Saturday, June 30, 2012

#714 Care Bears!

I have been pretty sick lately and in a ton of pain, started out with swimmer's ear (I swim so much in the summer) and now I'm taking antibiotics to get through it. Despite my pulsing ears, I decided I had to get out a post full of new pretties.
I came across Nacon's marketplace the other day, and just loved the furry bear hats (there's 5 colors right now)-so cute. I even requested for a pink style to come out and keeping my fingers crossed that Vincent will release one at a later date.
I also liked Mons's latest skin release, Jelena. She come in 3 skintones, 5 makeups and dark/natural eyebrows. Slink has out some very pretty toes I must say, her releases are never a disappointment and very realistic! J's released these heels not too long ago, I adore the bows and how darn cute they are.
Mons-Jelena-Nacon Baby Bears

Mons-Jelena-Nacon Baby Bears-Far

Dress:**Angelic Lefevre Couture**Eris-white dress(NEW)
Scarf: Nacon's Fury Bear Scarf [Polar] (NEW on MP)
Hand tat: Tenjin
Nails:..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Perfect Nail (NEW)
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Silver Drop Pendant - Turquoise
Rings:  MG - Rings - Love Heart -
Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
Hair: Truth-Kadence (NEW)
Eyes: "tSg" WetLook
Skin: MONS / Jelena Skin (NEW)

Scarf: Nacon's Fury Bear Scarf [Wolf] (NEW on MP)
Top:[Cynful] Waves Neckholder - DarkSlateGrey (NEW)
Shorts: [NV] Soley Shorts  Special edition  (NEW)
Tats: Tenjin
Purse: Izzie's Heart bag
Bangles:  MG  - Bangles - Kos - SILVER
Eye makeup:  MONS   / Makeups - Eyeliner Fierce
Heels: J's Lace Ribbon Sandals (Black) (NEW)
Hair: Truth
Skin:  MONS  / Jelena Skin (NEW)

Holli Thespian

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#713 Big mac anyone?

Juliette meets Hanna

Juliette meets Hanna-Far

Top: *Epic* Mesh Bandana Tops (NEW @  Perfect  Wardrobe)
Shorts: [NV] Soley Shorts (NEW)
Bellychain:~Pepper~ BellyChain - Black Mamba (NEW)
Rings: [EY:NO] Filigran Rings (silver) (NEW)
Bag: *Tentacio* Summer time  (NEW @ Perfect Wardrobe)
Boots: J's Fringe Cowgirl Boots2
Hand Tat: Tenjin Rosie's Sister Tattoo (NEW @ GFW)
Body Tat: Tenjin
Nails:  Izzie's  - Cracked Nails
Hair flowers:Izzie's - Hair Flowers (NEW-gatcha)
Hair:  Truth -Jodie
Eyes: "tSg" WetLook eyes
Skin darkerner: Tanning Cream 4 you (on MP)

Top: Izzie's - Loose Crochet Top cyan (NEW)
Skirt: !Intrepid:: Innocent Purple & Lace (previous GFW)
Bag: Poor Intentions
Necklace:..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Sun Necklace &
Pearls: MG - Necklace - Pearls - Colour Mixing Necklaces
Eyemakeup:MONS / Dakota Skin MakeUps
Rings: ..::  BenS  Beauty ::.. Sun Ring
Flipflops: J's FlipFlap & BareFoot Flower (NEW)
Tat: Tenjin
Hair: Truth-India

Holli Thespian

#712 GFW @ Holli Pocket

Holli Pocket Girly Girl Jeans-Set 4

Late post on GFW jeans, sorry! I will have these out until Thursday night since I am just now showing them.

Girly Girl Jeans
3 colors-75l each
Ride to Holli Pocket

Other items worn:
Top: Line
Tats: Tenjin
Ring: Bens Beauty
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer
Heels: YS YS
Hair: D!va

Holli Thespian

Monday, June 25, 2012

#711 Babes in Toyland

Lara Hurley Meg-T Whore Babes

Lara Hurley Meg-T Whore Babes-Close

Top: *T.Whore*-  Lolita Mini Top (NEW)
Shorts:*T. Whore *- High Rise Culotte(NEW)
Stockings:*T. Whore *- Punk Stocking (NEW)
Pearls: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Pearls - Colour Mixing
Heart bag: Izzie's - Heart Bag (NEW)
Gloves: Holli Pocket Torn Gloves
Earrings: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Forever Diamonds
Pink Ring: BenS Beauty-Melissa Summer (NEW @ PERFECT WARDROBE)
Scarf: Izzie's - Little Silk Scarf (TOSL Hunt)
Nails: ...:::Scrub:::... Puzzle Nails (@ GSP)
Makeups: MONS / Dakota Skin Makeups
Heels: REDGRAVE-Shoes Cathy - 12colors(NEW)
Tat: :OW: Tattoo - Henna & [GLUE INK] ~Lil Bird~ Tattoo
Eyes: "tSg" WetLook (NEW)
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair Mango & "Marley" (NEW)
Skin: Lara Hurley- Meg (NEW @ Chic 2)

Holli Thespian

Sunday, June 24, 2012

#710 Pink Ribbon Fair Time!

PRF logo

Pink Ribbon Fair is right around the corner, there is still room for designers and bloggers to apply- but get your app in today as space is limited and join a great cause!

Blogger Application-closed-FULL
Designer Application here
Pink Ribbon Fair Flickr here

Flair For Events™ presents:

The Pink Ribbon Fair
in collaboration with Relay For Life of Second Life
♥Finding the cure starts with hope♥
August 4th to 25th, 2012

Sponsored by Seraphim

The Pink Ribbon Fair will starts August 4th to August 25th, 2012 (4 weeks). This Fair is a fashion charity event for breast cancer. ALL the earned profit will go directly to the American Cancer Society.

The theme of this event is PINK! Everything PINK! ALL designers items will have pink on it (Men are welcome!!)

What you will find in this fair ?
♥ Pink exclusive items from designers (100% profit to American Cancer Society)
♥ Hunt items hidden in the designers stores.
♥ Awareness information about breast cancer

#709 Holli Pocket @ GSP

Holli Pocket Girly Girl Jeans-Set 3

Another session of Grunge Soul Project!
Three pairs of jeans

Ride to GSP
Other items worn:
Heart necklace: Bens Beauty (@ Perfect wardrobe)
Pearls: Maxi Gossamer
Tat: Tenjin
Hair: Exile (@ TDR)
Skin: Lara Hurley

Holli Thespian

Saturday, June 23, 2012

#708 Short N Sweet

AL Vulo-MoJo

Jacket:paper.doll- SeerSucker Blazer: Pink(NEW @ ZombiePopcorn)
Top:.:AcidMala:. Broderies - Tank&Bodysuit - White (NEW)
Shorts: Elmont - Creek Shorts - Saffron(NEW @Perfect Wardrobe)
Bangles: ~Pepper~ Summer Bracelets - (NEW)
Bag: (Poor Intentions) Flip Flops Mesh Bag
Rings: Bens Beauty
Flower: SuPerBia Accesories - Flower of Life - Fat Pack --SFF
Necklace:.::  Bens Beauty  ::.. Cigdem SEt(NEW)
Pearls: MG - Necklace - Pearls - Colour Mixing Necklaces
Heels:*YS YS* Brera Pumps Knit
Eyes: "tSg" Awake Eyes (NEW)
Eyemake ups:  MONS  / Makeups - Eyeliner Fierce/eyeshadow duos
Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Princess Mesh Hair(NEW @ Fairy Tales)
Skin::[AL Vulo!]-[Julia]-Dream of midnight(NEW @ GSP)
AL Vulo-MoJo-Close
Top: -paper.doll- Dakota: Blush (NEW @ ZombiePopcorn)
Shorts:[Cynful] Zia Denim Short - Mesh ~ Washed Blue (NEW)
Earrings:  MG  - Earrings - Pearl Daisies (NEW)
Necklace: ..::  Bens Beauty  ::.. Sun Necklace (NEW)
Rings: Bens Beauty
Tat: Tenjin
Nails: Izzie's - Cracked Nails (NEW @Perfect Wardrobe)
Lips: " tSg " Stella Lips (NEW)
Heels:* YS YS*  Brera Pumps
Hair: Truth-Leticia (NEW)
Skin: MOJO SKIN -(NEW @ ZombiePopcorn)
I also wanted to mention MONS summer sale that is still going on, you have until the 30th to pick up clothes/footwear/accessories for savings of 50-70% off!
Mons sale!

Holli Thespian

#707 Lazy Sunday @ Holli Pocket

Holli Pocket Girly Girl Blouses Set 1

Girly Girl Blouses
2 colors-75l each
Includes 2 styles(regular/sheer versions) and cuffs/collar

Ride to Holli Pocket

Other items worn:
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer
Rings: Bens Beauty
Tat: Tenjin
Nails: Mstyle
Hair: Diva (@ collab88)
Lips: Acid Mala
Skin: Rehab

Holli Thespian

Thursday, June 21, 2012

#706 Holli Pocket Girly Girl!

Holli Pocket Girly Girl Jeans-Set 1

I put these jeans out at Javachip that unfortunately closed their doors during the new session. So, they are at my mainstore for 75L per pair. I'm not sure how long I will have these out for this price, so get them now!
  Ride to Holli Pocket
Other items worn:
Gloves: Holli Pocket
Tat: Tenjin
Necklaces: Maxi Gossamer &  Bens Beauty
Heels: YS YS
Hair: Truth
Skin: Rehab

Holli Thespian

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#705 GFW @ Holli Pocket

Holli Pocket-PeepinTanks-Set 2
Ride to Holli Pocket
Three color pack-100L for GFW

Other items worn:
Tat: Tenjin
Butterflys: Ey:No
Necklace: T.Whore Barbie & Maxi Gossamer
Gloves: Holli Pocket
Rings: Maxi Gossamer
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Skin: Rehab

Holli Thespian

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#704 Heard you were a wild one

Okay I have officially had it with all my computer drama I swear. My bad computer has gotten worse (that or SL is just NOT cooperating with me), Nothing will load for me...and when it finally does, it either takes 10mins or requires me to re-log to see my new attachments-talk about not getting much done AT all.

I managed to get this post together after hours of fiddling around logging on and off. Izzie has released a new skin- Estella!  Coming in 6 tones, and a ton of tat layers for your lips/eyes.

I tried to do this for yesterday, but due to all my complications I wasn't able to mention NV's 50% blue sale :( She may still have items marked down but I'm not sure- sorry! Either way she has new jeans out in mesh and sculpty styles, both very cute ^ ^ New jewelry sets from Bens Beauty and from Maxi Gossamer, two of my new fav spots for accessories.


Top: [NV] Flour Top (NEW)
Jeans: [ NV ] Soho Jeans (NEW)
Mouth piercing: [EY:NO] Dramatic Piercing (NEW)
Heart jewelry: BenS Beauty ::.. Heart Set(PERFECT WARDROBE)
Pearl necklace: MG - Necklace - Pearls - Colour Mixing Necklaces (NEW)
Nails: :OW: "LUCiDO" Mesh Nails + Rings (NEW)
Bag: (Poor Intentions) Dancing Doll Mesh Bag (NEW)
Tat: Tenjin
Eyes: "tSg" WetLook (NEW)
Hair: Truth- cynthia (NEW)
Skin:  Izzie's - Estella Skin sunkissed (NEW)

Top:[ NV ] VENECI CROPPED BUDA (NEW-special edition)
Pants: [ NV ] Jane Skinny (NEW)
Necklaces:  BenS  Beauty- Feather Necklace &MG - Pearls - Colour Mixing Necklaces (NEW)
Bag: piccara - Baggy Satchel (blue jean) (NEW @ GSP)
Eyes: " tSg " Sparx (NEW)
Heels: REDGRAVE-Loona - 12colors /(RGP0340004)(NEW)
Hair: Truth-Leticia (NEW)
Skin: Izzie's - Estella Skin sunkissed (NEW)

Holli Thespian

Sunday, June 10, 2012

#703 Summer Fashion Festival

Holli Pocket-PeepinTanks-Set 6-Laceys

My exclusive set of tops for Summer Fashion Festival
Three colors in the lacey print
Ride to SFF

Other items worn:
Gloves: Holli Pocket
Tat: Tenjin
Necklace: T.Whore
Hair: Truth
Skin: Filthy

Holli Thespian

#702 Lazy lazy Sunday

Holli Pocket-Under My Umbrella-Lucky Charms
Lazy Sunday @ Holli Pocket
Lucky Charms Top-75L
Ride to Holli Pocket

Other items worn:
Nails: Mstyle
Ring: Bens Beauty
Tat: Tenjin
Hair: Truth-Amelia
Skin: Bon!ta

Holli Thespian

Saturday, June 9, 2012

#701 Breezy Babe

Today's post is inspired by Poor Intentions adorable summer bags, (store previously know as Dirty Lil Secrets) they come in a few prints and definitely a must have for those beachy days (they also have group gifts so make sure to pick them up). Another recent release that I am totally digging are YS & YS's Brera pumps! You can wear them with or without socks, and the HUD allows you to change the sock colors or nails- any girly girl staple pump :)

A long time good friend of mine Beca, over at Candy Doll is releasing Latika at her mainstore (was a Skin Showcase skin) and I'm really liking the simplicity of her skins. They are neutral so you can easily dress them up with your fav tat layers of eye makeups or lips- she looks so innocent to me.


Top: [Yulicie] Scrunchy knot tops
Pants: _CandyDoll_ Arch Pants Mesh (NEW)
Bag:  (Poor Intentions)  Summer Mesh Bags (NEW)
Necklace: [AURA]- #18 - (Mesh Around Hunt)
Earrings:  MG  - Earrings - Zaadori - Jade Gold and Silver (NEW)
Bangles:Maxi Gossamer - Boho Bangles
Tat: Tenjin
Shades: Izzie's - Oversized Sunglasses (mesh)
Heels: *YS&YS* Brera Pumps (NEW)
Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Anais Mesh Hair - (@ Zombie popcorn)
Eyemakeup: .:A&M:. Eyeshadow *Greys* & MONS / Makeups - black eyeliner
Skin:_CandyDoll_ Latika (NEW)

2nd look:
Top: [Cynful] Breeze - Turqouise (NEW)
Skirt:- _CandyDoll_   - Not Perfect skirt
Bangle: MG  - Boho Bangles
Necklaces: MG - Necklace - Pearls & MG - Necklace - Lealao Pendant
Tat: - piccara - Live, Love & Laugh Tat
Hair flower: Lagyo
Bag: (Poor Intentions) Summer Mesh Bags (NEW)
Heels: *YS&YS* Brera Pumps Night (NEW)
Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Claire Mesh Hair - (@ FaMeshed)
Skin: _CandyDoll_  Latika (NEW)

Holli Thespian

Thursday, June 7, 2012

#700 My 700th post-oot! :)

There is a new event that is starting tomorrow, Summer Fashion Festival (official blog here)! It runs from June 8th to 24th, filled with exclusive items and even a few gifts set out in icecream cones. Seraphim girls will be covering this event so stay tuned for more infos.

Word is also out that ROOTS is having a 50% sale, there's oodles of sexay grunge wear for everyone from skirts, down to your tippy toes-check it out before it ends!

Plastik just released these fun phrase tops that you can't resist. You can wear them soo many different ways with all the extra attachments/options, and they make my bewbies look so luscious and full- highfive prim addon!


Top: :[Plastik];The Saying Tees (NEW)
Skirts:  ROOTS -00JS10016 (@ 50% sale!)
Necklace:  MG  - Necklace - Pearls - Combo Sets and Singles
Bag: Izzie's - Leona Bag
Stockings: ROOTS-00L10004(@ 50% sale!)
Gloves: *HolliPocket* Fishup Net Gloves
Tat: [trs] Butterflies Tattoo (@ Phunk da PHashion-Hollyweird sim)
Bangles: MG - Bangles - Kos - SILVER
Heels: Mstyle
Hair flower: SuPerBia Accesories - Flower of Life (@ Summer Fashion Festival)
Hair: (r)M ~ Hair No.25 ( c o o l B l o n d s ) (NEW)
Eyes: _CandyDoll_ Emerald Eyes (@  Chic2  Bday)
Eyemakeup: MONS / Makeups - Eyeliner Fierce
Skin: _CandyDoll_ Kendra-(@ Chic2 Bday)

Holli Thespian

Monday, June 4, 2012

#699 Modern Hipster

NV released these awesome billabong style jeans, (who can resist hipster boho bottoms?!) and a couple of mesh tops coming in several colors/prints. Although I went with the basic colors, and like to call this look modern hipster ^ ^ Apple May Design's released Bebe who has a cutesy button face with pouty neutral lips.
AMD-Bebe Skins

AMD-Bebe Skins-Far
Top: [NV] BITCHING TOPS & Venice Mesh Tops (NEW)
Jeans: [ NV ] Boho Jeans (NEW)
Belt: ~Pepper~ Jeans Belt
Bangles: MaxiGossamer - Bangles - Kos - SILVER
Moles: Izzie's
Tat: Tenjin Hellion In Heels Tattoo
Rings:HANDverk-MA - #14 -(Mesh Around Hunt)
Eyeliner: MONS / Makeups - black eyeliner series
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lola summer Mesh Hair (NEW)
Skin: (AMD) Bebe - Soho (NEW @ Chic2-50% off!)

Holli Thespian

#698 Holli Pocket @ Depraved Summer Gatcha

Depraved Summer Gacha Fair 2012 June 1st - 15th

Holli Pocket-Fishup Net Gloves Torn-Gatcha Ad
Holli Pocket-Fishup Net Gloves-Gatcha Ad

Holli Pocket-Fish Up Nets
June 1st-15th
Gloves are 25L per try & leggings are 35L
Fatpacks are available if you want them all =P
All pieces are transfer so you can trade with your friends
Ride to Gatchas!
Other items worn:
1st ad:
Jewelry: Maxi Gossasmer & T.Whore Barbie
Butterflys: EY:NO
Skirt: Crash Republic
Tat: Tenjin
Hair: Truth
Skin: Bon!ta

2nd ad:
Hair: Truth
Jewelry: Maxi Gossasmer 
Skin: Filthy

3rd ad:
Top: Cynful
Necklace: Acid mala
Bracelet: T.Whore

Heels: Slink Lulu

Skin: Lara Skin-Emma
Holli Thespian

Sunday, June 3, 2012

#697 CHIC celebrates!

I seriously wasn't planning on blogging until I get my computer back, but to my surprise my bf told me he would help me out as much as he could. I was super happy that he would do this, that way I don't go completely MIA (he takes the pics  while I edit them). Thanks babe, muahs. 

As everyone knows or should by now, CHIC's birthday event is booming right now (worst time to go right now imo) better if you can wait it out a few days. This event includes 150 designers with exclusive items, so definitely worth a TP over when you get a chance.
Al Vulo-Baba

Al Vulo-Baba-Close

Top: [IREN] Teatime Lace Tanktop/white (NEW)
Pants: MONS [Summer Love Collection] Jeans-  (@ CHIC 2Bday Event)
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Lost Eden Sun Pendant  (@ CHIC 2Bday Event)
Bangles: MG - Bangles - Kos - SILVER
Nails: Izzie's
Clutch:Glow Studio
Tat: Tenjin Secret Garden Tattoo
Heels: Redgrave
Eyes: Fateeyes v2.0
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Anais 2 Mesh Hair - (@ CHIC 2Bday Event)
Skin: :Al Vulo!- Baba premium avatar (@ CHIC 2Bday Event)

Holli Thespian

Friday, June 1, 2012

#696 Oopseh...

Well, I planned on packing up the comp tonight but I decided to just do it tomorrow-why not get another post out right? ... I seriously need to go to bed now, ninis! 
Angelic Lefevre-Close

Angelic Lefevre

Bikini: -paper.doll- Mix N' Match Kini: (VIP-Top from May)
Chest jewels: (r)M ~ Body Jewel (Tattoo) (NEW)
Gloves: *HolliPocket* Fishup Net Gloves-Torn-Lavendar (@ Depraved Gatcha-started today!)
Dress:**Angelic Lefevre Couture** [Glammy dress] (NEW)
Jeans: [frenzy] Supersoft Skinny Jeans Simply 2 
Hairbands: : ) BCC. Orient Hair Bend Pink (@ Bombi 1L gift)
Necklace/rings:  Maxi  Gossamer
Pumps: Mstyle
Purse:!1mm***  choco bag 2012 Strawberry
Bangles: Maxi Gossamer - Boho Bangles - Laquered Etched Silver
Eyemakeup: MONS / Makeups - Eyeliner Fierce
Hair: Truth-Kirby
Skin: Lara Hurley-Kae

Sheer top:{nestle my bosom} sheer spring cover-ups
Suspenders: ** Angelic  Lefevre Couture**[Adore] (group gift-out till may 31st but might still have time!)
Bunny ears:[monso] My Bunny Band -(@  Bombi  1L gift)
Leggings: .MarieDoll. - Plain Leggings (NEW)
Hair: Truth-Jodie
Skin: Lara Hurley-Kae

Holli Thespian