Saturday, August 1, 2015

#1458 I will be there

I will be there-Close
I will be there-Far

New gacha event on the go that kicked off today, The Gacha Garden full of goodies from some of your fav stores. There is also a special exclusive item (seed of inspiration or SOI) that will not be sold again, you receive after playing a machine 20 times. Have fun playing!

Bikini: AMERIE - Watermelon Bikini(Yellow) (@ Gacha Garden)
Bag: AMERIE - Juice Bag(Yellow) (@ Gacha Garden)
Glasses: AMERIE - Strawberry Glass(@ Gacha Garden)
Armband: OXI - Gaia Armband Silver (@ Gacha Garden)
Heels: Essenz - Costa Rica (@ Gacha Garden-SOI HUD)
Waterdrops: Izzie's - Body Waterdrops
Hair: Doe: Summer (@ Gacha Garden)
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - America 06
Holdable: Moon Amore: PsyFood SEED -GroovyCups (SOI @ Gacha Garden)
Foodies: :Moon Amore: PsyFood (@ Gacha Garden)
Seahorse: Fawny - Mermaid's Delight - (@ Gacha Garden)
Pool: Kei's Dollhouse Pool (part of dollhouse)(@ Gacha Garden)

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