Monday, February 28, 2011

#448 Dream Ink @ Skin Fair

I have always wanted to know what those pretty circle like flashes that others used in their pics bgs were called, and after seeing Gogo's post about Katey's post..I now know! I had a similar brush but it certainly didn't work like the "Bokeh" brush did- and here are the results!

Dream Ink-Isabella-Close-Tan-Skin Fair

Back to skins...Dream Ink's new skin Isabella is another face at the fair I took to immediately after demoing her, vivid makeups and striking eyebrows-I was all about it. I liked the Tan tone the best, there's one more darker and few other lighter tones-there's a total of 20 makeups that are divided up into smaller 5 packs. Try her out :)

Dream Ink-Isabella-Tan-Skin Fair
  • Dress:.:villena:. - Tunic Dress Softness
  • bangle:Leezu-LalALa Bracelet /maya (r forearm)
  • Hair:Truth-Nahla 2(NEW)
  • Eyes:Ibanez-natural eyes-blue
  • Skin:DREAM INK-SF-ISABELLA-Tan (NEW @ Skin Fair)
Dream Ink-Isabella2-Tan-Skin Fair
  • Dress:Absolution - Ashley Dress White (Lazy Sunday)
  • Jacket:Izzie's - Velvet Blazer white
  • Hair*Action Womens Hair Linda - Essentials (NEW)
  • Skin:DREAM INK-SF-ISABELLA-Tan (NEW @ Skin Fair)
Dream Ink-Isabella3-Tan-Skin Fair
  • Dress:Djinn & Tonic - Roxy Dress (Baby Pink)
  • Earrings:A&A Fashion
  • Hair:Exile Hope Naturals (Garden Center Relief)
  • Skin:DREAM INK-SF-ISABELLA-Tan (NEW @ Skin Fair)
Isabella Raw:
Dream Ink-Isabella-Tan Raw

Holli Thespian

Sunday, February 27, 2011

#447 Al Vulo @ Skin Fair

I made a quick stop at the Skin Fair (actually got in first tp, yay!) and tried on Al Vulo's Isha skin-she has a lovely face (I went for the darkest tone & Sandy lighter). I have seen this brand all over the feeds and just never made it over to check them out, but very glad I did. Fatpacks are loaded with 12 makeups with the option of cleavage and/or hairbases. There is also the pretty pink gift skin at the fair store,grab it!

Al Vulo Isha-Skin Fair

Oh, and one more all of the high arc lag peeps at the fair (I saw some over 5k), noone cares that you are rockin' your best necklace or fav bling bling shoes-DE-prim for the life of skittles, no one enjoys crashing-ty ty :)

Al Vulo Isha Close-Skin Fair
  • Dress:*CandyDoll* Doll dresses (NEW)
  • Earrings:Glow Studio
  • Sandals:+ADDiCTIA+ Tropica Flip Flops - Tiki Series & Surf Co.
  • Hair:Truth:Whitney (NEW) & Maitreya
  • Skin:[Al Vulo!]- [ Isha]-[fatpack Cacoa & Bronze] (NEW @ Skin Fair)
  • Chairs & Table:MudHoney Audra Patio - mini (LAZY SUNDAY)
Al Vulo Isha Beachy Girls-Skin Fair
Al Vulo Isha Beachy Girls Close-Skin Fair
  • Hair:*Action Womens Hair Brooke - (NEW) & Maitreya
  • Skin:[Al Vulo!]- [ Isha]-[fatpack Cacoa & Bronze] (NEW @ Skin Fair)
  • Dance stage:Action Stage (NEW-lots of options- change stone/trees, light colors,speakers on)
Cacoa Raw:
Al Vulo Isha-Cacoa-Skin Fair

Holli Thespian

#446 Lazy Sunday @ Holli Pocket

I put out two tops that are a preview of my next release, you get both colors for this week's Lazy Sunday.

Ride to Holli Pocket

Lacey Lower Tops Lazy Sunday
  • Necklaces:Line & T.Whore
  • Hair:Vive9
  • Skin:Tuli
  • Necklace&bracelet:Nait Smith
  • Hair:LoQ
  • Skin:Lara Hurley

Holli Thespian

Thursday, February 24, 2011

#445 Stepping Away...

From the Skin Fair for a moment and bringing you more skin..this time,by Divine. Divine usually creates lavish tattoo makeups but she ventured into doing skins and came up with the colorful Bashyra. She comes in 3 tones, and 7 makeups with the option of cleavage lovin. I am also showing some new poses from Glitterati, the store has had a fresh paint of coat (makeover) so definitely make sure to stop by and strut a pose!
Divine-Bashyra Tan Close
Divine-Bashyra Tan
  • Top:Spirit Store - Alesa top pink (NEW)
  • Skirt: Dantel-Fishnet high skirt -(NEW)
  • Nails::OW: 'Flick' Pac-Man Fever Nails (NEW)
  • Necklace:*HolliPocket* Bow Pearl Pez (vanilla) &:::LiNe::: Pufidik Pearls
  • Bags:*COCO*_Gift_ClearToteBag & A*S Rainbow Rose Bag(creator-stkntt erin) & BOOM
  • Tattoo:*HolliPocket*Crack Whore Cleavage (gatcha 25L)
  • Heels:#OrangeCreations# Chandra - Magenta - Box
  • Hair:fri. - Anna - 24.7 Pack
  • Skin:.::Divine::. Bashyra Tan Skin (NEW)
  • Poses:GLITTERATI - Model pack 19 (NEW)
Divine-Bashyra Dark
  • Hair:Lamb-breeze
  • Skin.::Divine::. Bashyra Dark Skin (NEW)
Divine-Bashyra Pale
  • Skin.::Divine::. Bashyra Pale Skin (NEW)
All three tones Raw:
Divine-Bashyra All tones

Holli Thespian

#444 YS & YS @ Vanity Fair

Yesterday was a total bummin day for me, I felt horrible and wasn't able to sit up and actually get anything done-today I feel much better so, on to YS&YS! Monicuzza has two beautiful skinnys at the fair this year, Liu and Susan. Liu is the darker sister of the two (my fav, always partial to tans) coming in 14 makeups and several tat layers including : brow tones, hairbases, cleavage,and of course some freck lovin as well. There is also a gift found at the booth so definitely worth a trip (if you can even tp in-gl!)..

YS & YS Lui-Skin Fair
YS & YS Lui-Far-Skin Fair
  • Jacket:Izzie's - Velvet Blazer white
  • Top:*Crazy* Marie top (NEW)
  • Skirt:::LEO-NT:: BLACK SWAN Tutu
  • Necklace:.:A&M:. My Favorite Necklace - White Pearls
  • Flower:MIEL AM TULIP headband - CHAMPAGNE
  • Flats:Divine-Fashion Flats (NEW)
  • Crying eyes:::UH::SitsuRen(blue)3/4-crying
  • Hair:!lamb. Honey - Grayscale
  • Skin:*YS&YS* Liu - (NEW @ Skin Fair)
  • Poses:Glitterati
YS & YS Susan-Skin Fair
YS & YS Susan2-Skin Fair
  • Top:*Crazy* Marie top (NEW)
  • Skin:*YS&YS* Susan - (NEW @ Skin Fair)
Both tones Raw (tears not including):
YS & YS Susan & Liu-Skin Fair

Holli Thespian

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#443 Glam Affair @ Skin Fair

Ahhh, I know I'm crazy..totally in a hyper good mood so I figured I would show another fab face at the skinny fair-Mary. Aida always delivers pretty faces, I'm never disappointed with the results...Mary comes in 5 tones (only 3 shown below) with 3 brows (blonde/brown/dark) and even some cheeky tattoo action (3 colors). Have a demo and try her out for yourself ^^

Glam Affair-Mary-Tan Close-SkinFair

Glam Affair-Mary-Tan-SkinFair

  • Top:DeeTaleZ Tops T shirt "love hurts" (NEW)
  • Pants:Spirit Store - Leopard pants black (NEW)
  • Bracelet:-MonS- Magic Bracalet
  • Earrings:[MANDALA]Milky Way Earring set(past Rocking Friday)
  • Heels:[PM]Pixel Mode- Lady T -
  • Hairbase:Unbra
  • Hair:Truth-Odette
  • Skin:-Glam Affair- Mary - Tan - (NEW-@ Skin Fair)
  • Surfboard:Action Tremor Surfboard Holdable - Tropical Series (NEW)
  • Pose:Everglow
Glam Affair-Mary-MedTan-SkinFair
  • Hair:Truth-Pepper
  • Skin:Glam Affair- Mary - MedTan - (NEW-@ Skin Fair)
Glam Affair-Mary-Natural-SkinFair
  • Hair:Truth-Ramona
  • Skin:Glam Affair- Mary - Natural- (NEW-@ Skin Fair)
Three tones Raw:
Glam Affair-Mary-3 tones-SkinFair

Holli Thespian

#442 Grixdale @ Vanity

Not too long ago Tyr over at Grixdale's released a valentine edition of her Emery skin line that I showed here-if you loved those, you just might have to check out the other makeups of these pretties at the fair. There are a total of 7 makeups, (the bullet proof skin is a fatpack bonus-I love the dramatic eyeliner, my fav) a night & day eye makeup version, frecks, hairbases, and cleavage booster upper. Overall a very pretty femi skinline that Holli hearts ^^

Grixdale-Emery-Skin Fair
  • Top:*Action Womens Breezy Tank & Bandeaus - (NEW)
  • Earrings:{.Mocha.} Diamond stone Earring
  • Hair:Truth-Betty(NEW)
  • Eyes:::UH::Moist eye(cobalt)M
  • Skin:Grixdale - Emery - All Make-Ups - Mocha (NEW-@ Skin Fair)
  • Flowers:-Hanaya- Tulips in Glass Jar (White Delightful) (NEW)
  • Poses:Everglow
Grixdale-Emery-Skin Fair2
  • Bracelet:Izzie's - Lily Bracelet white
  • Hair:Truth-Betty(NEW)
  • Skin:Grixdale - Emery - All Make-Ups - Caramel(NEW-@ Skin Fair)
Grixdale-Emery-Skin Fair3
  • Top:Absolution - Leanna Top White
  • Ring:* (Elate!) white Rose Ring
  • Hair:Truth-Sandra
  • Skin:Grixdale - Emery - All Make-Ups - Honey(NEW-@ Skin Fair)
Three of the darkest tones Raw:

Grixdale-Emery-Skin Fair-3 tones

Holli Thespian

Monday, February 21, 2011

#441 Tuli @ Skin Fair

I have several pretty skins that are filling my inventory quite quickly here..thanks to the Skin Fair (I'm certainly not complaining). I realize there are dozens of skin posts lately, and one should totally expect several more from myself. Tuli's Zoe is definitely on my hot list with her gorge soft skinnys. She comes in 4 tones, 6 makeups,cleavage styles, and several tat layers for your eyebrows,frecks,lashes, and even lips. Tuli's skins are very feminine and pretty, definitely a look I am fond of. Good luck fighting the lag mobster girls!

Tuli-Zoe-Tan-Skin Fair
  • Top:*CandyDoll* Zig Zag Corset White (NEW)
  • Undies:*Action Womens Lingerie - Panties - Cheekies - White
  • Ring:KaWaii Jelly - Butterfly Ring [White]
  • Bracelet:*T.Whore* - Pearl Arm Rosary
  • Hairbase:Unbra
  • Hair:.: vive9 :. Bruna *GROUPONLY* Tones (NEW)
  • Skin:[:Tuli:] Zoe / tan (NEW-only @ Skin Fair)
  • Pose:Everglow
Tuli-Zoe-Sunkissed-Skin Fair
Skin:[:Tuli:] Zoe / sunkissed(NEW-only @ Skin Fair)

Tuli-Zoe-Fair-Skin Fair
Skin:[:Tuli:] Zoe / Fair(NEW-only @ Skin Fair)

Tuli-Zoe-Pale-Skin Fair
Skin:[:Tuli:] Zoe / Pale(NEW-only @ Skin Fair)

All Zoe Tones Raw:
Tuli-Zoe-All tones-Skin Fair

Holli Thespian

Sunday, February 20, 2011

#440 Lara Hurley @ Skin Fair

I was tickled pink when I saw that Lara Hurley was going to also be at this upcoming Vanity Skin fair-Ava is there waiting to be demoed! She comes in 4 tones, 5 makeups, and several tat layers including pink blush,smokey eyes, and 3 other colorful makeups. I am totally digging tat layers, makes wearing skins customizable with all the layers we can stack up at once. Again, it will be lag fest when the doors officially open, so throw on that smexay lingerie and shift through the crowds :)
Lara Hurley Ava-Skin Fair
Lara Hurley Ava-Dark Skin Fair
  • Lingerie:Slut- Bonny Lingerie (NEW)
  • Bracelet:.:A&M:. My Fav Bracelet - White Pearls
  • Hair:*Action Womens Hair Penelope - Essentials (NEW)
  • Heels:[PM]Pixel Mode- Group Gift - Lady T - Snake Skin (subscriber gift)
  • Skin:Lara Hurley-Ava Dark (NEW-only @ Skin Fair)
Lara Hurley Ava-Tan Skin Fair
  • Hair:!lamb. Mess - Grayscale Pack
  • Skin:Lara Hurley-Ava Tan(NEW-only @ Skin Fair)
Ava Raw:
Lara Hurley Ava-All Tones Skin Fair

Holli Thespian

#439 IrEn @ Skin Fair

IrEn is in the Vanity Skin fair that starts in just a few hours, you can find 3 different skins at her booth-Lea,May and Natalie. My fav would have to be Lea, I'm a sucker for her glossy juicy lips! All come in several tones (I'm only showing tan) along with 5 makeups, and additional tat layers for your lips and some freck lovin'. Be prepared to dress very light as the lag killer right off the bat! Take this ride to the fair after 3pm SL today!

Iren-Lea-Tan- Skin Fair
Top:Spirit store - Alana top black
Hair:Magika // Fat Pack // Ren
Skin:-Iren=Lea=- tan_(NEW-@ Skin Fair)

Iren-May-Tan- Skin Fair
Skin:-Iren=May=- tan (NEW-@ Skin Fair)

Iren-Natalie-Tan- Skin Fair
Skin:-Iren=Natalie=- tan(NEW-@ Skin Fair)

Raw Shots in all 3 skins:
Iren-Skin Fair Skins-Tan

Holli Thespian

#438 Cat Lady

With the Skin Fair starting in a matter of hours there are oodles of skinnys to check out- Cat by Jesylilo is one you can pick up at the store- thankfully.This release is definitely all about the eyes, very cat like and heavy lining. As usual three tones, 5 makeups (these lips are more of a stained look), coming with 2 versions of heavy liner or all naturale eyes, and body style options. You can also purchase separately the gypsy markings or even the eyeliner to wear with other skins!

Jesylilo Cat Tan Far
Jesylilo Cat Tan
Jesylilo Cat Tan Close
  • Top:*T.Whore*- Slouchy Tee Scibbles
  • Bra:*T.Whore*- Bra Top Colors Aqua (NEW)
  • Skirt:*elymode* Shameless Mini - yellow (NEW)
  • Necklace:[croire] triple portrait pendant (favorite) (NEW)
  • Leggings:[croire] sheer pattern leggings (NEW)
  • Belt:2Real-LEDBELT BUCKLE-totally customizable (NEW)
  • Bag:[croire] vintage floral tote (cotton candy) (NEW)
  • Sandals:+ADDiCTIA+ Tropica Flip Flops - Tiki Series -
  • Hair:Truth-Minka (NEW)
  • Extra makeups:**JeSyLiLO*:::Gypsy:::*TatoFace*
  • Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::CaT:::*TanSkin*(NEW)
Cat Tan Raw:
Jesylilo Cat Raw Tan

Holli Thespian

Saturday, February 19, 2011

#437 Linda, PXL style

This past week I have been doing more RL biz than playing my toon on here, it happens! You let a few days go and you miss all the dramas, not that I am complaining about it-but hey, at least it doesn't involve me..who needs that craplo anyways!? Anyhow my inventory is overflowing with mad newness, will do my best to get it all out here-starting with Pxl's gorge Linda.

Pxl Linda Tan Close
Pxl Linda Tan Mid

Linda comes in 6 tones, (Dark and Pale will be available for everyone at this upcoming Skin Fair) along with 15 lips & eye makeups sold separately. Although, if you are a VIP group member you get 10 % discount on every purchase, and you can buy the Dark/Pale tones here, remember this is only for the Vip's-join up and save! I should also mention that you get 3 brow colors, optional freck tat, and cleavage/hairbase options with every skin.

Pxl Linda Tan
  • Dress:Gawk! Turquoise Polo Dress (NEW)
  • Belt:*T.Whore*- High Belt White (NEW)
  • Bag:[croire] cinnamon swirl tote (right shoulder)
  • Boots:+ ADDiCTIA + Adnata Boots Latte V1.0
  • Eyes::: Exodi :: Reflective Eyes - Storm (NEW)
  • Hair:*Action Womens Hair Isabella - Essentials
  • Skin:[ PXL ] Linda G3 (NEW)
  • Poses:*EverGlow* - 421-459(NEW)
Linda in all tones raw:

Pxl Linda All tones

Holli Thespian