Tuesday, March 5, 2013

#865 Call me a whore and then hit some more..there!

Pornstep Mutha Fookers                       Pornstep Mutha Fookers-Faster

                                  Thanks for the link up, I totally forgot about this one :x
Musica I be listening to tonight-HAWWWT tune, drives me nutty (in a good way) just a bit and great to WANG to ^ ^

Dodge/ Fuski - "Pornstep ft. The Highbury Whores"

Tights:*T.Whore* - Fishnet Tights Black (NEW)
Hat: [SISU] German Officer Visor
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Shiny Cross Necklace
Collar: Redmint
Belt: Abyss
Bag: ~Pepper~ BOOM Bag (NEW @ perfect wardrobe)
Shoulders: House of Fox-Color.Me[AnjaFurShoulders] (gifty!)
Suit: *T.Whore*- Sheer Bodysuit Dirrty Pink (NEW)
Outfit #2:*Epic Boobies* Reverb Slasher Suit {Yellow} (@ BeWbAPaLoOZa)
Heels: *T.Whore*- Shelly Heels Mesh Magenta (NEW)
Ring: [ SAKIDE ] Black Cross Rings (@ Luck of Irish Gatcha)
Shrug: [Cynful] Shruggable Set [Tdrf] - Shrug Suede Black (@ TDR)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Giselle Mesh Hair (@ Fameshed)
Hair: Action Womens Hair Yuri Overdose (NEW)
Skin: Belleza
Shelly Heels, wear with or without the ruffle flap,tights and tattoos!
TWhore-Shelly Heels
Holli Thespian

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