Thursday, May 8, 2014

#1221 It's like a bad dream

Romper: [-S-] Spring Romper - (@ TBS)
Halo: ::Axix:: Maev Halo Black RARE (@ Fantasy Fair)
Handguards: .aisling. LadyOfHighgarden Hands Black
Leg pouch: [The Forge] Leg Pouch, Black (@ Fantasy Fair)
Bracers: Alchemy - Huntress - Wrist - Onyx (@ Fantasy Fair)
Face mask: ::Axix:: Morpheus FaceStraps-Rare (@ Fantasy Fair)
Neck tat: ::Axix:: Morpheus Tattoo (@ Fantasy Fair)
Bracers/chest/belt: [Teri]otrope Forest Armor 13 ULTRARARE (@ Fantasy Fair)
Sandals: Heartistic-Bound Black Satin Wraps (@ RFL)
Feathers: [geek.] KABLAAM Feather-Noire- RARE (@ Fantasy Fair)
Hair: [geek.] Kablaam - Pitchblack (@ Fantasy Fair)
Shield: Alchemy - Drengr Grimmr - Shield - Onyx (@ Fantasy Fair)
Axe: Alchemy - Drengr Grimmr Axe - ULTRA RARE (@ Fantasy Fair)

Foxes - Youth Lyrics
If I asked you for good news
Would you smile and turn away?
It's like a bad dream
That is too afraid to wake

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