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*Update* My blogger list is currently full, but always looking to add new faces when there is room. So if you are able to adhere to the following rules, drop me a NC for consideration at a later time.

As a blogger myself (since November of 2009) I can appreciate what goes into a post and the time it really does take. Bloggers can be a great service to both consumer & designer, but please keep in mind if you are clearly a freebie loader and part of the blogger craze going on, I probably won't be adding you to my blogger group.

Unfortunately I feel the majority of the now so called "bloggers" out there give a horrible taste to many designers out there, it's gotten out of control. So I have rules, please read them.

Criteria to be a Holli Pocket Blogger:
❤Active on a monthly basis- meaning I don't expect you to blog every single item, but use your better judgement to what YOU would expect out of blogger if it were YOUR store.

❤Quality images- I can't stress this enough, if your picture are fuzzy/blurry/distorted no one will be wanting to buy what you were wearing. Period.

❤Syndicated with at least 3 feeds- I feel this is very easy to do...err, I know it is. Majority of us would never be seen without the awesome feeds out there. Check my feeds if you need some to apply to. Do your work girls...no work = no clothes for you!

❤Must add me as a contact on flickr as well-Holli Thespian

❤Must join Holli Pocket flickr group-There are no exceptions to this either, flickr is another great tool for bloggers to display our work- USE it or scoot it!
      -Make sure to put a LINK under your photos on flickr (in the description) so anyone can find what you are wearing.

Must use Surls on posts- I didn't think this was something I would have to harp on but it has become an issue-USE surls on your posts girls, and better yet link to the correct surl. Sometimes my items are only at events that are NOT at my mainstore- link correctly please!

❤At the end of each month, please forward me a NC with all your posts for that time period.

❤Link back to my blog on yours (I will in return do the same to yours)

❤"I like custard" -If you took the time to read my mad criteria, write that somewhere in your NC to me-I like when people read :)

Now if that didn't totally scare you off, I'd love to hear from you. Please send me a NC inworld with general infos below, and I will send you an app.

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Blog Link:

My infos you need!

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