Saturday, January 29, 2011

#415 Lazy night..

Just a quick post wearing this week's Lazy Sunday skin by Candy Doll...comes in 4 tones and cleavage/hairbase options. Please note that I am wearing additional makeup layers!

Candy Doll Ramona close-Lazy Sunday

Candy Doll Ramona-Lazy Sunday

  • Dress:*T.Whore*- Cardigan Dress Aqua
  • Leggings:*T.Whore*- Wool Leggings Zebra
  • Necklace:.:MALT:. Fashions - Loveable Necklace & *T.Whore*-NecKLaces Sex
  • Armwarmers:Maitreya Armwarmers - Set of 3 *Lollipop*
  • Tattoo:*HolliPocket*Crack Whore Cleavage (25L gatcha )
  • Hair:[YunA'sHAIR]-[YH]-44-=BROWNPACK= (NEW)
  • Eye makeups:La Malvada Mujer- I want to be Beth Ditto #4 &[:Tuli:] Smoky
  • Skin:*CandyDoll* Ramona Skin (Lazy Sunday!)
  • Pose:GLITTERATI - Headshot 3 (NEW)

Holli Thespian

#414 Real girls rock PINK!

This really adorable bed by Sway put me in the mood for strutting the pink and what a perfect time...early Valentines peek! The actual bed comes with 8 textures to pick from ( I adored this print,2 lay poses in each pillow (not shown), and the bed tray/champagne bucket. I actually got Sandeh to wear pink *laughs*..she couldn't resist Blacklace's vdays special, and I'm just sporting some cutesy T.Whore wear- go pink!

Pretty Pink Vday Peek close up

Pretty Pink Vday Peek

Pretty Pink Vday color2

Pretty Pink Vday Peek

On me:
  • Top:*T.Whore*- Sexy Cardigan
  • Panties:*T.Whore*- Shitty Pant Leo Pink
  • Necklace:T.Whore
  • Earrings:( M&L ) Princess Puff Earrings - (last yr)Valentine's Day Gift
  • Feet: Lovesoul
  • Hair:Truth-Odette (NEW)
  • Skin:Lara Hurley-
  • Bed & tray:Sway's Futon [Love] (NEW)

On Sandeh:
  • Jewerly: Guinevere Earring Left-Silver- Aluinn
  • Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ P.S. I Love you Pink Satin Corset (NEW)
  • Hair: TRUTH- Midori - mocha
  • Skin: *League* Amber

Holli Thespian

Friday, January 28, 2011

#413 Scoop it girl!

New tops and jeans are out at Holli Pocket. The Bare it Sweety top coming in 5 tones, and Baring it all jeans come in 6 colors (all on the pastel side of course!).

Ride to Holli Pocket

Holli Pocket -Bare it Sweety tops

Holli Pocket-Baring it all jeans

On me:
  • Necklace:[chuculet] ina pearl necklace - pink
  • Hair:\\Le' Boom// - Kasey Fatpack & J.Tonic-Quin - Blonds Pack
  • Tat:*HolliPocket* Naughty or nice tats-gatcha machine 25L
  • Skin:Candy Doll-Juicy Tan
On Sandy:
  • Tat:*HolliPocket* Naughty or nice tats
  • Hair:Maitreya & Lamb
  • Skin:Lara Hurley
Holli Thespian

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#412 Oh so Juicy!

Do you like bright/colorful makeups,and super glossy lips? If so, then Juicy might be worth a TP to Candy Dolls. Juicy is the newest skin that comes in 4 tones, 6 makeups, hairbase/cleavage, and extra tat layers of all the lipglosses. I totally adore the pink makeups/glosses-woot woot for pinkness!

Candy Dolls Juicy Tanned Close

Candy Dolls Juicy Tanned

Candy Dolls Juicy Tanned Back
  • Top:*T.Whore*- Wool Top White
  • Undershirt:*T.Whore*- Wool Top White
  • End of sleeves: Maitreya-Pink set armwarmers
  • Leggings:::::IrUrU:::: Lace Underpants white
  • Purse:*COCO*_Gift_ClearToteBag
  • Necklace:*[chuculet] ina pearl necklace - pink & KK-Diamond Bitch Heart Necklace
  • Skirt:Berries Inc. Amalia skirt grey
  • Shoes:*DD* Stella Dollies II Medium - Grey (NEW)
  • Hair:"LoQ Hairs" Tiramisu **NEW GROUP GIFT**
  • Beauty mark/teeth/dark shadow:[:Tuli:] VIP group gift (Jan. 2011)
  • Skin:*CandyDoll* Juicy Tanned (NEW)
  • Props::: AwesomeBlossum :: In Flight Window set (past SBS)
Juicy Raw:
Candy Dolls Juicy Tanned All makeups

Holli Thespian

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#411 Are you naughty or nice?....

My friend and I came up with some very norty/silly phrases that we like to strut around when we pixel party..and figured some of you may want to as well. There are 21 tats, and all thrown into the gatcha machine for 25L per try or fatpack up them up and save! Most are lower hip tats, 1 chest, and 2 lower backs...:) All of the other gatcha machines have also been updated with a fatpack option as well..happy playing! Oh, and I should mention these are transfer, so you can trade with your friends ^^

Ride to Holli Pocket

Ride to Marketplace

Holli Pocket Naughty N Nice Tats Ad Color

On Sandy (left):
  • Bracelets:IC-bangles silver on marketplace

On me:

  • Top:Holli Pocket Plaid Be gatcha item
  • Hair: Truth-Tegan
  • Skin:::( Filthy ):: Nala BubbleGum ( 3 Tones ) @ Chic Boutique-limited time

Holli Thespian

Sunday, January 23, 2011

#410 Such a...bish

T.Whore is one of those stores that I always can count on lots and lots of pinkness-hallelujah! Her pieces are cutesy, very girly and some more sexay when you want to punch it up..There is also new heels over at Pixel Mode, I'm showing the baby pink that comes with a loaded HUD for your nails/skintones preferences-very hot shooes!

Plastik Ataciara T Whore

Last but not least Ataciara is the newest face at Plastik, she comes in an array of tones (even for your greenies!) and always a ton of makeups. You get lots of tat layers including a cute lip stripe, frecks, smudgy eyeshadow, and an option for darker/lighter lips. Anyhow, I am calling it an early night, toodles noodles!

Plastik Ataciara Close

Plastik Ataciara T Whore2
  • Top:*T.Whore*- Sweet Sweater
  • Bra:*T.Whore*- Delice Lingerie Colors
  • Panties:*T.Whore*- Shitty Pant
  • Leggings:*T.Whore*- Wool Leggings Leo
  • Heels:[PM]Pixel Mode- Lady T (NEW)
  • Hair:Truth-Tegan 2 (NEW)
  • Skin::[Plastik]:-- Ataciara Skins (NEW)
  • Furny set:Second Spaces Furniture-The Easy Life set (150L special)
  • Pose:Glitterati
Raw Ataciara :

Plastik Ataciara Tones

Holli Thespian

#409 Holli Pocket @ Chic Boutique

Holli Pocket is part of Chic Boutique, for 75L you get both pink cowl sweaters!
Stop by the shop to check out other designer items as well...
Ride is here!

"Chic Boutique' is the NEW discounted shop displaying the newest styles and designs from some of the best creators, fill your entire wardrobe all for '40-90 L$' per item.We change the collection each 2 weeks"
Blog of all other items here

Chic Boutique Special-Both Cowl Sweaters

Saturday, January 22, 2011

#408 Save it buddy...

One more quick post..featuring a skin I found while sorting my inventory, Rita by Tik Tok (who is re-branding to Natural Beauty btw). She comes in 5 tones, 5 makeups and with or without cleavage. Glossy lip heaven for those that like that extra kick, and simple eyes to dress up with your layers..have had it!

Tik Tok-Rita Close

Tik Tok-Rita

  • Outfit:\\Le' Boom// High Waist Outfit- Zebra
  • Undershirt:Slut- Sweatshirt Leopard (NEW)
  • Leggings:\\Le' Boom// - Lace Leggings
  • Belt::OW: Waist-Hi Belt V3 (VIP inworld gift-currently free to join)
  • Necklace:-MonS- Pearl Necklace "Wenna" *Pink
  • Bag:Sole Sisters - Cassandra Bag - White
  • Hair:\\Le' Boom// Crank
  • Wedges:::Kookie:: The Dressing room - Icecrem city wedges
  • Lashes:Garage
  • Cheek:ROZENA SKIN ~Cotton Cheek~ 5color set (Chic Boutique item)
  • Skin-Tik Tok-Body care-Rita-deep tan pack
  • Chair:aDORKable Poses: Brazen Hussy Chair (@ Chic Limited)
Raw Rita:

Tik Tok-Rita 5 Makeups

Holli Thespian

Friday, January 21, 2011

#407 Tuli meets Eva

Lately I have been busy de-cluttering my inventory and actually making a dent in it yay- down to 68k ! I am going to try to alternate between blogging and my inventory ...starting with Tuli's Eva. With each skin comes with several tat layers for your lips/frecks/lashes, and even different volumes of cleavage- lots of win win. I'm always a sucker for pretty faces and what lips she has..score!

Tuli Eva Close

Tuli Eva Color
  • Dress:Slut- Hitomi Dress Milk? (NEW)
  • Jacket:Izzie's - Short Jacket white
  • Leggings:\\Le' Boom// - Lace Leggings Fat Pack
  • Necklaces:Fishy Strawberry & Sissi
  • Heels:Maitreya
  • Hair:\\Le' Boom// - Trixie Hair
  • Skin:[:Tuli:] Eva / sunkissed / blonde (NEW)
  • Horse pose:aDORKable Poses: Wild Bronco (Proposer Hunt)
Eva Raw shots:
Tuli Eva All makeups

Holli Thespian

Sunday, January 16, 2011

#406 Seasoning my Tasia

Welcome to my inventory Miss Tasia- you are 14 beautiful faces/makeups, 6 tones, 4 cleavage styles, and even some lip tat layers to play around with..yay! Unbra tends to cater to the darker skinnys and usually I go pretty dark, but this time I wanted to try the Redux A (also really liked the tan tone) and well... here she is. I'm really digging the minty green eyeshadow on this one, perhaps it has to do with my matching eye color?!

Unbra-Tasia-Redux A-close

I'm also not going to post a x amount of posts about the Seasons Hunt, (enough of those all over the feed) but I did want to show a few of my fav items I had to pick up. Is it me or do you usually just store away your lovely hunt gifts and sort of..forget about them?..I forget about all sorts of good gifts I get, all the time..I think it's about that time again to weed through everything and really see what I have (creeping 85k after getting it back down to 35k is killing me)!!

Unbra-Tasia-Redux A
  • Outfit:Apple May Designs - Playful
  • Ring:[ glow ] studio - I'm your present ring & alaMood- Sweet Stacked Spring
  • Belt::OW: Waist Belt
  • Boots:-[AddiCt]-SORA Boots Seasons Hunt Edition
  • Hair:[e] Frost - Black 02- Seasons Hunt
  • Eyes: Unbra
  • Skin: :::unBra::: Skin -Tasia- redux A / (NEW)
  • Poses:GLITTERATI for the Seasons Hunt
  • Lounge:[*Art Dummy!] between autumn and spring.-Seasons Hunt
Raw Tasia:
Unbra-Tasia-Redux A-makeups

Holli Thespian

#405 Just so...YUM,Claire!

Ok for some reason when I think of the name Claire, I think of a delicious chocolate eclair that I want to devour instantly..and in this case a vanilla elcair would be more fitting with Tuli's recent release. I adore these skins without a doubt, they have perfect soft faces that give the illusion of me actually being innocent and sweet..ugh yeah, my good girl look :P

Tuli Claire Close

I am wearing both the fair and sunkissed tones with the blonde brows-light brows done well ftw! Not to mention the hint of gloss all over these lippys, I love my gloss..I always prefer shine over matte any day of the week. What's nice about these skins are the oodles of options you can play with on the tattoo layers-everything from extra lip colors,to colored lashes, to different phases of cleavage. Thank you Tuli for so many options, we the people of 2.0 viewer adore customization!

Tuli Claire

Dress:*Crazy* Melody Dress (NEW)
Leggings:croire-floral sheer leggings (febuary release probably)
Socks:*BOOM* Folded Wool Socks cream (NEW)
Purse:[croire] floral olive clutch (shoulder) (silver)
Necklace:(Elate!) Pocket Watch Necklace (Seasons Hunt Gift) & (TokiD) ribbon - light
Rings:MONS - Elegance Ring Series - SILVY
lashes:(amper) sidewinder : lashes (NEW) & *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Classy Light
Hair:Truth-Yolanda (NEW)
Skin:[:Tuli:] Claire / fair &sunkissed / blonde (NEW)
Pose:{ Just A Pose } Simply Sexy pose pack (NEW)

Claire in Sunkissed & Fair tones:

Tuli Claire Sunkissed-Fair Tones

Holli Thespian

Friday, January 14, 2011

#404 Cry me a river...

Cry mee, cry me!...A new tearjerker skin has been out for a tick, the very sad sad Cry skin by Jesylilo. No not really sad, but this skin comes with a tear version as well as a regular one. As always per makeup you get several body styles, a hairbase, and lots of high gloss. Several new releases are also out on the grid-way cute pieces..go see :)

Jesylilo Cry Tan

Jesylilo Cry Tan Close
  • Jacket:*Just Me* Jacket Rachel Purple (NEW)
  • Top:*Just Me* Top Anais Black
  • Scarf:-paper.doll- Draped: Sheer/Muted (NEW)
  • Pants:Spirit Store - Lubov shorts/gray (NEW)
  • Bag:[ glow ] Studio - Bags - Vintage clutch (3 colors)
  • Heels:N-core SEDUCTION XtremeHeel
  • Eye makeup:Miamai_LesMakeups_Yuki
  • Hair:Truth-Pepper (NEW)
  • Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::Cry:::*TanSkin*J1 (NEW)

Raw Cry 5 makeups:

Jesylilo Cry All makeups

Holli Thespian

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#403 Street Wears

I ask myself why I even bother trying to take pics at other sims, they take me 10x times longer to get a shot (with lag and other misc ongoing issues) and I crash about 50x times before each snap-very very spot ftw!

Filthy Belle Tan

So I know I have been flooding my posts with Filthy, but seriously I can't get enough of them and there are soo many pretty ones to pick from! This skin was just released last night over at the shop, Belle. As usual she comes in 3 tones, and 5 makeups..I love the pouty style lips- they are yummeh!

Filthy Belle Tan Shot
  • Jacket:*Just Me* Jacket Rachel Black
  • Top:Goth1c0: This is why im hot
  • Undershirt:Garage *Lace top* black
  • Necklace:*Just Me* Kaya Necklace (NEW)
  • Skirt:*T.Whore*- Chaotic Skirt Leo
  • Bag:*BOOM* Take it Easy Tote-
  • Heels:*CandyDoll* Butterfly Blue Heels (@fashion house)
  • Hair:Exile Bronwyn: TDR Exclusive colors
  • Eyes:Glam Affair
  • Eye Makeup:Kyoot
  • Skin:::( Filthy ):: Belle . ALL TANS (NEW)
  • Poses:Everglow
Raw shots of Belle in 3 tones:

Filthy- Belle- All Tones

Holli Thespian

Monday, January 10, 2011

#402 So Filthy...

So I sort of revamped the blog, made it lighter (just like my store) and tried to de-clutter it a bit (still in the process)- so far so good! I like change, it is good for everyone they say.. so I figured meanswhile start the brand new year with a blog cleansing :)...Back to biz!

Filthy-Zania Skin Close

Last post I introduced Filthy, with the faces of Nala and now I will continue to show more pretty faces-starting with Zania. All skins come in 3 tones (dark,tan,pale) ,with 5 makeups, and a cleavage layer. All Filthy's skins are soft and playful, I really like all these!

Filthy-Zania Skin
  • Dress:Doppelganger Inc. Mainstore Opening Gift!
  • Socks:-Glam Affair - Maja socks 18
  • Necklace:[croire] olive floral necklace (silver)(@ chic boutique) &:::LiNe::: Amor / Soft Colors
  • Heels:*CandyDoll* Butterfly Heel
  • Purse:[ glow ] Studio - Bags - Vintage clutch (3 colors) (TDR)
  • Eye makeup:Glam Affair (I can't go without layers, specially this one!)
  • Hair:Truth-Ava
  • Skin:::( Filthy ):: Zania
Raw shots of all three skintones:

Filthy-Zania All tones Raw

Holli Thespian

#401 Holli Pocket Style

New releases that I just put out, babydoll cutesy top including 2 sculpty bottoms, and pastel like jeans with 2 cuff styles- both available in 5 colors!

Ride to Holli Pocket~

Cloud 9 Tops:
Holli Pocket- Cloud 9 Tops-5 colors -2 styles to wear

Hot Cross Bun Jeans:

Holli Pocket-Hot Cross Bun Jeans-5 colors-2 cuff styles

Other items worn:

On me:
  • Hair:Truth
  • Skin:Lara Hurley-Lucy dark

  • Hair:Maitreya
  • Skin:Curio

Holli Thespian

Friday, January 7, 2011

#400 Faces of Nala

Some of you might remember SD Designs, well the store is back re-branded as Filthy with even better skinnys to drool over. Nala is the freshest face at Filthy coming in 3 tones, 6 makeups, and tat/underlayer for the cleavage lovin'. Also an adorable sweater by Miamai is out on the rack, I just love cowl necks-they frame the face oh so nicely... :)


  • Sweater:Miamai_Chris Charcoal (NEW)
  • Mid section:Slut-Cikky Pant Pink
  • Necklace:izm.Imitation pink pearl (20L)
  • Bag:[ glow ] studio - Quilted handbag with rose (TDR)
  • Leggings:*Latte*Lacy tights (group instore gift)
  • Boots:-Perse- Pursay Boots Old Pinks
  • Rings:*JUICY - Platinum Princess Ring/::::QC Designs:::: Gabbilicious heart/
  • Skirt:* ^v^ The Death ^v^ * Anarchy (Blue) GROUP GIFT (part of outfit)
  • Hair:Truth-Tatum (NEW)
  • Lashes:Garage *Eyelashes v.18 & 10
  • Skin:Filthy-Nala-Dark (NEW)

Raw shots w/ Kyoot eyemakeup:

Filthy-Nala-3 tones

Location is here

Holli Thespian

#399 My VIP style

Lots of gifts to check out everywhere from hunts to exclusive group only goodies. When I picked up my Sylvan Exodi skin, I was totally loving her from head to toe-gorge face and stunning eyebrows! Also a new jacket from Poison, comes in black and brown and perfect for the cold days :)

Exodi VIP-Sylvan Close

Exodi VIP-Sylvan

There is also a mini hunt over at Onyx's sim, lots of blackbunnies to be found for a mere 5 L a pop..this top is one of many gifts to look for! Info I copied and pasted about this hunt..

_Snowbunny_ Hunt Poster

"~The 'theme' of the hunt is "Snowbunny" which means anything white or anything associated with keeping warm ie. anything knitted etc.
~Brands have been asked to hide their snowbunny somewhere in their store for the hunters to locate.
~Every store involved in the hunt will have a poster placed outside of thier store to signal to the hunters to look inside this particular establishment.
~Brands involved in the hunt include: :ONYX Wear:, Pink !nc, Virtual Insanity, American Bazaar, KIM Bodysuits, sn@tch, IrEn, The Plastik, Liar Liar, LOULOU & CO, De3or, Digital Bath, RezIpsa Loc, aja, Insanya!, Phoebe, M-Style, Rock Me Amadeus."

  • Top:Snowbunny #01 - :ONYX Wear: (Snowbunny hunt,find black bunny)
  • Jacket:Poison- ElPoblao jacket_brown_female (NEW)
  • Cowl & Neck:*BOOM* Cowled Crimson (NEW)
  • Socks:Spirit Store - Marine socks (NEW)
  • Tights:*Latte*Color Tights-Stripes (group gift)
  • Nails:Onyx Wear
  • Kissy marks: Slut
  • Boots:Miamai_[BlackLabel]_Shakti Boots
  • Hair:Truth-Kai (NEW)
  • Eye makeup: Glam Affair & TIK TOK-Body care-Runny Mascara set-2 v2
  • Skin::: Exodi :: VIP Group Gift - Sylvan "2011" (fee to join, instore gift)

**All props are from Kyoot**

Holli Thespian

Thursday, January 6, 2011

#398 This is why I'm HOT!...

I don't know about everyone, but I will always be a total hoarder on my skins and crave more and more and need more- as if I can really wear all of them but that is besides the point!.. Jesylilo's latest skin release is called Hot, and I would have to totally agree with the name..striking makeups are always game in my book. Comes in 3 skintones, 5 makeups and available in several body options.

Jesylilo Hot Tan

Jesylilo Hot Tan2
  • Top:Slut- Sweatshirt (NEW)
  • Bra:Slut- Baby Bikini Turq
  • Pants:Slut- Cikky Pant Hearth Pink (NEW)
  • Leggings:Slut- Leggings (NEW)
  • Skirt:Merry Xmas from Skream! (subscriber gift)
  • Purse:A*S Rainbow Rose Bag
  • Cuffs:"P!nk!" Lenny Cuff (NEW)
  • Scarf:KHUSH - Big Black Collar 5
  • Earrings:-Mons- earning mega star
  • Necklace:-MonS- *Do Re Mi &:::LiNe::: Classic Necklace /Pink
  • Kissy marks:Slut- Kiss Me! Tattoo (NEW)
  • Nails:Mstyle Long Nails v2 - Brocade (1l- new yrs gift)
  • Heels:*CandyDol*l Skull Heels (NEW)
  • Hair:Truth-Courtney (NEW)
  • Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::HoT:::*TanSkin*J2 (NEW)

Jesylilo Hot Tan4

Jesylilo Hot Tan3
  • Dress:Spirit Store - Liberty dress (NEW)
  • Necklace:"P!nk" Take the Lead Choker (NEW) &:::LiNe::: Classic Necklace /Black
  • Belt: Glow Studio-TDRspecial Paradiso Belt
  • Ankle flowers:Glow Studio
  • Glove:.:Hermony:. / LeatherGloves / Violet Pack (1L)
  • Bag:-Veschi- Blinged Out Beggar Bag
  • Post it:Slut- PoStIT iN tHe Buttock (NEW)
  • Heels:*CandyDol*l Skull Heels (NEW)
  • Hair:Truth-Jolie (NEW)
  • Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::HoT:::*TanSkin* (NEW)

All makeups of Hot:

Jesylilo Hot All makeups

Holli Thespian