong there..and this is what I put together while I splurged. I must also say these boots are freaking awesome with all the color changes you can do with them, I'll definitely be wearing these lots.

  • Top:[SC] Surf Couture - Colleen - Dusty Rose/Brown
  • Jeans:[paper.doll] LowRiseDenim-GreyWash
  • Bangles:*Fishy Strawberry* Istanbul Bangles (wear)
  • Earrings:Beetlebones**Harem Earrings in Jasmine Steel
  • Boots:[SC] Surf Couture - Elsa Boots - Original/White
  • Hair:Truth & /artilleri/ Rina hair *browns*
  • Skin:Lara Skin
  • Top:[SC] Surf Couture - Kettle Corn Cardigan - Violet/Gray
  • Pants:[SC] Surf Couture - Yoga Pants - Slate
  • Jewelry:Ear Candy-Complex in Turquoise
  • Boots:[SC] Surf Couture - Parker Knit Boots - Snow
  • Hair: Truth
  • Skin:IrEn::::Shane:::: sunburned_gloss
  • Top:[SC] Surf Couture - La Plage Tee - Gray
  • Leggings:*Linc* Wool Panty Light Gray
  • Skirt:*UB* Mini Skirt *white*
  • Bangles:[chuculet] fantastic four bangles - silver -
  • Boots:[SC] Surf Couture - Parker Knit Boots - Snow
  • Skin:LAQ ~ Ania [Nougat] Glow skins
  • Top:/artilleri/ Carlita top
  • Jeans:[SC] Surf Couture - Hot Cocoa Stain Jeans - Ultra Dark
  • Bracelet:U&R-:+*R*+: Myrten Bracelet
  • Boots:[SC] Surf Couture - Elsa Boots - White
  • Hair:Mustache { Ashley } Licorice 4
Holli Thespian