Friday, July 11, 2014

#1267 I need to cut these scars right out of my life

On her:
Cardigan:*COCO*_OpenFrontCardigan_Beige(@ Chapter Four)
Top: {le fil casse} coachella bound! you're a beach (@ OMG!)
Leg Tat: Tenjin(@ OMG!)
Cuffs: *MUKA* Cuff Rosa - (@ TBS)
Lollipops: .tsg. Lollipop Love -(NEW)
Skirt: * KITJA CHERIE * Criss Suspender Skirt (@ Season Story)
Bunny Rings: *HolliPocket* Bunneh Fufu Rang-L-Woody (@ Project Limited)
Heart Rings: *HolliPocket (@ OMG!)
Bag: REIGN.- Beach Bum Bag- Pink Lemonade (@ Season Story)
Nose ring: MONS / MESH - Septum Ring (@ TDR)
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Panther Hair (@ collab 88)
Heels: *REIGN.- Alloy Heels-(NEW)

On his:
Shirt: etham - James Cardigan - Black (@ Chapter 4)
Shorts: [ BarmaleY ] jean_Mutang_Blue1 (NEW)
Sandals: FLite.-Flystar FLip FLops Black
Camera: May Souls-polaroid blue (@ Chapter 4)
Shades: (Yummy) Captain's  Aviators - Silver
Bracelets: #F Beach Bead Bracelet (@ OMG!-July 1st)
Hair: little bones. Year in Lists/Ultraviolence - (@ Chapter 4)

(left to right)
Heels-REIGN-Alloy/REIGN-Livi (@ TBS)/REIGN-CAPE WEDGES (@ Season Story)

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