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Holli Pocket needs YOUR input-Lola Tangos

Girls if you have purchased the latest and newest Lola Tango mesh boobs these are slightly different as far as my appliers are put on your boobs. Please follow these simple instructions if you wear lola TANGO mesh boobs!
-These are different than the "original" lolas in the simple fact you attach a HUD and simply click on it to get your appliers to show. 
-IF the applier isn't showing click on your lola boobs (wait for the blue menu to popup) click on ----/clothing/tubetop/any top and THEN "add" your Holli Pocket applier and click the HUD
-Also note I sell ALL lola tango applier separate from the actual clothing layers. They are sold right next to each matching ad in a pink squared heart prim called "Lola Tango." You just buy the corresponding "set number" so set 1 top will go with set 1 lola tango applier set, etc.

Please note that APPLIERS ONLY WORK WITH Lola Tango MESH BOOBS that you have to purchase yourself, I DO NOT make or sell prim boobs, just clothes to fit them. 

Note each person's shape and how you position your breasts, will change how these appliers look on your avi-just like editing sculptys, you may have to adjust your boobs to fit YOUR shape. You can edit the repeats/rotation and offsets to fit a better looking match- I have to do this with every applier I purchase from other designers as well-keep in mind they aren't perfect unfortunately=/ Pain is beauty after all, right? :)

Other tips I found helpful with your breasts:
-USE the skin fixers that come on clothing layers-this helps blend in your chest with the boobs
-You can always rotate your boobs to help fit your tops better-I have done this myself
-ALWAYS make a copy of your breasts before editing them, that way you can have your "oops" moments with no worries.

Ride to Lolas to purchase your very own mesh bewbs!

Post your boobie pics in a flickr group I started exclusively for mesh/prim breasts:


*******All content below is pertaining to Lola 2.5 push PRIM breast appliers*******

I think a lot of us (including myself at one point) have this misconception about prim boobs, thinking they have to be over the top and ridiculous sizes-that's not appealing to 99% of people I know at least. This obviously is NOT the case and they can look fulfilling but still in my opinion, tasteful. They sure beat the standard lumpy/jagged looking default boobs in Sl and now it actually looks like I have REAL boobs!
First off, I have only used and own Lolas (I have the Push Up 2.5)-LM to mainstore here. There are a handful of other popular boobs (ecorps/iboobs) but again I have only worked with Lolas. At least with Lolas once you purchase them, they come with a template pack/base to start with. These appliers that come with Lolas are compatible with ecorp,iBoobs,Mused,MCI.

Everything is done within the applier script (you have to drop the applier on the ground and edit the "Applier Config" script). This is where you put your texture UUID number in and any adjusting to the repeats etc as well (make sure to do the same adjustments to the actual applier). Once you save all your changes, you pick up the applier from the ground, put on your lolas and then wear the applier. From there you can see where it needs adjusted still on the sides/repeats.

I have made a handful of appliers, and it's literally been a trial and error process- I don't know an "easy" way to do them but I would start with something you currently have clothing layers for, and crop/edit that top to fit the applier. I will also mention, that depending on who is wearing the lolas, how they position/rotate and edit their boobs, the appliers can slightly vary- these aren't perfect but can look presentable and wearable. 

Also make sure to wear the included "LOLAS! Skin Fixer" that comes in all layers, and make copies of your lolas AND skin fixers per different skin sets. This will help blend your lolas into your chest and PLAY with your boobs, practice does make perfect- don't give up! I also noticed that Linc/Luck Inc makes specific skin appliers (for League/Pink Fuel and a few other big names) so if you don't have the patience then this is always an option... BUT, the Lolas come with a huge range of skintones and you can tweak it with the color hud that is provided- I have faith that you girls can do it..it's like matching up your toes all over again.

I also started a flickr group for JUST PRIM/MESH boobs (Second Life Boobies), I saw a lack in that department and decided to make one myself-so make sure to join on the fun. Anyone is welcome to post their pics as long as you are wearing PRIM/MESH boobs-NO default boobs pls. Creators that make applier clothes for them are also encouraged to post your ads-let's help spread the word about our lovely bewbies!
Hope everyone has a boobiful day :)
Holli Thespian

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