Friday, June 7, 2013

#977 Candy Mountain, bishes!

Candy Mountain Unis-Mid
Candy Mountain UnisCandy Mountain Unis-Far
Ride to Bri's awesomely colorful boggy here and to get the deets on her wearings! Ty for posing with me girl, we be rockin' uni's together..foreva! :P

Charlie the Unicorn-Candy Mountain
Oh when you're down and looking for some cheering up
Then just head right on up to the candy mountain cave
When you get inside you'll find yourself a cheery land
Such a happy and joy filled and perky merry land
They've got lollipops and gummidrops and candy things
Oh so many things that will brighten up your day
It's impossible to wear a frown in candy town

Bodysuit: Razor /// Infinity Body Suit - Black (@ The Box)
Pantie: *HolliPocket* Tease Me Panties-Set 7-Solid
Garter: *HolliPocket* Smexay-Garters-Set 2
Tat:  [Ner .Ink] S. Jerry Old Skool * (NEW @ MP)
Bag: *NAMINOKE*SUMMER TOTEs (gacha @ Thrift Shop)
Mouth capri: VCO - Cocktail Pack (Blue Hawaii) (gacha sidewalk event)
Mask: [Shush] Gas mask *Kitty* (@ Thrift Shop)
Unicorn: +Half-Deer+ Sweet Dreams Unicorn Set (Starchild) RARE (@ Arcade Gacha)
Tail: +Half-Deer+ Blossom Tail (Blushing Rose) (tinted)(@ Arcade Gacha)
Socks: Izzie's - Knee Socks + Tube Socks (NEW)
Hair: Action Mesh Hair Amelie Magikal 

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