Friday, September 18, 2015

#1492 Gotcha! Gacha Yardsale @ Holli Pocket

Gotcha! Gacha Yardsale

Why shop @ Gotcha! yardsale?!

Ride to yardsale HERE

A few frans and I have up a little store of all my previous fav collections..some new and some very old-LOTS of RARES! If you make 20 transactions in one days span, I will send you a random Holli Pocket gift card! My friend, Isabella Latte, will also send you over some mesh nails from her store-Covert Harlot, so make sure to specify what mesh body you wear.. Simply send your transaction history  (I will verify it) ...and your goodies will arrive asap.

There is also this round's arcade items on the 3rd floor up the stairs.

We have several random gacha machines (big pink signs hanging on wall-refer to pink arrows on pic, on the right side of store) stuffed with goodies from all over, ranging from furnys, to foodies, to RP items.
-IF you play 20 of the "random gacha machines" you will earn DOUBLE! Soo that means TWO gift cards when you send your transaction.

REMEMBER TO "TAKE" your items after you buy them please!!

Ride to yardsale HERE

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