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Monday, April 19, 2010

#281 Kini Wave

Kini wear is definitely on its way and I couldn't be more tickled pink about the heat wave (I'll take what I can get). ^^ Beca over at Candy Dolls came out with a sexy one piece coming in 6 colors and a subscriber kini gift in white! These look best only wearing one layer so don't go attaching them all at once as the shadows are too dark together-just a tip! LoQ has also been busy with her new store and busting out some cute hairs. Three new styles are out and worth a demo, so go check the newness out.

  • Bikini:*CandyDoll* KiniDiva (NEW)
  • Necklace:*tw. - classy pearls
  • Bangle:Dantel bangle fatpack
  • Heels:SLink Tiger Heels White
  • Bodyart:TIK TOK-Damn Hot-Gemstone bodyart (@ Alternative Fair starting on the 22nd!)
  • Hair:\LoQ/ Cafe Au Lait Fat Pack (NEW)
  • Skin:[MPQ] Stevie Tan Fatpack
  • Hair:\LoQ/ Caffe Latte Fat Pack (NEW)
  • Hair:\LoQ/ Capuccino Fat Pack (NEW)
Holli Thespian

Friday, February 5, 2010

#146 Mah awesome sauce

MPQ(Mah poor Quality) is a new store for me that just released two new skins-Stevie & Neomi. Both skins comes in a freckle version, oodles of makeups and comes in three skin tones. Each skinline was created by each of the owners, Aliana Tomsen and Elies Furse so you get to see both of their versions^^ Stevie is my favorite, I really like how she looks on my shape with the cutesy nose and lips. You can demo them here and see which is your fancy.
I really enjoyed KBL's last release of the halfy tops with the knots and thought the valentine edition was also very fun to wear. Got to love Valentine goodies!

  • Top:KBL: Vday/Anti Vday Tees (NEW) & KBL: (Feb. Group Gift-wear tag)
  • Jeans:KHUSH - Jeans Dark - Ripped - SEQUINS (NEW)
  • Flats:*Kookie* Ella petites Valentine edition (past special price)
  • Hair:CriCri-gST04-KDC (lucky board) & ((JUNWAVE))KDC GIFT
  • Skin:[MPQ] Stevie (NEW)
  • Vday Lights:Turnip's Round Party Lanterns string (Subscriber gift)

  • Top:**Trubble** Hearts 2010 February Dollarbie
  • Skin:[MPQ] Neomi (NEW)
  • Cupcake w/poses:[PF] (part of SnS hunt)
Holli Thespian