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Thursday, November 25, 2010

#371 Bustin Busy!

Hey hey peeps! RL is kicking my arse with going back to school and getting back into WoW (I blame Amba-bish!) :P I thought I could multi task fairly well but I am failing with trying to do everything :( On a better note I will do my best to show all the goodies I have been collecting over the past month- hey, it might still be new to you too! So bare with my slowness, I will do my best to go through everything that was dropped on me (thank you to all my designers peeps!).

Dantel Angela

With that out of the way now, on to the goods starting with Paper. Doll attire and skinnys by Dantel. I always love Zoey's choice of patterns and solid colors, great for mixing with my galore of accessories. Angela is the most recent face at Dantel's, coming in 3 tones, 12 vibrant makeups, and very bold eyebrows (which are my fav by the way). My my ok, it is after 6 am..I need to go to bed, holiday stuff to do, Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the stress free shopping on SL :)

Dantel Angela2

  • Mini:{paper.doll} Hannah-Black (NEW)
  • Leggings:{paper.doll} WildThingLeggings-Silver (NEW)
  • Bag:Poison-+Bal+70 y pico bag
  • Belt::OW: Waist-Hi Belt V2
  • Nails: OW:Flicks
  • Scarf:Adjunct - Check Snood Scarf
  • Pumps:::Kookie:: Vo pumps / Green grass (past 50l Fri)
  • Hair:Truth-Madeline (recent NEW)
  • Skin:::Dantel:: angela skin (recent NEW)

All three tones:

Dantel Angela 3 tones

Holli Thespian