Thursday, August 15, 2013

#1040 Summer Hang Over @ Jersey Shore!

Summer Hangover Hunt

-Hunt items will cost 10L, one item hidden from each of the participating stores.
-You are looking for a beer bottle in each of the stores participating, look for the hunt sign around their store if in doubt
-There are NO hints for this hunt, as stores are all fairly small and easy to find

If you would like to stay updated with all of Jersey Shore events please join our subscriber at the telehub AND to get your complete LIST of all stores. Stop on by ^^

Come find your beer can from some of your favorite stores including but not limited too:
American Bazaar, Blonde and Blonde, Candy Doll, Cynful, DRBC, Ducknipple, Fappy, Geek Gear, Iren, Kennedy, Le Fil Casse,  Milk, Modanna, One Hundred, Prick,  Razorblade Jacket, Sakide, Sassy!, Tenjin, Twenty. Five, TRS, and many many more!

Hunt Preview of SOME of the items you can find:
Jersey Shore Summer Hang Over Hunt

HolliPocket-Skinneh Crop Jeans-Zebra Grape

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