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Sunday, December 5, 2010

#383 Nom Nom on Mons

I am taking a small break from "creative mode" and onto some of the awesome creations by others...Mons has out all new sorts of goodies to check out including accessories, and skinnys! Denira is the frash face coming in 4 brow colors (black, dark black, light, and red) and these are how they are packaged-by brows. Each brow line includes 3 lip stick tones ( 3 pinks,red, peach and mauve like color), and a blush/breast tat layer. I am just showing the light brow skins for this posty, but will be showing the others as I blog! I always adored her necklaces and bangles, and this time she did some hot hot rings (and even in pink, bold FTW!)- thank you Ekilem:)

Mons Denira-Light Brow-2

Mons Denira-Light Brow-1

Mons Denira-Light Brow-3

  • Top:*HolliPocket*Winter Crips-Ice (NEW)
  • Trousers:{paper.doll} EmilyTrousers-White (NEW)
  • Ring:MONS - Elegance Ring Series - NIHA
  • Bag:S&S;:) Underarm bag(PINK)
  • Bangles:-MONS - Bracalets "Fashionalet" (NEW)
  • Necklace:-MONS - Pearl Necklace "Wenna" *Pink (NEW)
  • Earrings:MONS - Elegance Earring Series Wenna (NEW)
  • Bow hair:Elate (gift)
  • Nails:OW: Flick
  • Hair:Truth-Serena (NEW)
  • Eyes::::unBra::: Eyes (NEW)
  • Eye makeup: Garage
  • Skin:MONS - Denira Skin / Shine Makeup / Light Brow (NEW)

Three out of the 4 lip colors w/ light brow (middle pic has additional tat layer):

I also had to show a handful of my f new fav eyes at Unbra, 15 in all with 2 vein options (standard/nervous) and mod so you may adjust the lightness! These are stunners, go check them out! ^^

Mons Denira-Light Brow

Holli Thespian

Monday, August 16, 2010

#355 Pretty toes!

I was sorting through my notecards and such today, and remembered why I saved the Lovesoul note-hello pink toesys! Lovesoul always makes colorful/fun accessories and anything pink and cutesy, I'm all over it. Turns out there are 3 sets of nail polish styles you can get-cute, cool, and basic. Of course I lean towards the cute version,the colors are soft/girly and even bow love! Overall a nice change from the heels I typically wear-check them out ^^

Lovesoul N Paperdoll

Lovesoul Cute style
  • Top:{paper.doll} TerryClothJumper-Purple (NEW)
  • Undershirt:{paper.doll} SimpleTank-BabyPink
  • Skirt:*T.Whore*- Chaotic Skirt Zebra Bitch
  • Necklace: Armidi Gisaci - Triple Pearl Necklace
  • Belt:fri. - Cinch.Belt (24.7 Pack)
  • Purse:S&S;:) Underarm bag(PINK)
  • Armwarmers:Maitreya Armwarmers - Set of 3 *Lollipop*
  • Feet:Lovesoul[=L+R+W=] Barefoot*CUTE* (NEW)
  • Eyes:Aimesi Eyes2 (NEW)
  • Hair:Magika - Fat Pack - Wild
  • Skin: Lara Skin
Lovesoul N Plastik

Lovesoul Cool style
  • Dress::[Plastik]:-Octane-DecemberSnow/Partiface (NEW)
  • Leggings:*Fishy Strawberry* Swan Lake Leggins White
  • Necklace:KK-Diamond Bitch Heart Necklace &:::LiNe::: Classic Necklace (Fashion House)
  • Bracelet:*T.Whore* - Pearl Arm Rosary
  • Feetl:Lovesoul[=L+R+W=] Barefoot*COOL* (NEW)
  • Hair:Magika - Diamond (Fatpack) (Plat hunt item-10L)

Holli Thespian