Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#729 First Peek @ Pink Ribbon Fair!

Pink Ribbon Fair

Goodness, the past few days have been total crazy for neck/back is killing me and all I want to do is relax in the pool today...well, right after I box up the computer and off it goes for RMA fun times. I wanted to give a quick preview of what is over at the Pink Ribbon Fair starting out with these chemise's I couldn't pass up showing. These pretties are being donated to 100% to support breast cancer along with many upcoming PINK only items (I love pink, this event will be just that more awesome).
Pink Ribbon Fair Glance-Madi's Secret-Close

This event starts August 4th and you can find more infos and stay updated on PRF here. There is also a flickr group just for the event where you can find previews and upcoming posts here. Come August we all will be bombarded with major events starting all around the same time so make sure to save those L's ladies!

I also stumbled on this store while browsing through some landmarks, ChaChaDee! There are only a handful of things at this shop but all very appealing to anyone coming across it-one being these super glamorous highheels. They come in several animal prints and a ton of solid/basic colors. Below you can find a handful of rockin' pumps.
Pink Ribbon Fair Glance-Madi's Secret

ChaChaDee Heels
Top: Madi's Secrets Chemise Set (@ upcoming Pink Fair)
Jeans: *HolliPocket* Girly Girl Jeans-Set 2
Necklace:BenS Beauty- Diana /Maxi Gossamer Pearls/ EY:NO Back Butterfly (@Stuff in stock)
Rings:  BenS  Beauty
Nails: Izzie's
Clutch: MONS/ Back to Black / Croco Clutch Bag
Heels: ChaChaDee! - ME GLAMOROUS HighHeels(NEW)
Hair: Truth-Kara /Milly(NEW)
Eye Makeup: Izzie's Dailyn
Eyes: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Eyes ] - [ Reflection ]
Skin: Filthy-Jasmine (previous group skin)

Holli Thespian

Sunday, July 22, 2012

#728 Flash @ Leona

Today/tonight will probably be my last post on the "new" computer before I send it back. I will continue to blog with the help of my bf to take pics with me still editing them. Wish me luck, they say 3rd is a charm I guess  *sad face*
Candy Doll-Leona

New event is about to launch off, Zodiac, which includes Candy Doll's limited face-Leona. She comes in 4 tones with a price tag of 200L and I just love her mouthy. I also am really digging Al Vulo's mesh eyes, they actually fit me without any prior resizing (I hate fitting eyes, such a pain) and pretty colors-yay for mesh!
Candy Doll-Leona-Close

Dress: _CandyDoll_ Jeans Dress (NEW)
Hoops: MG - Earrings - Kizzy Gypsy Hoops
Ring: MG - Rings - Gigi Shimmer Bows
Bangles: Maxi Gossamer/MG
Belt: Izzie's - Leather Waist Belt
Bag: ~Pepper~ Gone Clubbing Bag (@ Perfect Wardrobe)
Heels: Ncore
Upper Tat: Tenjin You Gotta Have Faith Tattoo
Lower tat:  Tenjin  Far East Tattoo
Eyeliner: :Filthy: Serious - EyeLiner + EyeShadow (NEW)
Eyes:[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Eyes ] - [ fatpack Reflection ] Mesh (New)
Hair:TRUTH HAIR Aurora
Skin: CandyDoll_ Leona-Zodiac Event (NEW @ Zodiac Event)

Leona-4 tones-Filthy eyeliner-Al Vulo Mesh Eyes
Candy Doll-Leona Faces
Holli Thespian

Thursday, July 19, 2012

#727 All Ink'D up baby!

Tonight is a pretty sad night for me, once again I'm being forced to send back my comp cause it continues to freeze no matter what I'm told to "test". I suppose being out of a good comp is becoming the norm for me at this point, and seeming like a regular routine. *sighs* So I guess the boyfran will become of use again to me (I kid I kid) but definitely nice to know I have backup when I'm puter-less.
Al Vulo-Julia meets Ink'D Up-Close
Brodie over at Ink'D Up spent the past 15 hours he says drawing up this fab UNISEX head to toe tat.  I think it's awesome that he draws his tats and needs to draw some more! So boys and girls if you haven't been to Ink'D Up previously, definitely make a stop here for a handful of pwness inks. Also another skintone of Julia was recently put out, full of options from blonde hairbases to oodles of lips to make yo lips smack!
Al Vulo-Julia meets Ink'D Up
Top:[NV] Orchi Top(NEW)
Undies: -Glam Affair - Xania Yellow
Earrings: Apple May Designs - Moderno Earrings - Black (NEW)
Tat:  Ink'D Up! Americana Bitch!(NEW)
Rings: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Melissa Ring Silver
Nails: ...:::Scrub:::... Polychrome Nails (NEW @ GSP)
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S - Enaid eyes
Eyeliner: Fleshtone
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Aurora -  light blondes (NEW)
Skin:[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Julia ] - [sunkissed ] (NEW)

Panties: :OW: Super Low Panties
Hair:  TRUTH  -Kiki (NEW)
"rest is same as above!"

Six makeups with Izzie's black liner
Al Vulo-Julia-Sunkissed
Holli Thespian

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#726 It's now or never Elsa babe!

New skin hits the floor over at Lara Hurley, showing you Elsa in all her prettiness. She comes in 10 makeups, with lip tats (matte/shiny) as well as a soft blush.  If you splurge and grab the fatpack, you can switch up all the lips with the makeups for plenty of looks!
Lara Hurley-Elsa-Close

Lara Hurley-Elsa-Far

Top: [LeeZu!] Punjab Top (mesh, rigged) (subscriber gift)
Tights: [Ngelic] lace leggings
Skirt:*T.Whore*- Sharpay Skirt Basic Mean Girl
Necklace: [EY:NO] Pearl Back Necklace (@ Stuff in Stock)
Earrings: Izzie's - Teardrop Earrings (NEW)
Ring: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Melissa Ring Silver
Tat: Tenjin Thistle Goddess Tattoo 
Nails: Izzie's
Clutch: MOLiCHiNO *MESH* Delirium Clutch (Seraphim Bday Hunt-10L)
Pumps: *T.Whore* - Katy Shoes Pinkle
Eye Makeup: Fleshtone :: Night Series Eyeliners
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Megan Mesh Hair
Skin: Lara Hurley-Elsa Dark (NEW)

Top: .:A&M:. Broderies - Tank&Bodysuit - Pink
Earrings:  Izzie's  - Feather Earrings (NEW)
Tights: [Ngelic] lace leggings
Shorts: .iRetro. Kaleidoscope Shorts
Skin: Lara  Hurley -Elsa Dark (NEW)
Six of the 10 makeups of Elsa, also wearing Mons eyeliner
Lara Hurley-Elsa
Holli Thespian

Sunday, July 15, 2012

#725 Lazy Cali

I wanted to get this done earlier today but just didn't happen. This skin over at Candy Doll's is available of Lazy Sunday only for today-after that, it will go poof! Also note that the skin does not come with a cleavage layer, I added my own which happens to be Lara Skin.
Candy Doll-Calista
Candy Doll-Calista-Far

Top:*HolliPocket* Peepin Tank
Jeans:*T.Whore* - Desnudate Skinny Ripped Jeans Black
Tat: . Sweet Sin . Vuitton (@ GSP)
Bag: DEF! Handbag/Boombox/Black & White
Belt: BUID BELT Black Leather V1(@ Perfect Wardrobe)
Pearls: MG - Necklace - Pearls - Combo Sets and Singles
Makeup:Fleshtone :: Night Series Eyeliners
Hair: MONS / Hair - Big Girl (NEW @ Hair Fair)
Skin: _CandyDoll_ Calista (NEW-Lazy Sunday)

Jacket:[ATOMIC] Ritzy Blazers-white
Top: *T.Whore*- Tank Top Pink
Shorts: Izzie's - Ripped Denim Shorts(NEW)
Earrings: ^^ Swallow^^ Earring (wisteria) (0L)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Aida Mesh Hair (NEW @ Hair Fair)
Skin: _CandyDoll_ Calista (NEW-Lazy Sunday)

Holli Thespian

Saturday, July 14, 2012

#724 Minty Hair Fair Dolls

Hair is just one of those items we can never have too many, and never have enough of (I know, double negatives...shoot me). I think the Hair Fair is probably one of the most popular events being the fact we all need more hair (again, can never have enough) and why not also help some kids feel confident about themselves? I know for me, without my hair I would feel very very heartbroken.

I also thought the Hair Fair Demo group was a brilliant idea to pick up many if not all hairs. So I'd definitely recommend joining it up before you are fighting lag along with every other hair addict. Doors open today July 14th so be prepared to fight a lot of lag if you have to be the first, or wait it out a week to get in with hopefully,a breeze. More infos on Hair Fair here.
Hair Fair Dolls-Red Mint
OH speaking of hairs,I have epic news to share...well at least to me it is. I decided to buckle down and go through my hairs..specifically Truth Hairs. I think I have every creation since late 2009/early 2010 and the way he used to do his packs, well you would get every color in ONE huge folder. I kid you not I went from 116k to 95k with just cleaning it up and saving my favs. It's awesome to see a designer like Truth progess along the years, and I even have a small folder still from 2009 I couldn't part with-I love still love Farrah! Maybe Mr Truthy will whip up a mesh version of her...a girl can hope!

Gosh, I feel like I'm blabbing so much tonight! I also wanted to point out that I decided to switch up my blogging style a bit and show more colors/variety if applicable- figured it's good to show more (at least while I have my semi working new comp back).
Hair Fair Dolls-Red Mint-Far
Top: *Crazy* Ash Corset (NEW)
Skirt: - piccara - Mini Skirt (NEW @ GSP)
Tats: Tenjin combo
Necklace: [EY:NO] Filigran Necklace (NEW)
Rings:[EY:NO] Filigran Rings (NEW)
Heels: REDGRAVE Linda - 12colors(NEW)
Hair:(r)M ~ meshHair No.01 (NEW @ Hair Fair)
Skin: Lara Hurley-Kae Dark

Top:-paper.doll- Dakota: Blush (NEW)
Shorts:-paper.doll- Floral Shorts: Lilac (NEW)
Bangles:[EY:NO] Mess Bangles gold / silver 
Eye makeup: MONS / Makeups - eyeshadow ales
Hair: (r)M ~ meshHair No.03 (NEW @ Hair Fair)

Redgrave Linda Mix
Redgrave Linda Mix

Holli Thespian

Thursday, July 12, 2012

#723 My prettay ponies

Gosh, I really really wish Firestorm would save our snapshot settings.. so people like me, don't be tardo and forget to change the size of the pic before taking it. I got done with all my pics and realized they were really pixelated in PS and I was baffled why it was doing this! Not to mention, after updating my FS it seems so slow/laggy...hopefully it gets fixed soon and pretty please save our photo settings!

I decided to semi sort my inventory (as I always try to do) and came across my Mynerva Kianna pretties..they went perfect with the makeups from the Milena line. As previously posted, I mentioned Baiastice goodies, definitely check out Sissy's heel collection-both pairs shown below work great with everyday looks.
By the way, I can't get enough of Dela's new hairs...they remind of my, My Little Pony days and combing their cotton candy like tails- I love these dipped colors to say the least.

Top: .MarieDoll. - Lace Cross Top(NEW)
Pants: [NV] HM PANTS (NEW)
Upper Tat: :[Plastik]:- Voices-J-Faded
Lower tat:  OW : Text Tattoos
Nails: :OW: "LUCiDO" Mesh Nails + Rings
Bag: ~Pepper~ Shoes Wanted Bag (NEW)
Belt: Izzie's - Leather Buckle Belt (mesh)
Earrings:[EY:NO] Gem Hoops (texture change) (NEW)
Heels: Baiastice__Maxine over-height
Hair: = DeLa *= Mesh Hair "Mango" Dipped Party Colors
Lips: ~Mynerva~Milena Makeup 5~Eyeshadow/Lips
Skin: ~ Mynerva ~Kianna Sepia-shade 7

Top: MONS [Summer Love Collection] Sha Top-Sea Shell
Pants: [NV] HM PANTS (NEW)
Heels: Baiastice_Ute Mesh Pumps (NEW)
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Moelleux" Dipped Party Colors
Lips:~ Mynerva ~Milena Makeup 3~Eyeshadow/Lips
Skin:~ Mynerva ~Kianna Latte-shade 8

Baiastice Ute-Maxine Heels

Holli Thespian

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

#722 Maxi's are in!

Tonight's post is featuring two more awesome creations by Essences and Izzie's, both part of Voice One. Essences is a fairly new store to me (I know, I don't get out much) but I really liked the "grown up" look the skin has to it-comes in 4 tones..and pretty! Izzie's also is offering up a special skin that comes in three tones and lip layers, she's very soft and girly. 

It has been awhile since I last featured any Baiastice items and I'm kinda sad to say that cause Sissy offers all kinds of beautiful creations-including these printed maxi's. These are the kinds of dresses I love to wear in the summer, they are flowing and very comfortable, (course talking RL here) and the mesh makes them very wearable for your toon to enjoy them.
Izzie's Gala- Essences Moana-Close

Dress: Baiastice_Zoroaide Mesh Maxi Dress-Mono(NEW)
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Feather Necklace
Bag: {.essences.} South American Bag(0L at main)
Rings: Maxi Gossamer Ketama/Roho
Tat: Tenjin Thistle Goddess Tattoo
Sandals: Slink Ilena Sandals
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S - Sielu eyes
Hair: Truth-Hailey
Skin:{.essences.} Moana (part of One Voice)
All Poses: Purple Poses(part of One Voice)

Izzie's Gala- Essences Moana-Far

Dress: Baiastice_Zoroaide Mesh Maxi Dress-Mono(NEW)
Necklaces:  Maxi Gossamer Babette/Lost Eden Cross
Sandals: J's FlipFlap BareFoot Flower
Hair: Truth-Kadence
Eye makeup: MONS / Makeups - eyeshadow punk
Skin: Izzie's - Gala Skin sunkissed (part of One Voice)

Close Up's Of Izzie's (on top) and Essences (on bottom)
Izzie's Gala- Essences Moana

Holli Thespian

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#721 One Voice we stand

Well yesterday was the day I got my so called new computer back for the 2nd go (it has been sent back to twice)-and right away it froze...nothing has flipping changed since I got it over 4 months ago. Like seriously, wth are these guys doing with my comp for over TWO weeks, replacing so called parts and testing-right!!! So back to a series of "oh try this, take out you vid card, do this with the ram"- I swear anything that can possibly go wrong always does. 

One Voice Girlies-Far

Anyhow, so I will do my best to get a few posts out..and my first one for One Voice. Today was announced that just in two days of the fundraiser being open, it has raised 7,500 bucks (NOT lindens). I would say that is a pretty healthy lump of change to help out. If you haven't already been aware of some of the goodies at the event, look below!

One Voice Girlies

Bra: *Crazy* Tulle Lingerie (NEW)
Collar: ** Bound Collar Crossed(part of One Voice)
Shorts: {.essences.} PST shorts - Sepia -(part of One Voice)
Nails: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Perfect Nail
Bag: [Crash Republic] Black Studded Clutch
Necklace/Ring: {me.} Aster Necklace LONG - Metal Stones(part of One Voice)
Hair flower: Balderdash -OneVoice/Gala- Fascination(part of One Voice)
Heels: N-core Triumph "One Voice" Edition (Graphite)(part of One Voice)
Eyes: Tsg-Wetlook
Tat:[Sleepy Bozer] Wine Riot (previous GSP)
Hair:=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Sophie" Dipped Party Colors (NEW)
Skin: Lara Hurley-Jade  (part of One Voice)
Top: AngelRED - MESH Dani Sweater [Beige]((part of One Voice)
Jeans:[NV] Xtrem Jeans Long (NEW)
Heels: N-core Shark II Edition (White)(part of One Voice)
Hair: Truth-Kadence
Skin:Al Vulo! ] – [ GEorgie ] –Custard(part of One Voice)
All Poses:  ::WetCat:: "Falbala" Runway & dfo! gala(part of One Voice

Lara Hurley Jade - Al Vulo Georgie @ One Voice
Lara Hurley-Al Vulo-One Voice

All Ncore heels @ One Voice
Ncore-One Voice Heels

Holli Thespian

Monday, July 9, 2012

#720 Holli Pocket @ Voice One

One Voice Official Logo
Pull Meh Tops-Girly Girl Set-One Voice
Starts today, July 9th and will last for TWO weeks (originally it was just one week but they extended it!)
I support Voice One. This cause will help fund Gala in her legal issues as well as bring awareness to a serious dilemma. Many content creators within SL rely on their business inworld as a source of income in their real lives. This is to support those very people and help protect them from piracy and unfair practices.

If you are like many and having difficulties Tping to the actual venue, you can pick up the tops at my mainstore (split is setup at my store as well). Or if you decide to venture to the event, (which you definitely still should regardless for loads of other awesomeness) make sure to deprim/script (your excuse to get nekkid in front of a ton of peeps-oot!).

Ride to Holli Pocket
Ride to Holli Pocket @ Voice One
Voice One Flickr Group

Pull Meh Girly Girl Edition-3 prints

Other items worn:
Tat: Tenjin
Rings/bangles: Maxi Gossamer
Hair: Truth/Wasabi Pills
Skin: Dream Ink-Lola

Holli Thespian

#719 Holli Pocket @ GSP

Holli Pocket Girly Girl Blouses Set 2-GSP

                                                   Holli Pocket Ride to GSP
2 colors + sheer version w/ cuffs/collar

Other items worn:
Earrings: Bens Beauty
Tat: Tenjin
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Skin: Bonita

Holli Thespian

Sunday, July 8, 2012

#718 Take that, Lola!

Goodness, if it's not one thing it's always something else- ear infection to painful cramps. *sigh*- I was super excited to show you girls a few new finds and finally got it all wrapped up. Starting out with MonCheri. I have seen her adorable collections scattered on MP before and again recently- which now I'm showing her latest kinis all decked out with bows and strings!

Dream Ink-Lola

Another recent find I saw the other day on flickr (or should I say thanks to the boyfran), were these killer heels by Diktator, talk about smex on stilts-love! They come in 21 colors, 20 polishes, 3 options for the metal parts, resize menu, walk sound and even the option to wear it with or without the heel. I took a handful of colors I really liked and also in the heel & heel-less form-go grab a demo and see for yourself!

I was also thrilled to see that Dream Ink is still around and pumpin out new faces-welcome Lola. I am showing her in the D & DD skintones that come in 20 makeups, teeth tat layer and a blonde hairbase-yay for blonde bombshells. Again, I took a handful of my fav faces to give you a closer look. Enjoy girls and shop on! 

Dream Ink-Lola-Close

Bikini: *MonCheri* String Bikini (NEW)
Glasses: MG - SunGlasses - Milano Cats-Eye 40's Classic (NEW)
Tat: Tenjin
Nails: Bens Beauty
Bag: Izzie's Heart Bag
Hair: Truth-Dahlia (NEW)
Lights: {what next} Amalfi String Lights
Pig:[SP]StrayPig2 (Lucky board)
Hose:[SP]Faucet (0L)
Bikini: * MonCheri * String Bikini (NEW)
Glasses:  MG  - SunGlasses - Milano Cats-Eye 40's Classic (NEW)
Heels: [ Diktator ]-DARE  -HORSESHOE SANDALS (NEW)
Back tat:  Tenjin Secret Garden Tattoo
Bitch tat: - piccara - Bitch go FUck yourself Tat. (NEW @ GSP)
Hair: Truth-Ashlee (NEW)
Eyes: TSG-Wetlook
Dream Ink-Lola-Makeups
[Diktator]-Dare Heels
Holli Thespian

Thursday, July 5, 2012

#717 Juicy Babes

When I heard the news about Rehabs new faces, I rushed over to check out Juicy. These pretty faces comes in 4 tones, teeth option, and are only 99L per tone! Go check them out already if you haven't...they look well on many different shapes/looks :)
Rehab Juicy-Close-Close

Rehab Juicy-Far

Top: Leverocci - Soft Satin Blouse (part of sale!)
Jeans: [NV] Jane Skinny (NEW)
Bag: (Poor Intentions) Dancing Doll Mesh Bag
Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Pearl Cross Necklace &  MG  Pearls
Sandals: Slink Ilena Sandals Taupe
Hair: Truth-Hailey (NEW)
Skin: !Rehab - Juicy ~(NEW-only 99L)

Top: [Cynful] Waves Neckholder - Brown (NEW)
Skirt: Apple May Designs - Angel - Summer (NEW)
Bangles:  MG  - Boho Bangles
Rings:  Bens  Beauty
Nails: Bens Beauty
Tats: Tenjin
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Shell - Teardrop (1)
Hair: Action Womens Hair Jenna Naturals (NEW)
Skin: ! Rehab  - Juicy ~(NEW-only 99L)

Holli Thespian

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

#716 American Bazaar Sim Opening Sale


Holli Pocket Girly Girl Jeans-Set 5-AB sale
AMERICAN BAZAAR is having an SIM opening festival
July 1st-21st
Over 30 stores have set out items on tables on sale- everything under 75L!

Three pairs of new jeans part of the sale PLUS, three other item sets are out-, come to see what they are-everything at Holli Pocket table is 55L!

Ride to Holli Pocket @ AB

Other items worn:
Top: Line
Rings: Bens Beauty
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer
Heels: T.Whore
Hair: Truth
Skin: Al Vulo

Holli Thespian

Sunday, July 1, 2012

#715 I wear short shorts!..

Today has been a better for me, thank goodness for hydrocodone and amox to make my infection go bye byes-I feel 100% better already! Another summery girly look for today, check out the newness.
I also wanted to mention, cause I myself wasn't aware of this. If you are into the gladiator flats like I am, you have to purchase the mesh feet and the IIena sandals (11 colors) separately-which should totally be in every girls summer stash!
Al Vulo-Julia-Far

Al Vulo-Julia

Top: Paper.Doll: Lace Trim Tunic: Peach (NEW)
Shorts: REDGRAVE-Jeans SHORTS MidBlue (NEW-part of outfit)
Tats: Tenjin various tats
Rings:..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Melissa Rings
Scarf: Izzie's - Little Silk Scarf (TOSL Hunt)
Pearls: MG - Necklace - Pearls - Combo Sets and Singles -
Hair Flower:Izzie's - Hair Flowers Gatcha
Sandals:  Slink Ilena Sandals (NEW)
 Feets: Slink-Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged) (NEW)
Eyes: TSG-Smooth
Hair: Truth- Kadence (NEW)
Skin::[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Julia ] - [bronze] (NEW)

Jacket:[NV] Grace Jacket (NEW)
Top:*T.Whore*-  Lolita Mini Top (NEW)
Hair:  Truth -Brandy (NEW)
"" the rest of 2nd outfit same as above!

Holli Thespian