Sunday, June 23, 2013

#993 Dont talk about it, be about it

Dont talk about it, be about it-Closer
Dont talk about it, be about it-Mid
Dont talk about it, be about it
Usher-Let Me See
I'll be anticipating
What you would do to me
What you gon' do to me
Sex, babe, education
Hands on when you're with me
Can you handle me, yeah

She says she wanna take her skirt off
Be my guest!
I decided to take my shirt off
And show my chest!
And we been sipping on that Merlot
So you know what's next
Working intermissions, switching positions
We so explicit oh!

                       *To see what teh handsome Alex is wearing check out his bloggy here!**
Top: [Shush] Candy shop outfit *Pink* (@ TBS)
Skirt: [AB] MESH Pareo skirt Black (@ TBS)
Arm Tat: Tenjin - On the Road to Ruin
Chest Tat: !Fappy. Tango Tattoos Swallow Chains (@ TBS)
Hip Tat: Tenjin - Sweet Little Thing Tattoo (NEW)
Necklace: Cute Poison - (Endless Summer Hunt)
Clutch: LaGyo_Studded heart clutch
Ring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Lace Ribbon & Ring
Garters: [Grayscale] - Boney Garter (@ Sl Fashion Week)
Eyeshadow: [ef] - "Smokey" Eyeshadow (@ Cosmetic Fair)
Lips: .tsg. Lip Laquer - Moonlight T
Heels: *Epic* Ultima Hidden-Platform Pumps
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Jolene (NEW)
Couple Pose: PURPLE POSES - Couple 268 (@ Sl Fashion Week)

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