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Why the name you ask?

Before I even started to dabble with blogging, I had a very small shop that kind of blossomed into something more than I ever anticipated it to be. Holli Pocket was inspired by childhood favorite toy, Polly Pocket. If any of you girls out there every played with the miniature dolls and their adorable pocket like homes, you'll know how much fun they were!

So there the name became and of course I had to throw in my name, it just went oh so well together I thought. I also love pastel/soft colors so you will always find loads of those in my store.

I sell Lola Tango/Lush Appliers (for mesh boobies) and several previous releases still include 2.5 Pushup Appliers (for prim breasts) although I am not including pushup appliers on newer releases-demand seems to be nonexistent. Several skin designers are also making skin appliers so you don't have to worry about  matching up the bewbs anymore-yay!

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Holli Pocket Marketplace (fullpockets/specials only)
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