Monday, July 15, 2013

#1007 Teh Jersey Shore- Shops OPEN!

The NEW Jersey Shore-Rental Flyer
Ride to Jersey Shore telehub HERE (pick up rental infos here)

Looking for a smaller style shop to rent? Jersey Shore has a handful of locations available.
There is also NO direct TP point, one can make a LM to your store and end up right at it.
There are 3 tiers, Posh/Parlor/Beach
-50 and a few 25 prim stores to select from
-ONE 150-200 prim store 
Weekly sale event, Grenade Free Weekend that is exclusive to Jersey Shore designers only!
Contact Holli Thespian if interested (will give you LMs to check out ) and stop by the teleport hub to pick up a NC with rental infos!

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