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Sunday, January 17, 2010

#105 The Trio

I found the perfect pink outfit to start with, I love everything about it. The new eye pearls are freaking sweet I must say, I feel like a modern day princess ^^ Check out those pinklicious booties from R2, Teshy told me I needed to grab these asap and she was soo right...ty Tesh <3>
  • Dress:-Ema's Secret- January Group Gift (subscriber gift)
  • Leggings:!Doux Petit Dahl - Crochet Tights WHITE
  • Eye jewelry:*UB* Pearls or what? Apricot & *UB* Pearly Nose white (NEW)
  • Earrings:Dark Mouse Stacie's Earring - Silver (Right)
  • Gloves:~Blacklace~ Romantic Interlude: Pink Satin Gloves
  • Boots: R2 fashion Gift (So hot-(SA Hunt gift-Look for the pink boot!)
  • Hair:Exile Amelia (NEW)
  • Skin: Candy Dolls-Abella tanned (NEW)
How about a sexy mermy princess? Lol, these eye/mouth jewels just remind me of one, I can't help it. I'm loving the seashell piece, gets me thinking of warmer weather and vaca to Cali ^^ Also Cupcakes new Diamond line is hot, I'm really like the new tones they came out. If you haven't joined the group yet they are having a solid week to join it for free, yes normally costs a fee but not right now!

  • Lingerie:[ the oBscene] Nacre
  • Eye/Mouth Jewelry:*UB* Pearly Nose (Mouth) Metal & *UB* Claps dont taste good.(rosa) (NEW)
  • Bracelet: U&R-:+*R*+: Myrten Bracelet
  • Hair:Exile Amelia (NEW)
  • Skin:*CUPCAKES - January Skin Gift - DIAMOND LINE (NEW)
Last but not least a more punky and fun look with Kush's new releases. Who doesn't love a mini to accessorize and sequin leggings to shake in!? Check out the store for more fun/sexy items to add to your closet ^^

  • Mini:KHUSH - BrionY Dotted - Black (NEW)
  • Shirt:KHUSH - Pinch Shirt - Grey (NEW)
  • Leggings:KHUSH - Leggings Seguins - Silver (NEW)
  • Tie:sf design colour change flexi tie (SAH hunt gift)
  • Mouth Jewels:*UB* Claps dont taste good.(Black) & *UB* Pearly Nose (Mouth) Metal (NEW)
  • Skin:*Beauty Avatar Couture* ZETA Skin (Store is closed *sad face*)
Holli Thespian