Saturday, November 17, 2012

#799 Holli Pocket needs YOUR two cents!

Holli Pocket needs YOUR input!

*UPDATE* All current releases at my inworld store have a pink heart "lola tango" sign next to each ad-come get your new boobie appliers!!!! I will also sell you single appliers 50L per color if you purchased any Lola appliers previously. Just send me a NC with the colors you want and payment and I will send them right over.

Hey girls! I wasn't expecting lola mesh boobies outbreak (totally out on the loops on them I guess) but once I did didn't take long for the questions started rolling in on if/when I will be doing Lola Tango appliers-answer is YES!

What I decided instead of spending a lot of time backtracking and adding the tango appliers to every instore release, I am asking you girls to tell me what sets YOU would like to see made to fit the mesh boobies. This will help me know how many of my awesome viewers actually want them and which ones asap.

I do plan on making all future releases to have the tango appliers as an option (these will be sold separately unlike the lola appliers in most of my sets now.) So please send me a NC titled "*Your name here* *Tango Request*" and INSIDE the NC copy and PASTE the name of the item you want to see tango-ified!

Since there are no demos for the lovely Lolas I decided to include some rawshots I took to show you how they can look! Also note the nipples are an applier that TSG made (they seem to work on more than just her skins) for the tangos that I preferred over the nips included with the tangos.

Ride to get your new mesh tango bewbies here
Other items worn:
Hairs: Elikatira
Nipple Appliers: .tsg. Xiaxue Tone Nipple Applier-tango (NEW)
Shape: *HolliPocket* Hollylolli (NEW)
Skin: Lara Hurley

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