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Monday, April 14, 2014

#1204 Nobody else needs to know

Tiesto - Red Lights
Nobody else needs to know
Where we might go
We could just run them red lights
We could just run them red lights

There ain't no reason to stay
We'll be light years away

Dress: * VinCue ~ Maxxi+Dress - Candy (@ Seasons Story)
Jacket: .tsg. Bunny Bomber (@ Seasons Story)
Pearls: MaxiGossamer
Unicorn necklace: *katat0nik* (sweet unicorn) Carousel Necklace
Heels: Blah. (My Extreme Wooden Wedges) (@ 100 Block)
Lip/brow Piercing: Cute Poison - Ova Piercing Part
Hair: +Spellbound+ Momo // (NEW)
Skin: Lara Hurley

Suit: * VinCue ~ Sashinny+Jumpsuit - Snow (@ Kustom9)
Tat: :MoonAmore:Medhii Flow Slink Hands Tattoo
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fleur -(NEW)

Mirrors: tarte. starry mirror
Pets: *Tentacio* Mowie pets (gacha @ Kustom9)
Desserts/table misc:.{yumyums}. Afternoon Tea (gacha @ We Love RP)
Table/chair: Little House of Curios - Garden Party Table

Sunday, January 19, 2014

#1160 I'll always come back to you

Bruno Mars-Young Girls
All you young wild girls
You make a mess of me
Yeah, you young wild girls
You'll be the death of me, the death of me
All you young wild girls
No matter what you do
Yeah, you young wild girls
I'll always come back to you, come back to you

I have been majorly backed up with the blogging so hopefully will get in a few before I need to make goodies for upcoming events. This girl right here I have probably known the longest out of anyone, Jaci! She's hardly online but she has been showing her face more-yay! If you haven't been to her cute store, Le Fil Casse make sure to stop by.

Top: [Cynful] + Lil'lace Fureal Vest - White (NEW)
Bottom: Blah. (My Cheetah Jumper) (@ TBS)
Stockings: Blah. (Toeless Sheer Stockings) (@ The Azz Show)
Fur stole; *T.Whore* - Fur Stole Rose
Gloves: *HolliPocket* Jui J Lacey Gloves (@ Bodify)
Handbag:  *BoOgErS* BubbleGummicorn Carry Along
Ring: *Tentacio* Tea time 
Pearls: MG - Necklace - Knotted Shimmer Pearls (@ Collab 88)
Hair Bows: [PL] Candy Bows (@ OMG!)
Hair: *Milk* Oh Lorde (@ Project Limited)
Legbands: Muka
Unicorn Band: .PANIK. Magic Unicorn (@ Project Limited)
Heels: REIGN.- EMPEROR HEELS- PURE/SILVER (@ Project Limited)
Nails: Action Nails Nouveau (@ Cosmetic Fair)Lips: .tsg. Chu Lips (@ Cosmetic Fair)
Blush: Nox. Rise Blush [Thulite] (@ Cosmetic Fair)
Eye makeup: MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow WildLight (@ Cosmetic Fair)
Eyes: .tsg. Galaxy (@ Cosmetic Fair)
Skin: Lara Hurley-Evon Dark (NEW)

On Jaci:
Top: {le fil casse} cluny love top mint
Shorts: :sexZ:..-PhatAzz / Rawr Shorts
Bag: *MishMish* The Polar Sleepbag - Brown RARE   -  seasons story
Watch: 2:00 PM. Think about you - lovely RARE 
Headband: {le fil casse} hearts a flutter headband #13 triple RARE
Head kitty: {Mango Cheeks} Meow Head Warmer: Grumpy - RARE (@ OMG!)
Necklace:*katat0nik* (cupcake) Carousel Necklace
Earrings: Noodles - Sweetheart Earrings Mint
Hair: TRUTH-Dolly w/Roots - surf
Skin: [PF] Sora - Flushed (brown)

The middle (purple) framed skin is Evin without extra makeups, makeups listed above

I'm not sure how many of these heels (if any) are left but sample of each style available at the Project Limited

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#1097 What kind of man that you are, if you're a man at all

What kind of man that you are, if you're a man at all-Closer
What kind of man that you are, if you're a man at all-Mid
What kind of man that you are, if you're a man at all-Far
The truth is hiding in your eyes
And its hanging on your tongue
Just boiling in my blood
But you think that I can't see
What kind of man that you are
If you're a man at all
Well I will figure this one out
On my own

To see what Briwi is rockin' go here
Suit: [Gang/Cold] Kitsi Black (@ Azz Show)
Necklace: c( TC ) Splatterbatty Necklace (NEW)
Cape: *katat0nik* (black) Wishy Woman Cape (@ Collab 88)
Tat: [Ner .Ink] Tattoo Riding The Moon* with Azz Applier (@ Azz Show)
Purse: .{yumyums}. Hard Candy Purse {Candy Corn} (@ Acid Lily)
Mask: - Pr!cK - LoWeEN MasK DarK (NEW)
Bearknucks: [geek.] BearKnuckles =Pumpkin= (@ Body Expo)
Wings: Holli Pocket (@ OMG!)
Ankle Pearls: *HolliPocket* Pearly Girlie Wrist Jizz-Bangles/Ankles (@ Body Expo)
Horns: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Horns :: SAKURA ::(@ Body Expo)
Heels:  [LW] Ibis -Platform Heels- ***NOIR*** (Mesh) BOXED 1.3
Shoulders/Bracer: .:GSpot:. A Sirens Call Black
Hair: Exile::Time and Sound All or nothing
Skin/lips: Pink Fuel

What kind of man that you are, if you're a man at all-Decor
What kind of man that you are, if you're a man at all-Decor 2
House: ~Alchemy~ Medieval House (Fairytale)& (Traditional) by nina Helix (NEW-@ We Love RP)
Candy Baskets: Lark - Candy Bucket (@ Candy Fair)
Huge candyapples: c( TC ) Candied Apples (gacha)
Log Paths: ~Alchemy~ Little Log pathway (freebie)
Fountain: . a i s l i n g . Old Fountain w/stoneground
Orange Pumpkins: . a i s l i n g . Pumpkin -Multiples-
Black Pumpkin: POST MORTUM DESIGNS by Mysteria Callisto
cauldrons: :{Atomic}: Cauldron/[Con.] The Spell-o d'Cauldron
Lamp Posts: ~*GOD*~ Lumenaria  - Lantern (Grey/Grey)

Friday, October 11, 2013

#1092 So come on push it on me, if it feels alright

So come on push it on me, if it feels alright-Close
So come on push it on me, if it feels alright
Sean Paul-She Doesn't Mind
Girl I got you so high, and I know you like,
So come on push it on me, if it feels alright,
When you drop it low, and break me off,
No, she doesn't mind (aight)
She doesn't mind (aight)
She doesn't mind.

Top: *HolliPocket* 2 Cool 4 Top-Norty Nurse-RARE (@ OMG!)
Shoulder: *Epic* Kawaii Gladiator Combat Set {Red} (@ Body Expo Mod)
Nose bandaid: Apple May Designs - Wrecked Band Aids - (@ Men Only Gacha)
Rings: ...::: Scrub :::... Raus Rings (@ Body Expo Mod)
Clutch: [Gang/Cold] Momoka CLutch Gacha(@ OMG!)
Tat: *Milk* F*cking Trendsetters Full Sleeve(@ Body Expo Mod)
Pants: [AB] Love Latex Leggins For Phat AZZ High Waist (@ Azz Show)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Katya - (NEW)
Skin: Pink Fuel
Skelly: *BOOM* Mr. Sunshine Doll (old bones) (@ Collab 88)

Suit; *TwInS FaShIoN - TF* Kate Body 
Cape: *katat0nik* (black) Wishy Woman Cape (@ Collab 88)
Tat: *Milk* Shes So Torn (@ Body Expo Mod)
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Glamorous Cross Earring Dark.Black (NEW)
Leg tat: .Reckless.- Back to black  (@ Azz Show)
Belt: CandyDoll Belt (@ OMG!)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dylan (NEW)
Boots: ISON - lace-up gladiator sandals (@ Collab88)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

#904 Heartache that was handed to me

Heartache that was handed to me-Far
Heartache that was handed to me-Close
Heartache that was handed to me-Mid
HAPPY EASTER boys and girls, I hope everyone indulged with plenty of yummy chocolate and sour candies. Today's posty I decided to do with my besty fran here Amber, I love this girl so much..she doesn't even know how much she has meant to me honestly- I don't know how I would have gotten through the last couple months without her support. Life isn't always going to be peachy keen and you need to surround yourself with others that will pick you up right back up when you feel like all is lost- this is THAT GIRL-she do dis for me. She's been there for me through everything- so I thank you Amba for being that shoulder I needed to cry on, being there for me at my worst and not leaving are my rock, my besty. I UDGE YEWWW!

Jason Walker-Cry

Oh no, where did all the years go
And was it really worth all of this
Heartache that was handed to me
Holding on just don't make sense
But the hardest part of letting go
Is tryin' to find a way
To let you know

So we'll just cry, cry
On each other's shoulders
Cry until it's over
Can't it just be over
And we'll just cry, cry
Cry until it's all gone
Been holding on for too long
Time for us to move on
I'm tired of tryin' to find a reason why
So let's just cry

Top: *T.Whore*-  Sexy Cardigan Glam - White Bunny
Buterrflys: [EY:NO] Hair Lace Butterflies
Panty: *HolliPocket* Tease Me Panties-Set 5-Solid (out soon!)
Tat: *HolliPocket* Animalistic Halfie-Catty-White (out soon!)
Tights: *HolliPocket* Teeny Tighty-Set 6-Starry
Kiss Tat: HolliPocket
Sprinkles: {Sugar Heart} Messy Mouth w/ optional rainbow sprinkles!! ~*
Bow: RO - Briar Bow Headband - Tahiti
Legband: dl:: Cursed Love LegStrap
Ears: [monso] My Bunny Band
Clutch: *BOOM* Easter Egg 1 (@ Existence Hunt)
Ring: : S u g a r : Glitter Gun Ring - Tuxedo Edition
Ring 2: PIDIDDLE - Heart Cluster Ring - White
Necklace: .:A&M:. My Yummy Necklace -  White Pearls
Feathers: PIDIDDLE - FeatherExtensions
Bunny Bag: #15 *katat0nik* (pink/art bunny) Stuffed Animal Bag
Boots: TEN"10 Megas boots v.2 pink
Hair: (r)M~Hair No.12 (Size Lolas Tango)~ Fantasy (NEW)
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena Glow skins
Holli Thespian

Thursday, December 20, 2012

#817 gives me wings!

They give me wings-close
Top: *T.Whore*-  Lolita 2.0 Top Deepink + Applier (NEW)
Shorts: *T.Whore* - Candy Shorts-mesh (NEW)
Sweater: FreakyDesign - Pink Angel open sweater (@ Frost)
Tights: *HolliPocket* Teeny Tighty-Set 4-Kissy/ Love (NEW)
Gloves: *HolliPocket* Lace Shortys-Bubblegum
Nails: [Bamboo] Nails - So Pink Reverse French (NEW)
Boots:(r)M~Shoe "UggStyle Boot" ~ No.05 (NEW)
Earrings: M O N S / Feather Earring Cream
Hand Bears: *katat0nik* (neapolitan) Bear Pop (@ Sway Event)
Eyes: MADesigns EYES-Neon (@ Frost)
Hair: Truth-Cece(NEW)
Skin: Zoul Creations - Lynn 04 Sunkissed
They give me wings-far
Dress: .tsg. Velvet Mini Dress - Pink (@ The Boobie Show)
Purse: [Mad Echo] - Neko Clutch
Earrings: .::PiCHi::. Leona Earring (@ Frost)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Valerie Mesh Hair (NEW @ Collab88)
Skin: Zoul Creations - Rosie 04 Sunkissed
Zoul Creations-Rosie-Lynn
Lyn/Rosie in Sunkissed/Beige
-tat layers for eyebrows/lips/blush
Holli Thespian

Saturday, August 14, 2010

#353 Pixel Mode @ Shoe Fair

Jori is Pixel Mode's latest release that is only at the Shoe Fair right now. Jori comes in 15 colors and a HUD loaded with options. This baby comes with 30 nail polishes, 16 preset skins (goes with lots of the major skins out there) 12 metal textures and of course the 2.0 alpha mask. I personally love the detail to the ankles area, right above the heel (looks like real wrinkles!). Also a few more Fashion House goodies, go go! :)

Pixel Mode Jori and Fashion House

Pixel Mode Jori and Fashion House2

Pixel Mode Jori

  • Dress:{paper.doll} DefinitionMini (Fashion House)
  • Leggings::OW: Knit Legging Leopard
  • Legwarmers:[ glow ] studio Roses Socks II
  • Necklace::::LiNe::: Classic Necklace /FatPack (Fashion House)
  • Earrings:"P!nk" STUTTEREarring HotpInk
  • Ring:"P!nk" Lullaby Ring
  • Bangle:-MonS- bracelet-paris
  • Boombox: *katat0nik* (sea/purple) HypnoKitty Boombox (past gatcha event)
  • Heels:[PM]Pixel Mode - Jori - (Shoe Fair Item)
  • Tiara:.:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Millionaire Headband (attaches to nose)
  • Hair:[YunA'sHAIR]-[YH]-14-=BLACKPACK=
  • Skin:LAQ ~ Martina

Holli Thespian

Friday, July 23, 2010

#332 Mmmn Mons

Mons has up and moved to an awesome huge store filled with new skins, accessories and some hot attire. All skins come with 2 versions, a dark and light eyebrow and several makeups to check out. There is also a skin pack of 4 skins 75% off for a limited make sure to stop by! Right across the way is LOQ's main as well and you can pick up some hair on sale for a hugge discount!

  • Top:Berries Inc. mel shirt lightgrey
  • 2nd pic top:*BOOM* Bodacious2 - Sky 3
  • Bra:~Blacklace~ Basic Instinct: Purple Laced and Leopard Set
  • Skirt:-MonS- Mini Skirt "Shakira" (NEW)
  • Bangles:-MonS- Bracalets "Nobel" (NEW) & *LP* vs .::GARAGE::. malibu bracelets
  • Earrings:A&Ana Earrings This Way
  • Hair accessory:-MonS- Head Accessories "Elegant" (NEW)
  • Hair:[ 69 ] RIDE - Chestnut Collection
  • Skin:-MonS- Skin Series "Eva" (NEW)
  • Bubble Pose: Mannequin-Bubbles Box (SOL fair)
  • Top:-MonS- Strapless Top "Helen" (NEW)
  • Skirt:-MonS- Mini Skirt "Love" *Blue (NEW)
  • Armwarmers:Maitreya Armwarmers - Set of 3 *Lollipop*
  • Bag:(CS) Hobo Bag - Patent White
  • Earrings:-MonS- earning square-shape-2
  • Skin:-MonS- Skin Series "Miracle" (NEW)
  • Top:-MonS-HalfShirt "Star" (NEW)
  • Skirt:-MonS- Mini Skirt "Love" (NEW)
  • Purse:*katat0nik* (sea/purple) HypnoKitty Boombox (gatcha fair)
  • Hair:Truth-Christina (NEW)
  • Skin:-MonS- Skin Series "Almila" (NEW)
  • Top:-MonS- Strapless Top "Helen" (NEW)
  • Pants:-MonS- Superstar Jeans New (SOL fair)
  • Jacket:Miamai_Christmas Gift 3_Wildthing Jacket Brown
  • Hair:Truth-Christina (NEW)
  • Skin:-MonS-Skin Series "Bihter" (NEW)
Holli Thespian