Thursday, July 3, 2014

#1265 Best you'll ever have

Best youlll ever have-Close
Best you'll ever have-Far
Suit: *Epic* Sweetheart Henley Bodysuit
Skirt: ::LC:: Clear Skater Skirt [Baby Pink] NO ALPHA (@ Manga Fair)
Socks: -TartCake- Love Halfsies Socks White Cotton (@ OMG!)
Bangles: Blah. (Hana Flower Jewelry) Bracelet (@ OMG!)
Necklace: +Spellbound+ Poison Cookie Necklace // Colour Me RARE (@ OMG!)
Tail: {PopTart} Kitsune Tails (@ Manga Fair)
Rings: _CD_Cupcakes Ring (@ OMG!)
Ring 2: *HolliPocket* Girleh Boweh-Rainbow Pastel-RARE (@ OMG!)
Face pearls: [Glitzz] Dreams - RARE -Face glitter/pearls (@ OMG!)
Flats: *MUKA* Ballet Flats -(@ OMG!)
Headchain: Blah. ( My Serenity Head Chains - Heart Charm) (@ Manga Fair)
Hair: +Spellbound+ Bubsy // (NEW)
Bewbs: SN ~ Venus Breasts, DEYN v1.0d

Dress: * KITJA CHERIE * Vanessa Tunic BEIGE (@ Chapter 4)
Sock: BabyDoll. Tights / FATPACK Prints (@ Manga Fair)
Headband: _CD_ Cup Of Tea Headband RARE (@ OMG!)
Rings: *HolliPocket* Heart Me Rangs-(@ OMG!)
Lunchboxes: *Epic* Kawaii Kokeshi Gear Doll Lunch Box (@ OMG!)
Flats: *REIGN.- Wednesdays- Bubblegum (@ Manga Fair)
Anklets: Blah. (My Pearly Doll Platform Flats)
Hair: +Spellbound+ Suspiria // (@ OMG!)

Best youlll ever have-Shoes

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