Thursday, December 23, 2010

#395 Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone, how goes the holiday last minute scrambling going for ya?...I am happy to say I did mine and glad to just be sitting at home now-doing nothing other than this! I just wanted to thank everyone who has always been so supportive and encouraging...I love what I do and glad there might be a few out there that enjoy the ride :)...This also might be my last post for the year, so Happy Holidays and have a safe New Years-new year resolution anyone?..^^

Glam Affair Jadis

I also figured I would start to list the location of my pics since I often get asked "where did you take that pic at" asked and will "try" to do my best with the listings! By the way, this house is adorable inside, you can pick one up at La'Licious!

Glam Affair Jadis 2

  • Jacket:!1mm** Leopard cardigan white
  • Top:Garage *Elle sweater* white
  • Lace strip top:Garage *Lace top* white (NEW)
  • Necklace: *LacieCakes* K - Piper Long (past hunt gift)& *SiSSi* Loose Pearls ~short~
  • Skirt:*T.Whore*- Vintage High Skirt Gray 3
  • Leggings:Garage *Lace leggings* white (NEW)
  • Purse:*MayoNaise* Too Large A Woven Bag - Clear Skies
  • Marshmallow:~La'Licious~ Marshmallow Stick {Wear}
  • Boots:Miamai_Nico Wedges (NEW)
  • Hair:!lamb. Unbirthday Redux - Ink
  • Hair band:*HolliPocket* Diamond Headband-Full-rare (gatcha item)
  • Eye makeup tat:Miamai_LesMakeups_Yuki 07
  • Lashes:Garage *Eyelashes v.23* (NEW)
  • Skin:-Glam Affair- Jadis - MedTan - 04(a) (NEW)
  • Poses: All Glitterati-Long Hair
  • Location/house:~La'Licious~The Luna Rose (NEW)
Glam Affair Jadis Natural

Glam Affair Jadis Natural 2
  • Poncho:.:Vive9:. Matte Wool Poncho - Grey (50L-so 2011 event)
  • Jeans:[Sassy Kitty Designs] Sassy Low Denim White (60 sale)
  • Hair:Maitreya (subscriber gift)
  • Eye makeup tat:Miamai_LesMakeups_Yuki 08
  • Skin:-Glam Affair- Jadis - Natural NEW)

Jadis raw in 3 tones w/ Miamai eye makeup:

Glam Affair Jadis 3 tones

Holli Thespian

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#394 Mocha Mogas

Can you believe Christmas Eve is this Friday, I know I can't..where has the time gone-I have done very little xmas shopping RL and will be one of those last minute shoppers scrambling for whatever is left of the good stuff -_- Anyhow...lots of new goodies from my face to my yummy booties!

Moga is the newest face over at Jesylilo, coming in 3 tones, 5 makeups and several body options. Also gorgeous boots released from Baiastice coming in two styles and several colors-I think these just may be my new favs! Always new attire to check out as well, Spirit store being one with everything from sweaters to a pair of jeans. Now to the pics...

  • Romper:Spirit STore - Rika jeans
  • Sweater:.:LeeL:. Shrug rolli (part of outfit-NEW)
  • Top:Garage *Elle sweater* white
  • Belt:::HH:: Hucci Diamond Belly Chain & [ glow ] studio Little One Belt Yel
  • Boots:Baiastice_Bow-back up knee Boots (NEW)
  • Lashes:*ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Classy Light*
  • Eyes:Unbra
  • Eye makeup:Miamai_LesMakeups_Yuki 10
  • Hair:.Truth-Ramona (NEW)
  • Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::MoGa:::*DarkSkin* (NEW)
  • Pose:Glitterati-Long Hair


  • Top:Spirit store - Costa corset 1.1 1 (NEW)
  • Skirt:*T.Whore*- Vintage High Skirt (NEW)
  • Pants:.:LeeL:. Kolnidur (part of outfit)
  • Necklace::::LiNe::: Pufidik Pearls &*YS&YS* Whitepearl Necklace
  • Gloves:PARADISIS Pure : Gloves
  • Boots:Baiastice_Bow-back up knee Boots (NEW)
  • Hair:.Truth-Quinn (NEW)
  • Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::MoGa:::*DarkSkin* (NEW)
  • Pose:Glitterati-Long Hair

Moga Raw shots:

Jesylilo-Moga-Darkskin Raw

Holli Thespian

Thursday, December 16, 2010

#393 Yuki Spirits

New gorge release by Glam Affair & Miamai...(this is a copy & paste from NC)...:
"Glam Affair- is proud to present a very special collaboration with the awesome Miamai: Jadis Yuki edition.
All those wintry shades of pale inspired the designers when they came up with this skin.Very pale and white haired, Jadis is the Narnia's White Witch that enchants with her beauty.The skin comes with light, shimmery makeups to emphasize her pale porcelain skin.
Three different makes up, each pack comes with several options:
- light eyebrows (bald and hairbase),
- dark eyebrows (bald and hairbase),
- no eyebrows (bald and hairbase)."

Glam Affair Jadis Yuki- Willow

Glam Affair - Jadis Yuki- Willow2

  • Outfit:-Glam Affair- [NERO] - Willow (NEW)
  • Rings:*HolliPocket*Rock Candy Ring-long
  • Earrings.GLow Studio-Delyn
  • Socks:-Glam Affair- [NERO]-Maja socks (NEW)
  • Pumps:A-bomb-Lavea
  • Purse:-MonS- "Grammy" Handbag* White
  • Hair:Loq-Frappe
  • Tat makeup:Miamai_LesMakeups_Yuki (NEW)
  • Skin:-Glam Affair - Jadis Yuki ed. skin (NEW)
  • Prop box:-Glam Affair- [NERO] Hunt Model PoseRoom (15L)
Not to mention the hunt going on over at Glam are seeking out black logo bags for 15L a pop (believe there are 4..including this awesome photo box!).

Glam Affair - Jadis Yuki ed

Glam Affair - Jadis Yuki ed 4

  • Top:-Glam Affair- [NERO]-Raji
  • Leggings: part of -Glam Affair - Saba legging
  • Socks:-Glam Affair- [NERO]-Maja socks (NEW)
  • Earrings:A&A Pearl Edition
  • Bangle:A&Ana Bracelet White Passion [R forearm]
  • Hair:\LoQ/ Collins - Platinum
  • Skin:-Glam Affair - Jadis Yuki ed. skin (NEW)

A few of Miamai tat makeups on Jadis Yuki:


Holli Thespian

Monday, December 13, 2010

#392 Baby it's cold outside

Sometimes I just love snow days, an excuse to stay in ...get bundled up by the fire while sipping on some hot tea and "trying" to get SL to cooperate. I continue to crash after each photo snap I take *pulls hair* so after this I just might make some sugar cookies and enjoy A Christmas Carol (loves that movie). But before I do that, time to finish this post...

Arawra-Jenica Tan2

For Lazy Sunday, aRAWRa has some really cute boots out (you have until the end of today) as well as some skins that I have been wanting to show you. Jenica comes in 3 skintones, 8 makeups and a cutesy button face (or maybe it is the adorable hairstyle by Truth that compliments it so well!?) either way, the facey equals love and worth a demo for you :)

Arawra-Jenica Tan
  • Jacket:Izzie's - Short Jacket black
  • Dress/top::SK Designs: Blaine 2.0 Dresses (NEW)
  • Undershirt:~Blacklace~ Dreams: Gray Satin & Black Lace Camisole
  • Leggings:{paper.doll} WildThingLeggings-Black (NEW)
  • Necklace:*JD*PEARLS & DIAMONDS white & :::LiNe::: Pufidik Pearls
  • Belt:OW: Waist-Hi Belt V2
  • Boots:[aRAWRa] Bowdorable Slouch Boots (lazy sunday)
  • Suitcase:duboo.tartan trunk/one hand pose
  • Bag:*BOOM* Take it Easy Tote-Sparkling Death
  • Hair:Truth-Emily (NEW)
  • Eye makeup:-Glam Affair- Holiday Hill tattoo 5
  • Eyes:Unbra
  • Skin:[aRAWRa] Jenica-Tan

These sweaters by Spirit are really darling, I love the off shoulder look and the ultra cozy warm they give off- yay for cuteness!

Arawra-Jenica Dark

Arawra-Jenica Dark2
  • Sweater:Spirit Store - Kota sweater 2 (NEW)
  • Pants:Poison-Original jeans_black_worn_broken (NEW)
  • Earrings:.:::GARAGE:::.Pearl earrings-Rings
  • Skin:[aRAWRa] Jenica-Dark

All Jenica Tones:

Arawra-Jenica 3 tones

Holli Thespian

Sunday, December 12, 2010

#391 Lazy Sunday!

Ok ok, very LAST post before bed..had to post my Lazy Sunday sweater available for only 75L. Comes with 3 cowl neck lengths and 2 cuff styles. Also, I moved my store over just a bit to the longer on a deserted island! Mainstore homes of Black and Blue Outfitters and Holli Pocket and maybe one more main..along with several side shops. Happy shopping!

Ride to Holli Pocket here

Lazy Sunday-Cover Up Cowl Sweater

  • Skin:Lara Hurley

Holli Thespian

#390 Yummy Yum Gum Drops

Jesylilo has out a new skin that has some very yummylicious lips... that is of course if you are into the ultra girly girl ones *raises both hands*. Gum comes in 3 tones with 4 body styles (matte or shiny), cleavage, eyeliners and hairbase. Also a few hunt items and even some cheapies, (this skybox from La Malvada and trees are darling!) and of course some gatcha loving as well. I also have to say that Brendan's assemble is HOT, I love the jacket/sweater he is wearing..gogo Indi Designs! But yes..anyhow,ninis...a bit past my bedtime ^^

Jesylilo-Gum Tan2

  • Jacket:Leverocci- Venture jacket -Snow-
  • Dress:Slut- Snow Dress Magenta (NEW)
  • Leggings:{Gisaci} Brindisi Slacks - White
  • Necklace:Black&Blue Outfitters Gatcha Zodiac Necklace ARIES (in middle of gingerbreads) & *UB* Pearl
  • Bangles:*HolliPocket* Diamond Lust Bangles-Square (Gatcha in middle of gingerbreads)
  • Hair:Lamb
  • Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::Gum:::*TanSkin*J3 (EWN)
  • Skybox:La Malvada Mujer - Inverno skybox (take tp from middle of floor to xmas box)
  • Xmas trees:La Malvada Mujer - Inverno trees (under 10L)

On man candy aka Brendan:

  • Outfit- INDI Designs - Sheldon (NEW)
  • Hair - [Avoid] Aiden
  • Skin- Belleza Shawn Deep Tan

Jesylilo-Gum Tan
  • Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::Gum:::*TanSkin*J4 (NEW)
Jesylilo-Gum Tan3

Jesylilo-Gum Tan Close Up 2
  • Jacket:Modd.G A Very Depraved Christmas Gift
  • Clutch:#78 - Happy Holidays From... Royal Blue (10L)
  • Dress:Slut- Snow Dress Beige (NEW)
  • Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::Gum:::*TanSkin* (NEW)
  • Pose:GLITTERATI - Long hair 2
3 out of the 5 Gum skins in Tan:

Jesylilo-Gum Tan Close Up

Holli Thespian

Saturday, December 11, 2010

#389 Holli Pocket Zombie Popcorn Style

Holli Pocket-Zombie Popcorn Dec-Sweetpea Vintage

Available here- along with more creations done by other designers! Comes with cowl neck and 2 bottom attachments or wear without.

  • Top:*HolliPocket* Sweetpea Vintage Top-(Zombie Popcorn)
  • Hair:Lamb
  • Skin:Belleza

Holli Thespian

Friday, December 10, 2010

#388 Gatcha ...Holli Pocket Style

My first time doing some gatcha's ...I figured they are fun and addicting (I love them) so here are a few to play with. You can either go to my store or to the Snowflake Experience to play along with other gatcha's set out..your choice! Currently the Plaid Be tops are only available at Snowflake for the duration of the event-seek out the gingerbread houses right in the middle. Also, all items are transfer so you can trade with your friends or even gift them... Have fun playing!

-Holli Pocket ride here

-Snowflake Experience here

Holli Pocket-Diamond Gatcha Set

Busty Bop Vests Gatcha Ad

Gatcha Cutesy top ad

Holli Pocket Plaid Be-Gatcha

Holli Thespian

#387 Holiday Hill with Glam Affair

Holiday Hill has some very pretty and exclusive skins that are perfect for the season. Glam Affair released 2 skins coming in 5 makeups each, and even some makeup tats (I love these!). I am showing Eva along with three eye makeups that you can get at this quaint little check them out before it ends!

Holiday Hill-Glam Affair Eva Anti1
  • Dress:Black&Blue Outfitters Snow Bunny Dress (NEW)
  • Earrings:*HolliPocket* Rock Candy Rings (gatcha item)
  • Hair:[ploom] Arq - Swedish
  • Hairbase:Unbra
  • cleavage:Lara Hurley-pale
  • Eyes:Unbra
  • Eye Makeup:-Glam Affair- Holiday Hill tattoo 5 & 8 (NEW @ Holiday Hill)
  • Skin:-Glam Affair- Eva Holiday Hill 3 (NEW) (NEW @ Holiday Hill)

Holiday Hill-Glam Affair Eva Anti2
  • Top:*Crazy* Liberty Dress (NEW)
  • Rings:*HolliPocket* Frothy Shell Earrings (gatcha item)
  • Necklace:[ glow ] studio How can i enter? (chest)
  • Hair:Truth-Adriana (NEW)
  • Skin:-Glam Affair- Eva Holiday Hill 2(NEW) (NEW @ Holiday Hill)
Holiday Hill-Glam Affair Eva Anti3
  • Scarf:[Armidi Gisaci] Sandsbrook Scarf [White]
  • Hair:Aden-WindBlown (Blonde)
  • Eye Makeup:-Glam Affair- Holiday Hill tattoo 3 & 5 (NEW @ Holiday Hill)
  • Skin:-Glam Affair- Eva Holiday Hill 4 (NEW) (NEW @ Holiday Hill)

All three makeups with tat layers:

Holiday Hill-Glam Affair Eva with tat layers

Holli Thespian

Thursday, December 9, 2010

#386 Pearly Snaps

New tops @ Holli Pocket-6 colors, includes 2 neck cowl styles

Ride to Holli Pocket here

Holli Pocket-Classic Pearly Snaps

Mini SALE:
Since it is the holiday season and what better time to treat yourself? Come to our RECESSION BUSTER sale (mainly Black and Blue Outfitter attire)!! Everything is 99L at this location ONLY!! I set out a few items for this sale,stop by to score some new releases, and old favorites...dont miss-you have until the end of Monday!

-NEW release is included even (only selected colors part of sale)
-Ride to SALE here

Holli Thespian

Monday, December 6, 2010

#385 Holiday Spirits with Plastik

Plastik has a ton and I mean a ton of festive holiday(ish) outfits at her store and at the Holiday Hill event which includes: skins,sweaters,dresses, leggings and even some pumps. So I grabbed some man candy (thank you for your patience sir!) and did a few sweet snaps with Brendan^^

Plastik Holiday Style Anti
  • Dress:[Plastik]-Christmas '10-Turtledress-Poinsettia (NEW)
  • Leggings:[Plastik]-Christmas '10-Leggings-Cheer (NEW)
  • Ring:MONS - Elegance Ring Series - MUSH (NEW)
  • Hair:Exile Nyx/ Light Blondes (NEW)
  • Hair piece:MONS - Elegance Head Accessories Series 2 (NEW)
  • Skin:[Plastik]-Christmas '10 Skin- Fable-HollyJolly (NEW)
Plastik holiday Style Anti 2
  • Dress:[Plastik]-Christmas '10-Turtledress-Holly (NEW)
  • Skin-[Plastik]-Christmas '10 Skin- Myth-HollyBlooms (NEW)
Plastik Holiday Style Anti 3
  • Dress:[Plastik]-Christmas '10-Bordello-Corporal Adorable (NEW)
  • Scarf:[Plastik]-Christmas '10-Raziel Scarf-Howl (NEW)
  • Armwarmers:[Plastik]-Christmas '10-Warmers-Cookies and Mint(NEW)
Plastik Holiday Style Anti 4
  • Dress:[Plastik]-Christmas '10-Ambrice-Christmas Lights**(NEW)
  • Armwarmers:[Plastik]-Christmas '10-Lipstick Gloves-Yule(NEW)
  • Scarf:[Plastik]-Christmas '10-Raziel Scarf-Vintage(NEW)

On Brendan:

  • Shirt- ..: LiQSuM :.. Winter Sweater (NEW)
  • Pants- Klam Design
  • Hair - [Avoid] Blake
  • Skin- Belleza Shawn Deep Tan

Holli Thespian

#384 My my oh Miah

Hmm, I'm seeing a pink theme going on here as I do my entries...but I can't help myself! Pink is the sweetest color ever-period! Post for the night ends with one of the latest skinners over at IrEn, Miah. Miah makes me feel youthful and punky, and the lips are pretty darn yummy if I don't say so myself. Five skintones, (pale,pulse,glow,tan and darktan ), and 10 makeups in
-base-cry-daim-heroine-liner-poison-black-everyday-evening and pink. As always new cutesy/sexay dresses at The Whore, available in oodles of prints/colors- go check them out girls :)

Miah-Iren-Glow tone-3

Miah-Iren-Glow tone

Miah-Iren-Glow tone-2

  • Dress:*T.Whore*- Neglige Glamour (NEW)
  • Jacket:JANE - kiki sweater.raven
  • Leggings:*T.Whore*- Wool Leggings
  • Earrings:*HolliPocket*Spiral Hoops-(released soon)
  • Bag:**SF** Yummy Tote - Strawberry-Vanilla
  • Necklace:*HolliPocket* Pearly Pez Necklace (licorice + candy bows)
  • Gloves:Modd.G Lori Gloves Black (free)
  • Heels:Kalnins Shoes - Flirt
  • Lashes:(amperlope) sidewinder : lashes & *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Natural Light*
  • Eyes:Unbra
  • Hair:CriCri+ TwinPonytail Hair
  • Skin:IrEn-Miah-glow

Miah in Glow Tones-3 makeups:

Miah-Iren-Glow Tone4

Holli Thespian

Sunday, December 5, 2010

#383 Nom Nom on Mons

I am taking a small break from "creative mode" and onto some of the awesome creations by others...Mons has out all new sorts of goodies to check out including accessories, and skinnys! Denira is the frash face coming in 4 brow colors (black, dark black, light, and red) and these are how they are packaged-by brows. Each brow line includes 3 lip stick tones ( 3 pinks,red, peach and mauve like color), and a blush/breast tat layer. I am just showing the light brow skins for this posty, but will be showing the others as I blog! I always adored her necklaces and bangles, and this time she did some hot hot rings (and even in pink, bold FTW!)- thank you Ekilem:)

Mons Denira-Light Brow-2

Mons Denira-Light Brow-1

Mons Denira-Light Brow-3

  • Top:*HolliPocket*Winter Crips-Ice (NEW)
  • Trousers:{paper.doll} EmilyTrousers-White (NEW)
  • Ring:MONS - Elegance Ring Series - NIHA
  • Bag:S&S;:) Underarm bag(PINK)
  • Bangles:-MONS - Bracalets "Fashionalet" (NEW)
  • Necklace:-MONS - Pearl Necklace "Wenna" *Pink (NEW)
  • Earrings:MONS - Elegance Earring Series Wenna (NEW)
  • Bow hair:Elate (gift)
  • Nails:OW: Flick
  • Hair:Truth-Serena (NEW)
  • Eyes::::unBra::: Eyes (NEW)
  • Eye makeup: Garage
  • Skin:MONS - Denira Skin / Shine Makeup / Light Brow (NEW)

Three out of the 4 lip colors w/ light brow (middle pic has additional tat layer):

I also had to show a handful of my f new fav eyes at Unbra, 15 in all with 2 vein options (standard/nervous) and mod so you may adjust the lightness! These are stunners, go check them out! ^^

Mons Denira-Light Brow

Holli Thespian

Saturday, December 4, 2010

#382 Winter Fever....

I made a few holiday(ish) outfits (or sold separately) that you can pick up at the store or the Toys for Tots event-enjoy!

Holli Pocket Candy Cane Outfit Holli Pocket Candy Cane Outfit
  • Top:*HolliPocket*Winter Crisps Sweater (NEW)
  • Jeans:*HolliPocket*Candy Cane Jeans (NEW)
  • Necklace & Mouth candy:*HolliPocket* Pearly Twinkly Necklaces
  • Hair:Maitreya
  • Skin:Lara Hurley-Aimee
Holli Pocket Mint Top & Necklace Holli Pocket Mint Top & Necklace
  • Top:*HolliPocket*Winter Crisps Sweater
  • Skirt:*CandyDoll* High Skirt
  • Bangles:*HolliPocket* Pearly Pez Bangle (vanilla)
  • Leggings:Candy Doll-Christmas Thigs White
  • Hair:Truth-Kelsey
  • Skin:Redgrave-Zuri
Holli Thespian