Monday, November 23, 2015

#1531 Holli Pocket @ TFC

HolliPocket-Fainted Love Tutus Ad

HolliPocket-Fainted Love Panties Ad

Ride to Holli Pocket HERE
-tutu dress-XS-M-Maitreya Exp
-panties are 45L per play

Other items worn:

Gloves: HolliPocket-Brenty Gloves (gacha)
Pearls: Maxi Gossamer-Alexa
Hair: Damselfly-Bebe (@ TFC)/Damselfly-Henny (@ On9)
Tiara: TSG
Flowerband: Spellbound (part of hair)
Bow garter: Muka
Squirrel: Pink Acid

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