Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#316 Thirsty Thursday week 13- PINK..Disco Lemonade!

Here are some of the items you can pick up for this weeks Thirsty Thirsty in "Disco Lemonade"(PINK)!

Why another weekly event you ask!? I know there are plenty of them out there, but there are also plenty of great stores not being able to get into the current ones- so here was the solution!...Every week we will feature a 'Designer Menu' of 10-15 stores , where it is "Happy Hour All Day" with one half off item --not to exceed 99L. This weeks designers:

Some of this weeks items include:

  • Dress::::LiNe::: Sudeniz / Emo-Pink (TT item!)
  • A&A Fashion Basia Dress Pink (TT item!)
  • Hair:(Posh) ; I'm a hipster ; Midnight (TT item!)
  • Dress:*LP* Trus dress (TT item!)
  • Top:B&B Womens BF Shirt (TT item!)
  • Hair:(Posh) ; Vicious hypnosis ; Ash Red (TT item!)
  • Outfit: *Holli Pocket* Disco Splash-Pink Lemonade (TT item!)

Holli Thespian

#315 Sweetness

Karina is one of the most recent releases at Candy Dolls, coming in 4 tones and 6 vibrant makeups-so love the lips ( Comes in a cleavage and hairbase layer). T.Whore also has out adorable lingerie sets available in several colors, all layers and sweet little bows!

**Sorry forgot to mention this skin is NOT released yet, bad Holli**

  • Lingerie:*T.Whore*- Lingerie SexyDoll (NEW)
  • Earrings:A&Ana Jewellery PEARL EDITION EARRINGS
  • Bangle:*T.Whore* - Pearl Arm Rosary... R Foreamr
  • Hair:::::Fab-U-Lous:::Soraya ( Black) (NEW)
  • Feet:*ByKay* ~ Sam ~ *Bare Feet* (NEW)
  • Skin:*Candydoll* Karina (NEW)
  • Dress:*T.Whore*- Bitch Dress (NEW)
  • Bangle:Izzie's - Lily Bracelet Full Pack
  • Pastie-Roots
  • Sandals:Black&Blue Outfitters Beach Flops (NEW)
  • Hair:::::Fab-U-Lous::::Reeva ( Black) (NEW)
  • Skin:*Candydoll* Karina (NEW)
  • Bikini::OW: "dK" Swimsuit (NEW)
  • Bangles:Izzie's - Wood Bangles black
  • Sandals:Black&Blue Outfitters Beach Flops (NEW)
  • Hair:::::Fab-U-Lous::::Destini ( Black ) (NEW)
  • Skin:*Candydoll* Karina (NEW)
Holli Thespian

Friday, May 21, 2010

#314 Yes, I am alive!

I know I haven't been blogging in what it seems agesss (sowwy!)- but I am well just busy doing RL for once :) I had to show the new truthies (4 styles this week, one for the guys) along with new skins and attire! Is it me or do is this weeks hairs full of flexi lovin-I totally dig these!

Hucci released a very bearing skin showing mini! Ring My Bell comes in 6 colors, with the black 25% off if you are a SLDD member or you can pick up the wild pink for only 150L on xstreet (just look up Eboni Khan and you will find it easily)! How about one of Miss Beca's latest skin releases-Holli! I wonder where she got the awesome name for it?! ^^Holli is available in 4 skintones-6 flashy makeups and with a cleavage/hairbase layers. She's definitely not afraid of bursting out the bright colors, totally my style!

**Please note this skin is being released later TODAY-not out yet~**

  • Dress:::HH:: Hucci Ring My Bell - (NEW)
  • Jewelry:::Temptation:: Set Grace White(GroupGift)
  • Leggings:Izzie's - Studded Leggings white
  • Hair:Truth-Sylvia - chocolate (NEW)
  • Skin:*CandyDoll* Holli Dark (NEW)
Super cute outfit by Candy Dolls and don't forget to grab the subscriber gift in purple of this before it is gone-available in six colors!

  • Outfit:*CandyDoll* Rompe (NEW-purple is subscriber gift)
  • Jewelry:*JD*SET SIMPLE (NEW)
  • Shoes:::Kookie:: 50L Friday Nude Wedges
  • Hair:Truth-Bettina (NEW)
  • Skin:*CandyDoll* Holli Tanned (NEW)
Sensacion is the latest release at Candy Dolls, coming in 6 colors with again another subscriber exclusive color! You get a naughty and nice version coming in all layers. Also love the black leather pants at Poison, the prim slits are really hot !

  • Top:*CandyDoll* Sensacion (NEW-grey is subscriber gift)
  • Pants:Poison- Black leather_pants (NEW)
  • Earrings:A&A Fashion Earrings Star Silver (NEW)
  • Bracelet:- .HoD. - The Prayer of Forgiveness Bracelet (NEW)
  • Tat::OW: "Phoenix" Tattoo (NEW)
  • Nails:*T.Whore*- Dots Nails (NEW)
  • Lashes:[ glow ] studio - Vingue - eyeliner B & Ademonia Eyelashes (with gems-NEW)
  • Hair:Truth-Anthea (NEW)
  • Skin:*CandyDoll* Holli Tan (NEW)
Holli Thespian

Thursday, May 13, 2010

#313 Through those eyes

So I'm late on posting the new truthies but that's ok- I work to the beat of my own little drum and noone else's ^^ Two super cute updos (love the piggys) and a sexy sleek long do- all very flattering hairstyles and so no favorites for this week! There is also a handful of new releases scattered all over the grid and I'm doing my best to show what Holli enjoys the most- go look!

  • Top:HC - Lara Bodysuit (NEW-part of suit)
  • Skirt::OW: Waist-Hi "Candee" Skirt (NEW)
  • Shades:[ glow ] studio - Shutter Shades NY (NEW)
  • Necklace:[ glow ] studio - Body Chain (dark) (NEW)
  • Heels::::LiNe::: Tangy (NEW)
  • Hair:Truth-Marcelle (NEW)
  • Skin: Lara Skin-Candy
  • Dress::SK Designs: Blaine Dresses (NEW)
  • Leggings:**Narwhal - pink and white leggings
  • Shades:[ glow ] studio - Shutter Shades night version (NEW)
  • Earrings:[ glow ] studio - Animated Earrings Black 3 versions
  • Bangles:*JD* Bracelets
  • Hair:Truth-Paula (NEW)
  • Skin:*Candydoll* Karina Tan (not released yet)
  • Dress:Poison-Army out dress_female (NEW)
  • Hair:Truth-Shinji (NEW)
  • Heels::::LiNe::: Tangy (NEW) (comes in denim prints & solids)
Holli Thespian

#312 Thirsty Thursday week 11- BLUE..Adios Mutha Fooka

Here are some of the items you can pick up for this weeks Thirsty Thirsty in "Adios Mutha Fooka"(BLUE)!

Why another weekly event you ask!? I know there are plenty of them out there, but there are also plenty of great stores not being able to get into the current ones- so here was the solution!...Every week we will feature a 'Designer Menu' of 10-15 stores , where it is "Happy Hour All Day" with one half off item --not to exceed 99L.

This weeks designers:

Some of this week's items include :

  • Outfit:*LP* Oktavia overalle (Thirsty Thursday!)
  • Necklace:[Acide!] Dream Of Pearls Necklace (Thirsty Thursday!)
  • Heels::::LiNe::: Tangy /Denim-Circle (Thirsty Thursday!)
  • Hair:(Posh) ; Naive ; Sunflower (Thirsty Thursday!)
  • Skin:Candy Dolls-Jessica (Thirsty Thursday!)
  • Furniture pieces:! Infinite - Antiquity ~ Special Edition Blues (Thirsty Thursday!)
  • Outfit:
A&A Fashion Puppet Long Overal Blue (Thirsty Thursday!) [aRAWRa] Electric Blue (Thirsty Thursday!)
  • Skin:Candy Dolls-Jessica (Thirsty Thursday!)
Holli Thespian

Sunday, May 9, 2010

#311 Serving up some yummy Candy!

If you are like me and a total Lara Skin fan, you will totally want to snag you some Candy! Candy is the newest skinline available in 3 tones and 11 yummy makeups. This time you not only get a cleavage layer and hairbase skin, you get the option of wearing her with a matte or glossy lip. I love lipgloss so it was a no brainer for me-but at least you have another option ^^

You can also pick up a cute waitress set (there is a matching outfit but not shown) over at Elymode including 6 poses and two trays-the trays are mod too. I went for cocktail waitress style with the awesome and very sexy corset dress over at Goth1c0- comes in 6 colors.

Candy goes Pale:

Candy goes Tan:

Candy goes Dark:

  • Outfit:Goth1c0: Dark Wishes corset dress (NEW)
  • Jewelry:[MANDALA]LOTUS
  • Heels: Slink
  • Hair:[Shag] - Nymph (Project Themeory)
  • Skin:Lara Skin-Candy (NEW)
  • Tray props: Elymode*xoxo ania* Waitress poses set (NEW)(modded bottles)
Holli Thespian

Friday, May 7, 2010

#310 Never too late

I'm definitely not the first to show some of the new truth lovin and maybe the last (?) either way, here are my new hairs rocking 4 different looks! Jana is my favorite style for the week, the poof and wavy locks never fail -always hot! Don't forget you can get these styles right off xstreet if you are a lazy shopper :P New mini's released at T.whore this week and a special Sofia skin for the upcoming Dressing Room that is must have. I'm drained to the bone..nini peeps ^^

  • Jacket::::Sn@tch Harlot Coat:::
  • Mini:*T.Whore*- Rude Dress (NEW)
  • Pastie:ROOTS-00S10020(Box)
  • Necklace:- .HoD. - Mercenary Part 2
  • Socks:[ glow ] studio Roses Socks II
  • Heels:SLink Tiger Heels Black
  • Hair:Truth-Isidora (NEW)
  • Skin:*CandyDoll* Holli Tanned (Soon to be released)
  • Necklace-MIEL YOR NECKLACE (50L friday)
  • Hair:Truth-Jana (NEW)
  • Skin:-Glam Affair - Sofia Tan skin - make up 11 ( Dressing Room-out soon!)
  • Top:**MIS** Sexy Back - April Group Gift
  • Jeans:Styligion ~ SUB jeans black & blue (NEW)
  • Hair:Truth-Paige (NEW)
  • Skin:*Candydoll* Karina Tan (Soon to be released)
  • Jeans:Styligion ~ BmA ~ black (NEW)
  • Skirt:[Sassy Kitty Designs] High Waisted Black Skirts GIFT
  • Hair:Truth-Tia 2 (NEW)
  • Skin:-Glam Affair- Sofia Natural Skin -Make Up
Holli Thespian

#309 Candy Doll Pop!

**warning, I went a bit crazy snap happy-lots of pics!**

I don't even know where to start with this one, soo much newness so I will try to stick to the juicy infos I find most helpful^^ Sylwia is the latest skinline over at Candy Dolls, coming in 4 skintones, 6 makeups and a spring/smokey makeup line. This means you get to pick the colorful eye popping shadows or a shimmery smokey eye! I'm partial to the smokey eye sets, all coming with cleavage and hairbase options. I swear each release Beca improves her skins, I'm totally loving this line-gotta love the beauty mark too!

  • Top:*BOOM* Her Pleasure (NEW)
  • Shorts:*CandyDoll* Smaxy Shorts (NEW)
  • Leggings:*T.Whore* - Leggings [Fp]
  • Jewelry:.:::GARAGE:::. Jewerly set beads"Gems-mix" (NEW)
  • Purse:*BOOM* Take It Easy Tote (NEW)
  • Hair:\LoQ/ Macchiato Fat Pack (NEW)
  • Skin:*CandyDoll* Sylwia Fat Pack (NEW)
  • Outfit:*LP* Believe carida overall (NEW)
  • Shorts:*CandyDoll* Smaxy Shorts (NEW)
  • Necklace:[PF] Panda Cupcake Necklace (chest)
  • Purse:*BOOM* Take It Easy Tote (NEW)
  • Hair:::::Fab-U-Lous::::Liana-B ( With hair band ) (NEW-released Friday)
  • Skin:*CandyDoll* Sylwia Fat Pack (NEW)

Bebe Doll released the Jasmina sweet little mini, coming in two styles to wear the top-sheer or prude style ^^ Lots of colors to pick from and such a cute dress!

  • Dress:*BD* Jasmina - (NEW)
  • Earring:[ glow ] studio - White Diamonds Valentine
  • Hair:::::Fab-U-Lous::::Liana-C ( Black) (NEW-released Friday)
  • Skin:*CandyDoll* Sylwia Smokey (NEW)

  • Dress:*LP* Krok Dress (NEW)
  • Belt:*LP* Groza belt (NEW)
  • Earrings:-Mons- earning square
  • Hair::::::Fab-U-Lous::::Dina (Black) (NEW-released Friday)
  • Skin:*CandyDoll* Sylwia Smokey Fat Pack (NEW)
Holli Thespian

Thursday, May 6, 2010

#308 The Leezu

Tonight is showing a bit of Leezu love (it has been awhile) with an awesome sculpty top that requires no fancy earrings or necklaces-love the built in accessory neck piece. The top comes in the 2 colors (wish there were more) but black and white does go with everything right?...

Holli Thespian

#307 Shye is @ the Boutique

It has been a few days since I have really blogged anything-RL can be really exciting and sometimes takes me away from SL ^^ First up is the new skinline Shye over at Oceanes Boutique-Shye comes in new skintones making 5 shades and 10 gorgeous makeups. I like the cleavage version myself and you get several bikini styles as well. There is also a group skin and a sweet babydoll that you might want to check out as well. Seldom Blue also has out a fabulous dress for just 1l and new release-Sylvia. Sylvia comes in several ways of wearing it or you can buy each look separately-pretty outfit and love the flow of the train.

  • Bangles:-MonS- Magic Bracalet (NEW)
  • Hair:Tiny Bird - Magic Trick - Sandy Blonde (Survey Gift!)
  • Skin:Oceane Boutt.Full pack Shye Vanilla Cleavage (NEW)

  • Hair:I love olive-CELINE / MOCCA
  • Skin:Oceane Boutt-Full pack Shye Honey Cleavage (NEW)
  • Outfit:Oceane Bout-April sexy lingerie/babydoll Teal boxed (group gift)
  • Hair:IrEn-::::Sylvie_2:::: browns
  • Skin:Oceane Bout-Full pack Shye Cream Cleavage (NEW)
Holli Thespian

#306 Thirsty Thursday week 10-Long Island Ice Tea!

Here are some of the items you can pick up for this weeks Thirsty Thirsty in LONG ISLAND ICE TEA(BROWN)!

Why another weekly event you ask!? I know there are plenty of them out there, but there are also plenty of great stores not being able to get into the current ones- so here was the solution!...Every week we will feature a 'Designer Menu' of 10-15 stores , where it is "Happy Hour All Day" with one half off item --not to exceed 99L.

This weeks designers:

Some items in this weeks TT

  • Dress:
[aRAWRa] Orgami Pleat Strapless-Chocolate Brown (Thirsty Thursday)
Izzie's - Corset Dress brown (Thirsty Thursday)

  • Corset outfit:Goth1c0: Dark Wishes Corset dress in brown (Thirsty Thursday)
  • Top:*HP*Twisty top-Caramel Delight (Thirsty Thursday)
  • Jeans:*HP*Bubble Bum Jeans-Cocoa (Thirsty Thursday)
Holli Thespian

Sunday, May 2, 2010

#305 Sexay can I...

Super lateee post for me but I never like to stop on a post when I am almost done-so here we go! After partying it up at Gemi's rez day party, I already had one of my outfits ready to show and went straight to snapping! Lots of new mini skirts over at T.Whore coming in a Doll and Rude version (rude having the sexy corset straps showing). Of course lots of colors coming in solids and patterns and all layers. Also like to mention don't wear all layers or it takes away from the lace and makes it nontransparent. A few more Snatch goodies as well, these corsets go awesome with the skirts and lovee the jacket paired up too! I'm going nini finally-shop it out girls ^^

  • Top:KBL: M&F Say What? Tees
  • Jacket:SD Ovation Jacket
  • Skirt:*T.Whore*- Chaotic Skirt Doll Ver (NEW)
  • Heels:.:Relentless Couture:. *Limited Edition PINK GaGa Ankle Boots
  • Hip glitter:TIK TOK- Sakura gemstone body art-
  • Earrings:-Mons- earning square-shape-2
  • Bangle:-MonS-Bracalet Timoni Fat Pack
  • Purse:A*S Rainbow Rose Bag (1l @ Colors Event-special!)
  • Hair:[ploom] - Arq (Project Themeory Special)
  • Disco room:Glitterati - Glitter On The Floor
  • Corset:Sn@tch Swag Bag (Laced Corsets) (NEW)
  • Skirt:*T.Whore*- Chaotic Skirt Doll/Rude Ver (NEW)
  • Necklaces;KK-Bitch Heart Necklace & *tw. - classy pearls
  • Hair:(Posh) ; Envy ; All Colors(NEW)
  • Mini:*T.Whore* Open My-Dress Color (NEW)
  • Pastie:*T.Whore*- Heart Pasties (NEW)
  • Necklace:*T.Whore*-NecKLace Yummy
  • Hair:(Posh) ; Naive (NEW)
  • Skin::::unBra::: Skin -Mayara- redux B
  • Mini:*T.Whore* Open My-Dress Color (NEW)
  • Jacket:Sn@tch Swag Bag (Cord Zip Ups) (NEW)
  • Hair:(Posh) ; Rumor (NEW)
  • Skin::::unBra::: Skin -Sheva- redux B / M3
Holli Thespian

Saturday, May 1, 2010

#304 Ayumi meets Mayara

Tonight is full of yummy Ayumi attire and Unbra's latest face-Mayara. You might have been to Ayumi to pick up her universal cleavage (goes with practically all skins I own) but what about her clothes? You can find pretty much everything here from leggings to corsets and a great pair of jeans-so tonight I am showing my fav pieces ^^

I also saw that Unbra released another skinny so I ran over to check her out-which of course I loved the face! What I personally think is an awesome option are the different levels of cleavage that Andy does on all his skins. You get a hairbase option and 4 cleavage boosters, (breast 1 being no cleavage) I am wearing breast 2 which is my favorite one. I really like the purple eye makeup and frosty nude lip posted below-love the contrast. So go have a look at Mayara girls.

  • Mini:[ AYUMI ] Divinity (NEW)
  • Necklace:*Just Me* Funny Bow Grey (Free)
  • Bangles:*JD* Bracelets
  • Heels:Digit Darkes Spring 09 Collection-Lotus Heel-Custom (B)
  • Hair:((JUNWAVE))SidetailHair*FatPack*(A)
  • Skin::::unBra::: Skin -Mayara- redux B (NEW)
  • Mini:[ AYUMI ] Kitsch - (NEW)
  • Hair:((JUNWAVE))LoosePony
  • Skin::::unBra::: Skin -Mayara- redux B (NEW)
  • Mini:[ AYUMI ] Tart (NEW)
  • Hair:((JUNWAVE))Lise*LB ver*BLACK_BOX
  • Skin::::unBra::: Skin -Mayara- redux B (NEW)
  • Tops:[ AYUMI ] Knit Cropped
  • Skirt:[ AYUMI ] Jean Skirt
  • Hair:((JUNWAVE))EMMY(Atype)*FatPack*
  • Skin::::unBra::: Skin -Mayara- redux B (NEW)
  • Top:[ AYUMI ] Princess
  • Jeans:[ AYUMI ] Jeans
  • Hair:((JUNWAVE))VolumeTail*FatPack*
  • Skin::::unBra::: Skin -Mayara- redux B (NEW)
Holli Thespian